Monday, September 22, 2014

Outfit for 9-22-14 - Skirt Picked by a Friend

White Top - Guess
Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - ?? though I did get it at H & M
Shoes - White Stag

Jules and I were in Vegas and visiting our good friends, Vivian and Edward.  We went out to dinner in this super cute shopping area.  After dinner we were just sort of strolling around, digesting our food, chatting, and window shopping.  Just, fyi, I was dressed as a guy.

Our little jaunt took us straight in front of an H & M shop.  I had never shopped there before but Vivienne had and she had told me that she wanted to take me shopping there.  I figured it was the perfect time and the four of us headed into the store.  I could see Edward's and Jules' eyes roll as Vivian and I started searching the racks for anything of interest.

Eventually Edward and Jules got bored with the two of us and they went outside to wait it out.  After about an hour, much longer than either of us thought we would be in there, we each had a few items and headed to the fitting rooms.  The SA helped Vivian first and then looked at my items and gave me a questioning look.  I assured her the items were for me and that yes I needed a fitting room also.  We got rooms across from each other and began trying our stuff on.

It was super funny when Vivienne said, "remember we have to show each other everything."  Well of course Vivienne, how else do people shop?

I tried on a few things, only the skirt in the picture working well for me.  But Vivienne, wow!  I loved everything she tried on.  It was so hard for me to be objective, constructive, and helpful, because I swear that girl could wear a paper sack and look great!  Okay, she might hate me for that, because the truth is, for both of us, people often complement what we wear, but it takes time, effort, energy, dedication, etc. for either of us to find the right items.  Vivienne explained what she was looking for that day, and eventually I took of my rose colored glasses and gave her good advice.

It was a super fun shopping trip.  But she and I really need to plan a time where we can really shop.  I think it would be a good idea to park our spouses at a bar and then she I could really go to town!  It is a must and will happen!

Love you!


  1. Lookin' fab as always, girl!!!

    Funny story about the eyes rolling when you entered H&M. Those born without the shopping gene will never understand, will they? :D


  2. Love the skirt on you! Makes you look curvy. Had a great time, but I think next time we need to ditch the spouses. Ha ha on the paper sack comment. Miss you and Jules dearly.


    1. Hi Vivian! I do think the spouses need a good bar to occupy themselves with while we are out playing!