Sunday, October 5, 2014

Outfit for 10-5-14 & Funny Dressing Room Story

Sweater - White House Black Market
Tank - Patty Boutique
Shorts - Eunina
Shoes - Born O Concept

This outfit was worn today for a little clothes shopping.  It was my birthday on Saturday, and Jules took me to my favorite outlet mall.  We did most of our shopping yesterday but I left jeans for today.  So I wore something appropriate specifically for jeans.  I like the wedges for a bit of a heel and the tank hangs a little lower in the front for a bit of extra coverage.

I knew that I wanted a male and a female pair of jeans.  And one might think that this particular story would be about acquiring my awesome new pair of female jeans from 7 For All Mankind, for the most expensive price I have ever paid for a pair of jeans, $150!!!  I can't even believe that.  But no, that particular story will be told another day.

Today, I am telling the story of purchasing my male jeans.  I went into Guess and found several pairs of male jeans to try on.  Normally they have someone with a key to let you into a fitting room, but no one was around and a room was open.  I walked in and started trying on my pants.

When I started buying female clothes, I normally would be dressed as a male.  Eventually I started dressing as a female.  But only occasionally have I tried on male clothes while dressed as a female, and then further more walked out of the dressing room and showed Jules what I had on.

On this day, I didn't really think about it much, as I tried on the male jeans, and walked out and showed Jules.  She thought they were okay, and I went back in to try the next pair.  As I was closing the door, the sales associate stopped me and removed the other clothes from the room.  I put on another pair and walked back outside and again showed Jules.  This time the sales associate was also outside the room and she too looked at the jeans I had on.

Jules said she liked them, but the sales associate was aghast.  I could see the look on her face, but she only, very politely came up and said "Don't you think those jeans are too baggy for you?"

I replied "Well, I like to wear both male and female jeans."  She didn't really seem to get it, and gave me a very quizzical look.  I continued "I totally agree that these jeans are not appropriate for when I choose to dress as a woman, but I think they will look great when I choose to dress as a man."

That was when the light bulb went on for her and she said, "Oh well goodness, you are so beautiful!"  She went on, "Seriously dear, you are just so beautiful."  I thanked her, "Well you deserve it, you are just beautiful, I love everything, your clothes, your look, your hair, and I agree, those jeans would be great for you while dressed as a guy."

I went into the room again and changed back to my regular clothes.  I heard her outside the room still commenting about me.  I took my stuff up to the register where she rang me up for the purchases.  I handed her my license and charge card.  She looked at my picture and said "I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I like you more with your long hair.  I don't want to give you a big head, but you are just beautiful.  Please keep doing what you are doing, because you are just great!"

Do you think I left that store beaming?  Uhh... just a little!  More like I was on cloud nine!

The more I thought about it today the happier I became.

What a wonderful world we live in folks.

I sure do hope you get to experience the same one I do.

It takes strength.  And honesty.  And a willingness to try and trust the strangers around us.

Love you.

Love yourself!


  1. Wow. What a wonderful story of acceptance and appreciation. Thank you for letting the rest of us share a little space with you up on cloud 9.

  2. What an incredible experience!

    So great that you had to explain you dress both ways.

    That say tons about your feminine look - way to go Nadine!

    1. I also thought that said a lot about my look! I must be doing something right, huh? I actually enjoy the experiences when I get to explain to the normals that I dress both ways. It is very educational for them!

  3. That is a great story and I can imagine how good it would make you feel. You always look great in your photos so I see her saying that.
    Also, belated happy birthday wishes!
    My birthday was also last week. I'm expecting some time to dress and shop later this week and next week.


    1. Hi D. Thanks for the complement and the b-day wishes. Happy belated birthday to you as well. Enjoy your shopping!

  4. The fact that she was baffled as to why you needed men's jeans says it all, girl! Then again, just look at that picture above, right? :D


  5. I had a big smile reading about your experience, Nadine! Such a wonderful experience. Sometimes I think about how all these little interactions help make a positive impart/impression on the general public about gender issues. It really sounds like the sales associate was really touched by the interaction with you.
    By the way, Happy Birthday!

    1. It was a wonderful experience. I too think about how these interactions go over with the general public. I often feel like a trans ambassador so I try my best to make a good impression. I think this time went over quite well!

      Thanks cutie!