Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Outfit for 5-28-14 - Shorts

Top - Lily White
Tank - Mossimo
Shorts - Jolt
Shoes - Born-O-Concept

I just love the pop of blue from underneath this top.  I think it really adds another dimension to the outfit.  And this outfit certainly needs something about it to pop, as it is quite the simple one.  Well it is heating up again around here and the day I wore this it was predicted to be about 93 or 94.  It is funny at the beginning of summer that feels darn warm.  But near the middle of summer, it only really feels warm when it is above 100.

I do really like wearing shorts.  The shorter the better.  I think actually that I have several pairs of shorts that are shorter than any skirt that I own.  And it is funny as people generally always comment about the short dresses and skirts, but you don't hear that much about the short shorts.  Well of course, to call them Daisy Dukes that is.  But other than that, I don't really hear much about older ladies that should not wear short shorts.

I did my nails recently, for summer that is.  I have now had my nails painted for everyday for over a year now.  For this time I painted them in this nice bright orange.

Talk about a pop of color huh?  Super cool!

Alrighty then.  Jules and I are off.  We are going camping!!  Woo-Hoo Jules' leg is well enough that we get to get out and have some fun!  Wish us luck on the trout fishing.  Oh an no, I will not be going dressed as a girl.  Hmm...  funny thought.  Do I ever dress 100% straight boy anymore????  Gosh, I can't remember the last time actually.  So then not dressed as a girl means, no bra, no wig, no makeup.  But other than that, I will just be me.

Love you!!


  1. Whether you are dressed as a girl or a boy there is no chance that those lovely nails will not be noticed. I hope that they do not scare the fish away. LOL

    1. I know right! No thy did not scare th fish away, iI caught a jice 3 lb one and fried it up that night.

      Thanks Pat.