Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween - I am not a Costume!

Vampire Me

I know that for many cross dressers, Halloween is their favorite day of the year.  It is the day when they can get out and about dressed however they want and no one is going to say anything besides "Great Costume!"

Well, sorry, that is not for me.  Maybe it is because I am not in the closet.  Maybe it is because I do it too well.  Maybe it is because awhile back I decided that it is disrespectful to myself.

Why you ask?  Well, I kind of have the thought that I am not a costume.  See, when I dress as a girl, it is just another side to who I am.  It is a part of me.  It is me.  Not entirely me, just sort of an aspect of me.  I see myself as existing somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum.  Somewhere between male and female.  Or somewhere with both male and female aspects.  Hmm.... ????  Am I even making any sense at all?  I dunno!

All I know is that if I were to dress as a girl for Halloween it would be to fully come out to everyone I know, work included.  See, the picture above, is me at work.  It is really the only place that I dress up for Halloween.  Thus, if I were to go as a girl, and do it like I do it, as me, not as a joke version of me, I think everyone would know that I do it more than just for Halloween.

And, I just don't think that I am interested in being fully out at work.  "Fully out at work?" You ask?  Yeah, I am out at work with all of my various gender non-conforming behaviors, but just not with my cross dressing behavior.

Okay, well whatever!  I hope that everyone has a great day, regardless of if you choose to dress as a girl, or a werewolf, or a robot, or a box of Cheerios, or whatever!

Have fun!

Love you!

Love yourself!


  1. Happy Halloween, hon. :)


  2. For me, each day is a day in costume, passing as a male. If I was to dress in a female costume for Halloween I'd find a character to portray. Hmm, how about Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west?! It's not easy being green... :-D

    1. Good point Halle. I have thought about portraying a female character on Halloween as opposed to simply dressing as a woman.

  3. I understand the dilemna but for many CDs who cannot get out while dressed on any other occasions Halloween does serve that purpose. Sadly I tried to set up three potential dressing possibilities this past weekend and none of them worked out.

    1. Hi Pat-

      Yeah I get that Pat. To each their own. If you are one who likes dressing as a woman on Halloween to be able to get out, then great go for it.

      Apparently my post ruffled some feathers with some other dressers. I seemingly offended them and they have decided to no longer read my blog because of it. (I noticed I was removed from their reading lists.) Hmm... I suppose I should be more understanding and not express positions that may offend some. Um.... yeah, not gonna happen. Not me.

      So thank you Pat for expressing your opinion, which is different than mine. But that is great! Differences in opinions is what makes humanity so rich and lively!

      Thanks again! And sorry that your opportunities did not pan out, bummer!