Monday, September 1, 2014

Outfit for 9-1-14 - A Year Ago Today

Top - Guess
Tank - ?? I got it from Jules & there is no longer a tag!
Belt - Mossimo
Shorts - Guess
Flip Flops - Flojos

A pretty simple outfit for a pretty simple day.  The interesting thing about this outfit is that the two items I am wearing on top, I don't ever wear either one by themselves but together they work out great!  I think it is kind of tough to see well in the photo above, so how about this one to go with:

That photo shows things a bit better.

Jules and I got a pedicure and went to Costco today.  It was a totally uneventful day.  Which was nice as I actually wore this outfit yesterday, 8-31-14, you know, the day before today.

The day before today, which just so happens to be the anniversary of..... anyone remember?  Yes today is the one year anniversary of Jules breaking her leg.  One year ago today we were dove hunting on our friends ranch when Jules fell and horribly shattered her leg.

This year..... Yes we went hunting dove again.  A different place than last year, but we did still go out.  I know, I know, hunting.  Such a controversial topic.  Which honestly, I think is odd.  How can feeding oneself something be so controversial?  It is food people.  We hunt for dinner.  Good dinner.  Very yummy, very appreciated dinner.  Like so:

This was how last year was suppose to end!  Not at the hospital!  Yay for Jules for healing up well and getting back out there and actually getting some dove today!!!

I hope that you had a good labor day!



  1. I am glad that Jules has fully recovered and that you are both back out hunting. I know that the pressure from the PC crowd can be daunting but unless you are a total vegan you rely on animal products. I love to find a place that prepares game.


    PS: Nice outfit.

    1. I am so glad that Jules has recovered enough to go hunting again. Fully recovered? I think she might argue with that description as she is not running, jumping, and skipping along just quite yet. But hopefully soon!

      Yeah I have gotten a couple of concerned comments about hunting. But I agree with relying on animal products. Even a vegan kills stuff to eat it. In order to eat the majority of fruits and vegies out there you either kill the plant, or kill its offspring in doing so. Live things consume other live things. Unless you are a plant and you convert sunlight into energy. :)

      Very few places that serve game have the ability to do it justice. As their game is not fresh, it is generally farm raised. Farm raised game is far different than wild game. I have never eaten game in a restaurant that can even come close to what it tastes like at home. It is sad actually. Why even raise a duck, in a pen, to kill it, and have something that does not taste very good? What is the point? If I don't enjoy eating it, I don't kill it. That to me is the ultimate waste!

      Um, soapbox much anyone???? Okay I will stop.

      Thanks for the outfit complement!!

  2. Hey Nadine, I love the outfit as usual.I keep waiting to see you in a pair of short shorts.You have amazing legs. I live in northeast Pa. right next to a Cabelas. I know all about hunting. Carry on my friend! Love, T

    1. Hiya T!

      Thanks for the outfit complement!

      My dad grew up in PA. We have some relatives out there still. I am not sure where they are at, but if you know of Coatsville, that is where my dad grew up. Pretty area.

  3. I have eaten bear, boar, venison which had been freshly hunted and found the food well worth eating.
    Once in San Fran I had quail that was quite good but I do not know if it was fresh or farm raised. I do like buffalo and beeffalo which I presume are farm raised.
    As a kid I did a lot of fishing. My dad loved to eat fish but he would not eat it if he did not see it come out of the water.

    1. Good, fresh, game is the best! So much better than what is offered in the so called super markets.

      I love fishing also, but most places I go the fish are farm raised planted and wow, I can totally taste the difference. It is quite stunning actually.

  4. Nadine -

    I live in a Blue state, and have no problem with you hunting.... Actually, it is a good thing for people to see their future food alive, so that they have a respect for what they are about to eat.

    Yes, Blue State people will often complain - there is no need for a firearm. However, the need for a firearm comes up unexpectedly, and keeping in practice via sorts such as hunting are essential for the "regulated" (18th c. version of the word) use of such tools....


  5. Honey, thank you so much for the kind words! I had a wonderful time hunting with you, and it felt so good to be out there one year later. :)