Monday, October 13, 2014

Coming Out Summer - Tale #3 - The Oddest One Yet

Each summer one of Jules' friends comes and visits for a day or two.  This is someone who Jules used to work with about 15-20 years ago.  We have both worked with many people over the years in our careers but only a couple have made the switch from work associate to actual friend.  Well L is one of the two.

Which is rather odd as she is do unlike either Jules or I.  Well now that I say that, it occurs to me that she is actually quite like me.  She is actually very gender non-conforming.  She is pretty much the most un-girly girl that I know.  How un-girly?  She has played tackle football.  That is pretty un-girly.  Well, okay, maybe it is just me and my limited exposure to the world, but I have not ever encountered any other girls that have played league tackle football.  Obviously there has to be some, it was part of a league!

Well, that is all besides the point.  Hm.... maybe kinda, maybe it is also kind of the point.  That is what made this tale kind of the oddest so far.  Being that she is rather gender non-conforming herself, she was kind of unsure as to what to say when I told her about myself.  More along the lines of, "yeah, so whatever, why are you even saying anything?"  Because for her, we as humans are all allowed to be whatever we want to, no explanation needed.

Okay, maybe I should just get to the story, huh?

We were hanging out by the pool, L, her latest guy E, Jules and I.  I decided to tell her and so I did.  I told them both that I consider myself to be transgender, gender non-conforming, and an occasional cross dresser.  I had wanted to tell them before we went swimming, as I was planning on going in my new bikini bottoms and I didn't want to freak them out or anything by just doing it.

See, I really hate men's swim suits.  Those overly large baggy shorts, with weird net underwear, and as they are not big enough already, they also need huge pockets in them to carry all sorts of items in them while you go swimming.  Absurd, if you ask me!  I actually just prefer to go naked, but when we have guests over, that really is just a no go.  Well, unless it is Vivian and Edward.  Off topic again!!

So I told them, and L, really did not seem to get it.  She thought I was just talking about things like some clothes and some nail painting.  She has known about that for awhile.  But then I pulled out my iPad and showed her my blog, most notably this picture:

At which point she said, "damn, you are a hotty."  And "your boobs are bigger than mine."  I think then that she kind of got the point of the conversation.  Her boyfriend just sort of sat and listened and nodded.  He also thought I looked pretty good in my photos.

Shortly thereafter we all got changed into our swim suits.  That was when I had to take a deep breath, and do what I wanted, wear my bikini.  So I did it.  And what was the big response?  Jealousy.  L was told me that she was upset with me as I looked far better in a bikini than she did.  I thanked her, but told her that I thought she was wrong.  She was adamant that she was not.  She told me I definitely had the body for a bikini and should never feel weird for wearing it, as I looked great in it.

We hung out and swam and talked and had a great time together.  The next day they left.  But before going they both gave me a big hug and thanked me for being so open and honest with them and how much they appreciated it.

It brought us all much closer together.

All in all, a great thing!

Hope you enjoyed!

Love you!

Love others!

They may just love you back!


  1. Another great story Nadine. I would love to have the confidence to wear a bikini. I was vacationing in Aruba in the spring, and was excited just to wear a box cut type speedo! Baby steps I guess! Any bikini pics? Love, T

    1. Hiya T -

      I didn't have the confidence in wearing a bikini until I did it. Even now I still feel pretty self conscious about it. And baby steps are better than no steps!

      Pictures? Maybe on my other site... lets see....

      That is probably the closest that I have come to a picture of it.

      Thanks T

  2. Thanks for for all your sharing! That picture in the link is lovely! What beautiful legs.

    1. You are welcome for the sharing. Thank you for writing; I appreciate hearing from my readers! Thanks as well for the complement on my legs. I love em!

  3. It's always uplifting to read these stories, Nadine. And kudos to you for wearing a bikini! I'm not at that point - yet. But next summer will be a different story. :D


    1. Thanks Cass!

      Yeah the bikini thing. It is odd for me. I grew up swimming training for the olympics. I used to wear a size 26 speedo, talk about tight! Then I find out I am not supposed to wear those at regular pools! Crazy! So then I figured, screw it! I am going to wear what I want to wear! So good luck to you next summer cutie!

      Love ya!

  4. Great story! She and her boyfriend were very awesome in how they reacted to your coming out to them! :)

    I actually like these reactions the most.. the ones where they actually think that it is (or at least, should be) a non-issue. :)

    1. Hiya Natassia!

      Thanks for the comment. I too love those reactions, very cool. BTW, I love your blog and your hair! I am so jealous!

  5. It is always nice to find another story of affirmation. We spend so much of our lives thinking that being a guy who likes to dress as a woman is way off the deep end. It is so good to find out that we are still respected at either end of the pool and that people can see thorugh what we are wearing and appreciate us for the people that we are and that friendship will carry forward.

    1. Hi Pat-

      I totally agree. The more I come out to those around me, the more I wonder if I will ever get a negative reaction. It is so what I have been expecting and yet I am not getting it, it really makes me wonder. Are people just way more cool than I ever thought, or do I just surround myself with awesome people, or have I just gotten lucky so far? Hmm... I guess I will just have to wait and see!