Monday, July 21, 2014

Outfit for 7-21-14 - Casual for the Drive

Top - Patty Boutique
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Born O Concept

Wow, this picture makes me look like I have a super farmer's tan!  In real life it does not appear to be quite so pronounced.  But it is somewhat there.  Which brings up a recent change in clothing habits.  During the summer I normally wear female shorts and a male t-shirt.  This summer, a few weeks ago, I decided to begin wearing tank tops instead.

It has been a harrowing experience mentally.  It has caused my mind to run in circles.  This happens with me all of the time.  I think I have a grip on who I am and what I do and then I make one tiny little change and whammo I am slammed with super negative voices again!  Gosh it gets to be a bit  much.  Not enough to change my mind about what I chose to wear though.

And all of this, why?  Because I hate the crappy tan lines that comes from most of my boy clothes.  This is one of my earliest memories that I knew made me a bit different than other males.  As a swimmer, I always wore a Speedo suit for workouts and racing.  And I loved the tan I was able to get.  The other boys never seemed to care.  I cared a lot.

As a kid, I wore tank tops all the time and I never felt weird about it at all.  Somewhere along the way, I lost who I am.  My detour has left me with some nasty internal voices.  All I feel I can do about them, besides a self lobotomy, is to prove them wrong.

And that is what happens.  I do what I want to.  The voices talk shit.  I ignore them and prove them wrong.

Simple process.  It happens time and time again.  My personal hope is that one day the voices will learn and shut up.

Love you!

Listen to your voices.


  1. I like the outfit. As a teen I was a lifeguard and wore speedos and liked the all over tan. I do tan well and even now when I am at the beach I hike up my old guy trunks to tan as much of my legs as possible. I also tend to be concerned with the farmer arm tan.

    1. Funny Pat, I don't know if I knew before that you lifeguarded. So did Jules and I. Funny.

      Yeah the ol' hike up of the shorts. I am going to try and avoid that soon enough, we shall see!

  2. Your tan lines are hardly noticeable. Working construction, I always had the pronounced lines and the racoon eyes from my sunglasses. I now tan in a tanning bed wearing only a thong.during the month of April. It prevents me from burning during the spring. During the spring I went to an island and wore only a speedo and loved every minute of it. You once again look very cute! Love, T

    1. Thanks T, you are always so kind. Thanks!!!

      I've thought of tanning beds, but what I should do is take more advantage of my very private backyard & pool!!

      I am going to Vegas soon and planning on wearing a female bikini bottom while at the pool. I'll let you know how that turns out!

  3. OK, you look absolutely adorable with your hair back, hon. You have great bone structure (look at those cheekbones for proof), and pulling your hair back (or up) highlights that. You MUST go for this look more often!!! :D

    Also, take it from this Irish-American lass, who is currently rocking her typical post-cadaverous pallor... your tan looks great too. ;-p


  4. I Like this outfit and the tan line is not so visible. The combination skirt +top seems to me very comfortable ad suitable for the hot weather there. I'm just a little envious of you first as you dress almost every day a different outfit, then as you are every time so fashionable. Always a stunning girl. Hugs. Betty