Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Outfit for 10-21-14 - $150 Jeans!!

Top - White House Black Market
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Shoes - New York Transit

My good friend, Vivian mentioned to me one time that I had to try a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans as she thought they would be perfect for me.  Vivian has a very nice shape to herself and informed me that she couldn't fit it the 7 For All Mankind jeans, and that is what made her think they would be perfect for hip challenged girls like me.

So for my birthday shopping trip, jeans were on my list and I knew that I had to try out those jeans.  Jules was with me that day but she went to another shop and thus I ventured into the 7 For All Mankind store by myself.

There were two younger ladies working the counter, and no one else in the store on that early Sunday morning.  They greeted me and I said hello and began browsing the racks.  They asked if they could assist me.  I told them I was just curious.  They inquired what exactly I was looking for.  I informed them, that I had no idea and that I was referred to them by a friend, and that I had never been into their store before and had no idea what I was looking for or what size I was or anything!

That is when they went into action!  One of them peered at me and guessed my size.  She gave me two pairs of the same jeans and told me to go try them on so we could figure out my size.  I ended up being a 27.  Skinny minny me, huh?  I showed them, and one of them said, I knew you were a 27.  They told me to wait there and they went and grabbed about 8 different pairs of jeans for me to try on.

They were all super skinny!  Not according to the tags.  Some were labeled as flared or straight leg, or skinny, but wow, I knew what Vivian was talking about.  Anybody with a decent sized booty was not going to be fitting into these jeans!  But lucky for me, with my mini butt, they actually showed off what I had.

Of course, after all of the super star treatment, and lots of fitting advice and opinions from the ladies as I was trying on and showing off the different pairs of jeans, I settled on the pair that I thought looked the best.

That was when I finally looked at the price tag and saw that they were marked down from $199 to $150!  Holy crap!  I have never paid such an exorbitant amount for a pair of jeans!  But I looked at my butt again and had to by them! Ridiculous I know!

So... anywho... I wore the above outfit while shopping.  Jules and I stopped at a Macy's to get some more Clinique.  The sales associate complemented me on my nails:

Then we went to a Best Buy where a sales associate complemented me on my sweater and said that he loved the purple with the black:

Nobody complemented me on my awesome jeans, but hey I felt like a million bucks!

So thanks Vivian!  You are the best!  I love having such a great friend that can point me in such wonderful directions!

Alrighty then!

Love you!

Love yourself!

Buy yourself something nice, because you are worth it!



  1. You look great and I like the outfit but people just never comment on jeans. They will note and comment on nails or shoes or a top or a skirt or a dress but not jeans.
    I like going out and often when dressed nicely someone will pass a comment but I cannot ever remember hearing a comment on someone's jeans. Can you?.

    1. Hi Pat-

      No, I don't normally hear comments on my jeans. Except for Vivian, she likes jeans and thus has commented on some of the jeans I have worn and how they occasionally will show off my butt. Also, I have gotten comments on my male jeans. Several people have appreciated my jean style. Though admittedly I do live in a rather cowboyish town!