Monday, October 27, 2014

Outfit for 10-27-14 - Skirt That Shows off my Skinny

Skirt - ???? (Sorry I forgot and don't have it with me right now!)
Tank - Mossimo
Sweater -
Shoes - Nickles

Jules and I decided to go and get our nails done and it was finally a sort of cooler weather day!  OMG, California is actually cooling off a bit.  Still no rain for the central area where I am, but a day predicted to be in the low 70s?  Wow, now that is cooling off?  Ridiculous huh?

Anyway, I decided to finally wear this skirt!  I had purchased this skirt some time ago, I want to say maybe back in March or April.  It has been hanging in my closet ever since, waiting for a cooler day.  It is a rather thick fabric, and not a good skirt for a warm day.  So it waited.  And finally it came out to play!  Which btw, is some good advice for you for getting a good deal on clothes.  Buy them in the off season and wait for the right time to wear them.  I think this skirt was only about $20!  Which is a steal for such a great item.

Why is it so great?  Well, I like the length.  It is rather long as a skirt for me, but with the longer length I can pull it up higher on my torso, giving me the illusion of a higher waist.  Also, with the thicker black band at the waist, it helps to emphasize my smaller waist.  And there is one more thing that gives it a good skinny look?  Any ideas?????  It is the color blocking.  Having the white on the sides and the black down the middle makes it give me the illusion of being even skinnier than I really am.

One thing with this outfit that I was unsure of was the cropped sweater.  I thought maybe a longer sweater would look better.  But Jules correctly pointed out that with it being shorter, it also helps to emphasize my skinny little waist!  She was so right, so I stuck with it.

Life update-
- Jules has been doing very well lately with her depression.  Looking through her old family photos and trying to sort out where her feelings originated is really helping!  Which is great!
- I have been super busy, as per usual! Have you noticed the blog has really only been updated once per week?  Yeah, a full life!
- My dad has gone into the hospital and possibly will be going to a full time care facility.  I'm trying to decide what my move, if any, will be in regards to that.
- Duck hunting season has opened and another avenue is gobbling up my time!

Okay lovelies out there!  Gotta run.  Gotta go work, work, work!  And the funny thing is all I can ever seem to do is to cross one thing off my list and add five more.  You know, maybe I need to be less motivated!  It is always, go, go, go, go, go!!!  I suppose I can rest when I am ______?????

Love you!

Hope you all are well!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is a great outfit and, to quote Rod Stewart, "You wear it well". The proportions all sync and it both slims and looks classy.
    Good job.
    Good luck with duck hunting season. Somehow I am having an interesting time picturing you in the same duck blind with the Robinson Clan from Duck Dynasty.

    1. Thanks Pat!

      Yeah, I don't know how the Robertson's would respond to having me in their duck blind! I think they may be a bit too conservative for the likes of me!

      Oh well, too each their own huh?

  2. Old Phil and Uncle Sy may not know what to make of you but I am sure that you would be treated with dignity and civility, especially if your shooting and aim is up to their standards and you know the right way to blow into a duck call. The rest of the clan would likely treat you just like any other guest. There was one episode where Uncle Sy was wearing a feather boa and channeling his inner woman to give lessons to Martin on how to treat a lady.

    Try not to worry about the conservatives. Most of them are libertarian in their orientation and simply do not want the government in thier private affairs. They will recognize that intrusion into private affairs is often not welcome or called for.


    1. Good points Pat! I agree about the libertarian comments. It is often the way I lean as well actually.