Monday, December 15, 2014

Conflicting Desires


This was a really full weekend.  It started off on Friday after work with a staff Christmas party.  Normally these events are rather dull and boring but this one was a riot.  My boss was pouring shots and having people pass them out.  Very funny stuff.  And no, I was not dressed pretty, but it was still fun.  Oh, but yeah my fingernails were painted in a holiday theme - Red with two accent nails with gold sparkles on them.  Cute!

Then on Saturday I took my boss out to the duck field.  He has been wanting to get out there and try it and has been bugging me to take him with me.  So about three weeks ago I set the date for the two of us to go together.  Everything was all set and then my friend, Jennifer sent me an email asking me to go to the River City Gems Sparkle event.  I had never heard of this event before, but upon looking it up, it sounded like it would be super fun, but alas, I had previous plans.  So my dressing and socializing took a backseat to hunting and fulfilling prior obligations.  My boss and I had a good time on the field.  He got his first duck! And I was happy and proud that I had helped facilitate that.  :)

I had totally planned, after these two work related events, to dress up nice on Sunday and go get my nails done and maybe catch a movie.  It was something I was planning on that helped me to get through the week.  But as luck would have it, on the way home from the duck field my boss invited me to a pheasant hunt on Sunday.  I have walked that field hundreds of times and have come back with nothing!  Only twice, maybe, have I ever gotten a pheasant.  But this time we would be going out with the guy who planted the cage raised pheasants.  It was a hell of an opportunity.  But it meant deciding between my divergent desires.  From the picture on the top of the page, you can tell which choice I made!

Thus I have no new outfit picture to post.  But I did have a great time and I was happy for taking advantage of the opportunity that life provided for me.  It was not what I had planned for, but as I said, I was still quite happy for doing it.  Oftentimes I am fearful of doing that which is new to me.  Going hunting with folks that I don't know is intimidating for me.  So I pushed myself and enjoyed my time!  The guys I hunted with complemented me on my skills and ended the day with telling me I am a great guy.  I thought it was funny.  A bunch of hunting guys telling me I am a great guy and never once acting weird in anyway that my fingernails are painted quite brightly!

Anywho... I had a full, but great weekend.  I hope you all had a good time with whatever you chose to do!

Love you!

Paint your fingernails!


  1. Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
    Looks like you had a fun and successful hunting weekend. There will be time to flip the switch to pretty clothes and makeup.

    One of the things that I like about being a CD is the juxtaposition of my engaging in rough and tumble typical guy things to the sweetness, softness, splendor and beauty of getting my 'pretty' on.


    1. So true Pat. I thought to myself, how many times do I have to opportunity to dress vs. how many times have I been offered such a great hunt. Over the last few years, I have never been offered such a hunt, and I have the chance to dress all of the time!

      And I agree about the juxtaposition within our lives. So much fun, I just wish there was more time in life to experience more of it!