Wednesday, December 10, 2014

From Male to Female - Transformation Pictures

                                      7 AM                                     10 AM

This day started off with walking my dog on unknown streets.  My and wife and I has spent the previous evening hanging out with friends a few hours away from our house.  Instead of driving home we stayed overnight. I begin everyday by walking my dog.  The picture on the left is while I was out on that walk.

This happened to be the day that I forgot my socks, mentioned in my previous post.  While on the drive home from our friends town, I took some selfies.

Which picture do I like more?  The fem one.  Not because I don't like my male self, it's just that I think it is a fairly goofy looking picture of me.

I do believe this is the first picture of me dressed as a male that you can clearly see my face that I have ever posted on my blog.  There is a certain amount of fear involved in doing so.  But I suppose I am feeling brave today.

But I am also less fearful of the consequences of my male world discovering my female side.  They mostly know anyways, so what is there really to be afraid of?  Fear itself!

BTW - Do you notice how much whiter my teeth look in my fem picture?  Weird.  Cameras are weird!

Love you!

Love yourself.

Face your fears.

They only bite occasionally!  ;)


  1. Great photos. I did notice the teeth and the overall wonderful presentation that the entire femme photo provides. You look great

  2. Love seeing these side by side pics! :)

    And the smiles are lovely! :)

    1. I loved seeing them at so I thought I would share one here as well.

      Thanks Nat!

  3. To me, you are fabulous in both. But I did notice the teeth thing, too. Cameras are weird. :) Hugs!

  4. Love the side by side! So happy to see you confident in yourself. I think the girl sunglasses work better for your face thus creating a more put together look, but yeah the teeth thing crazy lighting? Cameras are weird.


    1. Thanks Vivian! Interesting thought about the sunglasses... I wonder if I should consider a different pair of male ones??? Hmm????

  5. Nadine you are beautiful in both pics! And quite different in both pics.

    I don't think anyone would think the same person is in both :-)

    1. Thanks Jen! I appreciate the complement to both styles of me!