Sunday, June 8, 2014

Outfit for 6-8-14 - A Dress as a Skirt

Skirt - Papaya
Tank - Mossimo
Sweater - Jones of New York
Shoes - Born O Concept
Necklace - Target

When I bought this skirt, I had no idea that it is actually a dress.  And yes, I tried it on.  But for some reason it completely blanked on me.  I got home from this particular shopping trip and was trying on my new items for Jules when I pulled out this item and noticed, oh crap, it is actually a dress!

I put it on and pulled it up to where it is supposed to go and I thought it looked okay.  Not great, just okay.  Tube dresses don't really do much for me.  I think they look amazing on girls with nice curves, but I have barely there curves, that need to be accentuated to actually be noticed.  I pushed the dress back down to skirt level and loved it!

It is super tight for a full length skirt, but it is also super stretchy, so I can actually walk in it.  I thought it would slow me down more and make it easier for Jules, with her healing leg, to keep up with me.  But apparently no, I still walked to fast; point being, I can walk in it.

I really like this outfit.  I think kind of because I am using the clothes for my own purposes.  Oh and yeah, my butt looks really good in this skirt.

Love you!


  1. Wow, it sure does look really good in that skirt that is a dress but looks great as a skirt! And it makes you look like you have curves ~ well actually I always thought you do pretty well in that department Nadine. :-D

    1. Thanks Halle. And thanks for the comment about the curves, I strive hard to get my clothes to help me in that area and apparently it is working!

  2. Love it! What do you wear under it? My wife and I are going to an island and she bought me some sun dresses to wear in our room. Don't know what to wear underneath? T

    1. Hi T. Underneath huh? Yeah that is always kind of interesting. First off I am strictly a non tucking person. I have treid all the various methods and while I can achieve it, to me it is still not as flat as my preferred method.

      My preferred method is to wear thigh length Spanx. I then will place Mr. Happy down the side of the pant leg, inbetween my legs. Kind of tricky to explain I suppose, but this gives me the best look and is comfortable to do from morning to bed time.

      I hope my sparse description makes some sort of sense. Good luck!

  3. You look nice in that skirt/dress. I also do not tuck but use the compression of control top panty hose or thigh length spanx like garments.

    1. Thanks Pat. The compression garemnts are the way to go!