Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Nails

In order to do these nails, there really is not much to it.  I simply painted each one the color I wanted.  I used OPI colors for the job.  The red and the blue I chose have a bit of sparkle in it and I really like those but the white, not so much.  I never really like any white polish that I use.  Do you have any that you prefer?

Oh and the finishing touch is the little white spots on the blue nails.  Jules helped with that part.  I recently got some nail art pens, that use actual polish.  If you squeeze them they put out polish.  She used them to just dab little dots of white on for me.  I finished the job by covering it all with a clear coat.

I painted these nails while out camping with Jules.  We went to Huntington Lake near Shaver Lake.  It is such a beautiful place but this time there was hardly any water there at all.  If you don't know, California is in a pretty bad drought situation.  We are hurting for water.  The lake was the lowest I have ever seen it.

Speaking of seeing it.  The last two times I have been camping I found this flower:

Isn't it beautiful?

Okay.  Gotta run.

Love you!

Happy 4th!


  1. Nice nails Nadine. Just last month my wife and I went for my first mani /pedi. I went in male mode and the tech asked my wife what color she wanted on her toes, never asked me! She was kind of impressed when I asked for color. I chose a silver grey. Well a month or two passed and I just made another appointment. Like they say...once you start, you become hooked. Thanks for entertaining us with your blog. T.

  2. Thank you for readin my blog, T. It is a big complement.

    I totally agree with being addicted to getting my nails done. It is a must do!!

  3. Love the nails - so cute! My wife likes to paint mine too. Too bad once our wives figure out we like girly things, they will kick us to the curb. I guess the nail painting is just buying time until they come up with a good excuse a find a "real man". Lol!

    1. Kristina! You are so funny! Love your pithy comments!

  4. I like the patriotic nails. THey were perfect. Here on the east coast we had a ton of rain that you could have used out west. Most July 4th activities (golf, beach, fireworks, etc.) were washed out. I used the afternoon to get a mani-pedi but settled for clear polish on both fingers and toes. Over the winter I had color on my toes and I look forward to colored toe nails this winter.