Sunday, September 7, 2014

Outfit for 9-7-14 - Great Dress That Photographs Poorly

Dress - Max Studio
Sweater - 89th & Madison
Shoes - New York Transit

I am so bummed that this dress photographs so poorly because it is sooooooo cute!!  I absolutely love it!  The thing that I love the most about it is how it flows when I walk.  It moves like a dream and looks fabulous on me.  

I kind of think that maybe it did not photograph so well because of the black sweater.  I was thinking of wearing a white sweater with it and had tried it on but Jules and I both thought the black sweater looked better in real life.  Maybe for a photograph it would have looked better with the white?

It kind of brings up an interesting point.  The difference between an outfit that looks good in real life and an outfit that looks good in a photograph.  It is fine when we are talking about your own clothes from your own wardrobe, but when you are trying to evaluate an outfit in a magazine or an advertisement or even on a mannequin in a store, you need to be aware of how it looks in the real world while it is on you.

So many times I have tried on something and am quite bummed when it does not fit they way I thought it would.  While in stores I have often gone back and investigated the mannequin and discovered that the top has been wrapped up and pinned in the back to give the garment the right form fitting look!  And they often do the same things with photos, except for it is often worse.

And while I am thinking about it, I think that is also why I really like seeing clothes in person.  Great things can be found in person that would never look that great in a photo.

Hmm.... I am so rambling today.  Sorry.... I am sick today.  Been a bit overwhelmed lately.

How about a long delayed update:

- Things with my father... okay well, I was helping out my father after his wife divorced him and he is experiencing dementia and went through a bankruptcy.  I got him daily care, and got a senior care consulting company to begin the process of helping me to figure out how best to help him.  The consulting company advised me to hire him a lawyer to assist in separating his finances from his ex-wife's.  He was on board and then spoke to his ex about it.  He called me the next day and told me that he does not want any part of my help anymore and then he began calling and telling others that I was out to steal his money.  Sounds like dementia huh?  Well yeah probably, but the real issue is that he is still madly in love with his ex and whatever she says go, regardless of the dementia.  I tried many times from then to continue to discuss it and really what he wants is for me to pay for his care and continue to allow his ex to be in charge of his incoming and outgoing money.  And uh yeah, I couldn't go along with that.  So after about a month and $2000 I feel as though I have kind of been forced to separate myself from that situation.  

Sad, but whatcha gunna do?  You try your best and sometimes some people just don't want your help.

Love you!


  1. That is a great dress and it looks good on you.

    Sorry about the situation with your dad. We all have had to deal with aging and passing parents. Later today my wife and I will attend the wake of our next door neighbor who passed at 60. No one knows what dates are written in the big book..

    1. Thanks Pat.

      So true, we don't know the dates. We all know that it will happen, but never when.

  2. Love the dress, Nadine! And the shoes! I need more shoes. :D

    Sorry about your Dad. You're taking the only reasonable approach, really, sad as it is. Best of luck moving forward.


    1. So sorry I did not respond early Cass. How rude of me.

      Thanks for the thoughts sweetie!

  3. Yeah it's really a bummer that this dress did not photograph so well because in real life, it is beautiful on you. It moves so cutely as you walk, and looks great on your figure.
    Well I guess it's better to have something look great in real life and not photograph than the opposite. :)

    1. I know right! Oh well. It is better that it looks good in person and only so-so in a photo! Thanks cutie wifey!

  4. A bit late in the day, but I just have to say you look damm good in that outfit!