Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The First Photo of Me Crossdressing

I think when this photo was taken I was 16.  I could be off a bit, but that is what makes the most sense to me at this point considering my history.

Can I first point out, what am I doing with my hand?  What is that, the supposed gesture of a real girl?  Okay and secondly, what is that look on my face?  Again, the expression that I thought a real girl would make?  OMG, hilarious!

Oh and one more thing, that was my real hair!  Wow, a photo of me, as a female, with my real hair!  Crazy!

Okay, so I was pondering some of my earliest experiences cross dressing and this occasion was the earliest time that I could think of.  And then, it occurred to me that Jules and I just might have some photos of the experience.  And low and behold, I found it!  It was pretty exciting for me actually.

The photo in question was taken on Halloween in 1987.  I had suggested that Jules and I dress as each other for a party we had.  She was a little unsure, but I convinced her.  I wish we had a picture of the two of us together, but I could not find one.  It probably exists somewhere.

I didn't really think much of me suggesting that we dress as each other.  I so wish I would have understood that dressing as a girl, or at least a mix of genders, was something that I wanted to do all of the time, and not just for Halloween.  Oh well.  Regardless, I thought it was just a quirky costume and that it was just for laughs. Ah... the naivete of youth!

Before I found it, I thought that I would look better as a girl back then, but I think age has taught me something about how to present myself.  Ah... what 26 years will do for you!

Love you.

I wish I loved myself earlier.


  1. how great Nadine! be proud and happy!!!

  2. You looked adorable, girl! Too cute!!! Thank you for sharing this....


    1. Thanks Cass. You are so welcome.

      Thanks for visiting cutie!

  3. Love the pic! Happy you finally learned to accept yourself and be happy.