Monday, May 12, 2014

Outfit for 5/12/14 - Hips :)

Top - White House Black Market
Skirt - 36 point 5
Belt - Target
Shoes - American Eagle

This outfit makes me look way more hippy than I actually am.  Which for me is a great thing.  Hips are such a tough thing to create the illusion of.  I have seen some huge hip pad ensembles but they are way too big for my enjoyment.  I have read that your hips should be about equal to your shoulders in width.  Could you imagine hips like that on me?  No, neither can I.

But I like the appearance of some hips at least.  This is primarily created by a few elements.  One - the skirt.  It is tight and stretchy.  Thus it hugs me at the skinniest point of my waist and at my knees.  Both skinny points for me.  Two - tucking the shirt into the skirt.  I generally don't like tucking things in, but with this high waisted skirt it helps to show off the skirt squeezing my skinny waist.  Three - the belt.  The belt helps to draw your eye to the skinny part of my waist and to obscure where the shirt and skirt meet.  Four - I am also wearing very small hip pads.  Five - the pose I have in the picture where I am kind of jutting my hips out to the side.

Jules says that my butt looks super good in this skirt.  So here is what I look like from behind:
I am always teasing Jules because she often says that my butt looks good and I tell her, how could it, I barely even have a butt!!  I suppose this skirt does make it look nice though.  Hmm.... Whatever!!

Okay readers, I hope you had a good weekend and are gearing up for a great week!

Love you!!



  1. Jules is right, you do have a cute butt. The skirt fits you perfectly. Thanks. T

    1. Thanks T. I am still not sure of the butt thing though. I think it is because I really like super hippy butts, and all I see with mine is a straight hipped flat butt. Oh Well!!! :)

      Thanks Again!

  2. I second Jules opinion, your butt looks cute so just come to terms with that. The hugging effects of the skirt do wonders for your figure. Love the shoes, great pop of color in a neutral paler outfit. Great choices all around.


    1. Hmm... cute butt thing again, huh? Well okay fine. I will try and accept it. ;) Thanks.

      Thanks for the complement on the skirt, yes I agree it does do wonders for my figure. I really like skirts that have that hugging effect. I really like flared skirts and always think it will help give me a more curvy looking figure, but I often just look like a bell. Skinny little legs sticking out from a puffy skirt! Thanks for noticing the color on the shoes. I thought they went nicely with this outfit as well.

      Thanks sweetie!!!

  3. These are the best yet, love long denim and you wear it very nice. Your a beautiful person and glad I found your blog.

    1. Thank you Jeff. This is one of my all time favorite skirts! And I too really like denim!