Sunday, November 23, 2014

Outfit for 11-23-14 - Outfit with Ruching

Coat - Guess
White Top - Guess
Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - Max Studio
Shoes - Tahari

This skirt is new and I really like it but I had a hard time pairing it with a top.  It's funny how clothes work with each other.  With my male clothes almost any top can go with almost any bottom.  Okay some of my long sleeve button down shirts would look odd with a pair of khaki cargo shorts, but it could work.  With my female clothes that so doesn't work.  I could never just take any random bottom and match it with a random top; no way!

In general what I do is pick an item I would like to wear as a starting point.  For example, I knew I wanted to wear the Max Studio skirt.  But it is a rather unusual skirt in that it has the ruching running up both sides.  I love that detail because it makes the skirt tight and form fitting and pulls my knees in but the ruching causes folds and layers across the front and back of it.

Anywho... I started with the skirt and put it on.  I then looked through my drawers and closet at various possibilities to match with it.  I ended up pulling out about 5 or 6 different items.  They were all different in colors and styles.  I began trying them on while Jules was in the shower and had narrowed them down a bit before she got out and gave me her thoughts.  Sometimes she likes certain combos but I just wont be satisfied but often we agree.

Today it took the white top, also having ruching on the sides.  I really like how the ruching from the top blends in with the ruching of skirt.  When I put it on both Jules and I said, yup that is it!

Such a process with my female clothes!  It's funny though, this process has helped me expand my male wardrobe.  Which I have enjoyed.  In thinking about it, it is a by-product of becoming more comfortable with who I am and what I like to do.  Yeah, there is all of my lovely and wonderful female clothes, but in allowing myself to buy and wear all of these great female clothes has pushed me to expand my male wardrobe and buy patterns and styles and colors that I would have never been comfortable wearing prior to now.

Hmm... interesting.  I so love being a mix of genders.

Funny enough, the other day I was telling my wife that I was jealous of her bisexuality.  She gets to look at all of humanity and appreciate the view in a way that I just don't.  That is how I feel about being a bit of both genders.  I get to experience a wider section of the world than many.  It used to be that I was very bothered with being transgender, but more and more, I really think it is a unique gift.

A gift that I have only ever needed to learn to appreciate.

I hope you can appreciate the gifts you have been given.

Love you!


  1. Good job on putting together a very nice outfit. I like the skirt alot and may have to find one for my closet.

    I also think that you have it right that many of us in the 'T' community really can appreciate being and having the best of both worlds. No one understands that the concept of 'one size fits all' is a fallacy on so many different levels.


  2. Red, white and black , great colours, love the coat too.