Sunday, November 23, 2014

Outfit for 11-23-14 - Outfit with Ruching

Coat - Guess
White Top - Guess
Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - Max Studio
Shoes - Tahari

This skirt is new and I really like it but I had a hard time pairing it with a top.  It's funny how clothes work with each other.  With my male clothes almost any top can go with almost any bottom.  Okay some of my long sleeve button down shirts would look odd with a pair of khaki cargo shorts, but it could work.  With my female clothes that so doesn't work.  I could never just take any random bottom and match it with a random top; no way!

In general what I do is pick an item I would like to wear as a starting point.  For example, I knew I wanted to wear the Max Studio skirt.  But it is a rather unusual skirt in that it has the ruching running up both sides.  I love that detail because it makes the skirt tight and form fitting and pulls my knees in but the ruching causes folds and layers across the front and back of it.

Anywho... I started with the skirt and put it on.  I then looked through my drawers and closet at various possibilities to match with it.  I ended up pulling out about 5 or 6 different items.  They were all different in colors and styles.  I began trying them on while Jules was in the shower and had narrowed them down a bit before she got out and gave me her thoughts.  Sometimes she likes certain combos but I just wont be satisfied but often we agree.

Today it took the white top, also having ruching on the sides.  I really like how the ruching from the top blends in with the ruching of skirt.  When I put it on both Jules and I said, yup that is it!

Such a process with my female clothes!  It's funny though, this process has helped me expand my male wardrobe.  Which I have enjoyed.  In thinking about it, it is a by-product of becoming more comfortable with who I am and what I like to do.  Yeah, there is all of my lovely and wonderful female clothes, but in allowing myself to buy and wear all of these great female clothes has pushed me to expand my male wardrobe and buy patterns and styles and colors that I would have never been comfortable wearing prior to now.

Hmm... interesting.  I so love being a mix of genders.

Funny enough, the other day I was telling my wife that I was jealous of her bisexuality.  She gets to look at all of humanity and appreciate the view in a way that I just don't.  That is how I feel about being a bit of both genders.  I get to experience a wider section of the world than many.  It used to be that I was very bothered with being transgender, but more and more, I really think it is a unique gift.

A gift that I have only ever needed to learn to appreciate.

I hope you can appreciate the gifts you have been given.

Love you!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Outfit for 11-17-14 - Skinny Jeans & Boots

Top - Bobeau
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Boots - Nine West

I love boots.  But I am very picky about what I pair them with.  I really don't like boots with skirts or dresses.  Well, sorry, I only like that look occasionally.  I am quite picky!  Okay, whatever... What I do like is boots with skinny jeans!  So, maybe you could tell that I really like this look.

I especially like these particular boots.  They have a very small rounded toe box and they make my feet look all small and cute!  What is it about small feet looking cute?  Sorry folks.  I know that must make several of you quite annoyed.  (I seem to have a habit of doing that!)  Ooops!  I am not saying that only small feet are cute, just that in our culture smallish feet are thought of as cute.  I know my wife has often been annoyed by her shoe size and has always thought of her feet as being too big.  But to me, I love her feet.

Anyways... Today Jules and I did our usual, shopping at Costco and Trader Joe's.  It was a very uneventful trip, which was nice.

My big news of the day?  It has nothing to do with cross dressing... but I got a reservation to my favorite duck hunting spot of all time!  And it will be on the first day of the season that they are open!  I know, to many of you, you really could care less.  But it is tantamount to hitting the ducky lottery! I am so frickin excited, I am almost squealing with joy.  Okay so that last bit maybe a little over the gender lines huh?  I am quite the mix of gender tendencies.

Speaking of mixing things up, Jules left on Sunday to go shopping and I was throwing oak logs into the back of my pickup.  I finished that job, sprayed RoundUp around the yard, hopped in the shower and got changed into something cute and fem.  I was standing there waiting for Jules to return and thought, hmm.... maybe I should text her.  I did.  She was thrilled.  It was just a funny day!

Love you!

Oh and thank you to all of you with your heartfelt caring about Jules and I and her depression.  Just an FYI to you all.  I kind of wish her depression did have something to do with my dressing, at least that would be easier to wrap my head around.  Her depression though is something that began under a dysfunctional family that taught her to keep it all inside and put a big smile on her face.  It has caused her years of internal struggle and strife and guilt and shame and generally feeling like crap. But she is attempting to figure our constructive ways of combating it.  It is just a super long term process.

Alrighty then!

Love you.

Love yourself!

Wear some boots!  :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Outfit for 11-10-14 - Black & Red Dress

Dress - MaxStudio
Belt - Mossimo
Shoes - Nickles

Jules and I decided to go to the movies today.  It was predicted to be in the 70s and I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear.  Surprise huh?  I had purchased this dress awhile back and it has been yelling at me to take it out and wear it.  I wasn't sure though if it was movie appropriate or not, but figured what the heck!

It turned out to be perfect.  It was just right for the weather and it is super comfy!  I really like the addition of the belt with it.  Belts, what amazing tools!  They so help to define ones waist.  The dress is great without the belt as it is quite tight and helps to accentuate what curves I actually do have.  But with the belt, that really just cinches it up against the smallest part of my waist,

We ended up seeing John Wick.  It was pretty entertaining.  We both like Keanu Reeves and especially enjoy him in shoot-em-up action thrillers.  There was lots of shooting and death and mayhem, typical.  The story line was such a replayed tired out theme, but oh well, nothing is new and original, everything is borrowed.  When that show ended we got tickets for the new Dracula flick.  That was also entertaining.  It was interesting in hearing the story from Dracula's point of view.  It is interesting how many movies are coming out where the traditional bad guy is now the good guy.  Interesting.

Hmm....  I'm a bit drained today.  Jules' effects of her depression reared its head on the day I wore this actually, and I am quite exhausted currently.  I always end up as the obvious easy target.  I often read others woe's about how difficult their spouse has it with a transgender partner, and inside I giggle.  I don't mean to be rude, though I know I often am as my opinions are quite upsetting to a good many.  But really living with someone who can't seem to overcome their depression is exhausting and demoralizing.

Especially since I too suffered from depression at one point in my life, but I saw the light and pulled myself out of the depths when there was no one else to rely on.  And for any of you that do suffer from depression, I don't know if this will help you or not, but the key for me was to understand that I had to rely on myself.  I had to find an inner strength.  A belief in myself.  Know that I was there for me and I would never fail myself and I would never leave myself.  It has not meant that I would fill myself with false beliefs about who I was.  But rather, I would face my reality and if I was not happy with it, only I could change it.  And I have worked hard to change who I am so that at the end of the day I can proud of who I am.

Be proud of who you are.

Work hard to be proud.

Put in the hard work to be proud.

Proud of you.

Love you!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Outfit for 11-3-14 - Showing some leg!

Skirt - Guess
Top - Patty Boutique
Sweater - White House Black Market
Shoes - Guess

I wore this outfit about a week ago.  Jules and I were staying in for an evening together and I thought I would have some fun and tart myself up a bit.  It was funny as I realized that I don't really own any clothes that are really sexified.  Hmm.. is sexified even a real word?  Dunno! Don't care!

This skirt is the shortest one that I own, but it was not quite short enough for the look that I was going for, so I totally hiked it up.  Normally my natural waist is below my belly button, but I hiked this skirt up above my belly button.  It was actually so short that I sure as heck would never wear it out into public!  And if I bent over, wow, Jules got a show!

Now normally I am not interested in going for the sexy look.  I go for the nicely dressed look.  So this is probably as sexy as I will ever show on this blog.  So why is that?  Well... have you ever typed the word crossdresser into Google and taken a look at the images?  I'll give you a minute if you want....................

Okay, well now, maybe you can see, there is a glut of over sexualized images out there of cross dressers.  What is missing?  Nicely dressed, stylish cross dressers.  That is what I would like to portray.  So then why show you these?  Well, how about some sexiness without slutiness?  That is probably okay.  How about sexiness with some style?  Yeah, maybe that could work.

And heck, it was just kind of fun!

I hope you have a fun day!

Love you!

Love yourself!