Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yes But Do You Have A Penis?

Seriously?  Did he just ask me that question?  I really did not anticipate it, but it also did not come out of the blue.

I was at a doctors appointment to get my medical marijuana prescription renewed.  If you don't know already, I have chronic sinus infections for which I use marijuana to manage the symptoms to be able to avoid surgery, which I don't want!

Anyway, this doctor's job is simply to assess whether I have a need for the medication or not.  I had a feeling it was going to be an interesting doctors appointment.  Jules and I have been seen this guy for the past couple of years and the first two times we saw him I was dressed as a woman, but the last time, just two months ago, for one of Jules' appointments, I was dressed as a man.

During that appointment he referenced previous appointments where I was dressed as a girl.  He also referenced me as a woman during that appointment.  It was weird as I was dressed as a guy, but I thought it was a sweet attempt to be sensitive to my gender.

During yesterdays appointment, he was confused from the start.  He called out my name, my male name and Jules and I went back to his office.  Right away, he commented, I remember you from a couple of months ago, but you were dressed differently.

I explained that sometimes I dress as a man and sometime I dress as a woman.

He then asked, well which one do you like more?

I then said that I don't prefer one or the other, but believe that my gender is somewhere in the middle of the two.

He then asked if I was going to become a woman.

To which I explained that no, I am not interested in becoming a woman.

He asked if I was taking hormones or hormone blockers.

BTW, none of these questions have to do with the medical marijuana, but I consider it kind of a job to be an ambassador of cross dressing. So I had no problems with his questions.  I found them amusing.

I told him that I was not taking anything to become more female and that I never had.  That I was happy being a man, I just cross dress on occasion.

He then asked the question; do you have a penis.

For which I said, yes, I have a penis.  Words I thought I would never utter.

His response?  He asked, does it function!!

Really??  First he asks if I have a penis and then asks if it functions??  What is that movie line??  Something about stupid smart people??

I answered, yes it functions.

He then smiled and said, hmm.... I like it.

We then had a few questions pertaining to why I was seeing him to which he signed off on another years prescription and the appointment was over.

I walked out of the office with my dress wet with sweat.  I like talking about all of this, but damn it makes me nervous.

You just never know what questions the cisgender folks are going to have.  I am just thrilled I am at a place that I can have a conversation and help educate the public.  Nothing is going to change until we take to time to change the ignorant to the knowledgeable.

Don't be afraid.  People don't bite.

Love you!!


  1. nice ambassador work Nadine. He learnt something!

    1. Thanks Joanna. It seemed as though he did, which is good!

  2. I think he was just trying to understand and show you that he is not afraid to be around you. You are a ambassador to crossdressers and I myself look up to you. Thanks, love, T

    1. I agree T. I was actually super happy that he did speak to me as through our later conversations he told me that he suffers from social anxiety. I was happy he found himself comfortable enough around me that he felt that he could ask me such personal questions.

      It was interesting at least!

  3. Even if some of his questions were odd it was nice that he made the effort to learn about crossdressing and that you did such a nice job of helping him understand that crossdressing is not the same as other spots on the gender spectrum.
    I think that there may have been some therapeutic reasons for his questions but I suspect that he was mostly interested in educating himself.
    You did a good deed for any other gender issued people he may encounter.

    1. I agree Pat. His questions were a bit off, but I appreciated his desire to learn. Maybe a few years ago it would have thrown me, but this time I found it rather amusing and not annoying at all. It was fun. Nervous for me, but fun!

      Thanks :)

  4. I think it would of been fine to ask if he had a functioning penis too!

  5. Hi Nadine,

    I'm so impressed that you were going to this doctor first as a woman, then switching around as a man.

    I mean this in only a positive way, you must be very comfortable, or maybe just not concerned about how people might react? Or maybe you are at a point where you welcome recognition that you have these two sides?

    It's so nice that Jules seems to be 100% with you in this. That support is priceless in my book!

    Take care!


    1. Thanks Jen. Yeah, I don't know, I suppose I never really thought about it that much. I think that possibly is that I am not concerned with how people might react as well as being open to showing people that some of us out there sometimes present as male and sometimes as female.

      This is who I am, why should I feel a need to hide that?

      Hmm... thanks for the thoughts cutie!