Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Outfit for 5-28-14 - Shorts

Top - Lily White
Tank - Mossimo
Shorts - Jolt
Shoes - Born-O-Concept

I just love the pop of blue from underneath this top.  I think it really adds another dimension to the outfit.  And this outfit certainly needs something about it to pop, as it is quite the simple one.  Well it is heating up again around here and the day I wore this it was predicted to be about 93 or 94.  It is funny at the beginning of summer that feels darn warm.  But near the middle of summer, it only really feels warm when it is above 100.

I do really like wearing shorts.  The shorter the better.  I think actually that I have several pairs of shorts that are shorter than any skirt that I own.  And it is funny as people generally always comment about the short dresses and skirts, but you don't hear that much about the short shorts.  Well of course, to call them Daisy Dukes that is.  But other than that, I don't really hear much about older ladies that should not wear short shorts.

I did my nails recently, for summer that is.  I have now had my nails painted for everyday for over a year now.  For this time I painted them in this nice bright orange.

Talk about a pop of color huh?  Super cool!

Alrighty then.  Jules and I are off.  We are going camping!!  Woo-Hoo Jules' leg is well enough that we get to get out and have some fun!  Wish us luck on the trout fishing.  Oh an no, I will not be going dressed as a girl.  Hmm...  funny thought.  Do I ever dress 100% straight boy anymore????  Gosh, I can't remember the last time actually.  So then not dressed as a girl means, no bra, no wig, no makeup.  But other than that, I will just be me.

Love you!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Outfit for 5-20-14 & Shopping Advice

Sweater - Chaus New York
Tank - Charlotte Russe
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Saucony

Wow, I am so behind in my outfit posts!  I have a backlog of outfits to post up so I thought I would choose this one for today.  This was an outfit that I wore for a day of my last mega shopping trip.  Mega shopping trip you ask?  Yeah, if I did not mention it before I went shopping for about 3 days about a month or two ago.

Anywho, I specifically wore these items to help facilitate my shopping.  Wearing a tank and the little sweater, I could often just try something on while standing next to the rack instead of having to hassle with the dressing room.  And having the sweater along allows me to check and see what no sleeved items will look like with the sweater.  I also especially like wearing a skirt while shopping.  It is so easy to take on and off quickly.

When I used to shop I rarely tried things on.  I suppose I was embarrassed.  But now when I shop I try on lots and lots of things.  I probably end up buying about 1/10 of what I try on.  I really like grabbing anything and everything to try on.  Lots of items do not look very good at all while hanging on the rack, but once you try them on, wow!

So with this in mind, I prefer to dress in clothes that will be easy to take on and off repeatedly.  And this is possibly my best shopping advice for all of you.  Try on clothes, lots of clothes, over and over, and do not feel bad when you take back 10 items and buy none of them.  This is what shopping is all about.  That way you will most likely end up buying things that actually look good.

Oh and lastly, my most important item while doing lots of shopping, tennis shoes!  Don't get out there with your 5 inch heels on and think that you will be able to shop for the day.  Crazy!  Wear comfy shoes that are made for walking, like say, tennis shoes.

And btw, I got two complements on this outfit on this day.  Some random guy who said he really liked my "sneakers."  And a really nice sales lady who said, once I handed her my male license for my purchases, "Wow, you do this really well."

Okay, end of advice for today folks.  I have been super busy lately.  I hope things in your world are going well.

Love you constant reader.

You are awesome.

Got any of your own shopping advice to share?

Love yourself!  :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Outfit for 5/12/14 - Hips :)

Top - White House Black Market
Skirt - 36 point 5
Belt - Target
Shoes - American Eagle

This outfit makes me look way more hippy than I actually am.  Which for me is a great thing.  Hips are such a tough thing to create the illusion of.  I have seen some huge hip pad ensembles but they are way too big for my enjoyment.  I have read that your hips should be about equal to your shoulders in width.  Could you imagine hips like that on me?  No, neither can I.

But I like the appearance of some hips at least.  This is primarily created by a few elements.  One - the skirt.  It is tight and stretchy.  Thus it hugs me at the skinniest point of my waist and at my knees.  Both skinny points for me.  Two - tucking the shirt into the skirt.  I generally don't like tucking things in, but with this high waisted skirt it helps to show off the skirt squeezing my skinny waist.  Three - the belt.  The belt helps to draw your eye to the skinny part of my waist and to obscure where the shirt and skirt meet.  Four - I am also wearing very small hip pads.  Five - the pose I have in the picture where I am kind of jutting my hips out to the side.

Jules says that my butt looks super good in this skirt.  So here is what I look like from behind:
I am always teasing Jules because she often says that my butt looks good and I tell her, how could it, I barely even have a butt!!  I suppose this skirt does make it look nice though.  Hmm.... Whatever!!

Okay readers, I hope you had a good weekend and are gearing up for a great week!

Love you!!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Coach Wallet & Carrying A Female's Wallet

"I love your wallet!"  said the cute young girl working behind the counter at the Panda Express.  I found it to be funny as I was standing there waiting for my change and pondering just what about her I could complement.  I was deciding against it as I thought she might think it rude of this weird old guy to complement her when yet again out of the blue, some member of our society surprised the heck out of me and she tossed me the complement.  I thanked her very much for her kindness.

But I am getting a bit ahead of myself.  Let me backtrack a bit.

This is my beautiful new wallet.  Some of you may recall that just a little bit ago I finally upgraded my purse to a nice new Coach purse.  I was so excited and unsure about my purse purchase that it did not occur to me until a few days later, darn it I should have gotten a new wallet at the same time!

Bummer for me, but an excuse to go shopping again later.  And thus the next time I had an opportunity to stop at a Coach outlet, I went looking for a new wallet.  Btw, yes I had to wait in line again to get into the Coach store.  I wonder if they do that on purpose, as it makes it seem so much more special if you have to wait to get into the shop.  Whatever.  Again on the way in they handed me a coupon for 50% off.

I searched throughout the store and finally decided on the one I have pictured.  I thought it was just the right amount of girly cute.  It is obviously a Coach wallet, pretty unmistakable actually.  But the hidden interior flower designs was such a surprising pop of cuteness that I had to have it and I love that it is visible from the ends as well.  Just the right amount of cute, without being overwhelming sweetness.

So back to the comment from the cute Panda Express worker.  I received that complement one day after work as I was dressed as a guy standing there, in my hometown, holding my new Coach wallet.  As is usually the case with me, I was somewhat unsure and nervous about carrying around such an obviously female item while in guy mode, but I told myself that nothing bad was going to happen or come from it and if I wanted to do it I should just do it.  So I do it.

I have been carrying my new wallet with me wherever I go.  It does not matter if I am dressed as a guy or a girl, I use the same wallet.  Awhile back I used to switch between a guy wallet and a girl wallet, but I always hated my guy wallet and I especially hated having it in my back pocket.  And thus I gave it up and have been going with a female wallet ever since.  This new one though shook my confidence a bit as it is obviously a females wallet.  I don't think I have ever seen a males wallet with the C all over it.

Anyways, what problems have I brought into my world by allowing myself to be me and to do the things I want to do with my own life?  Umm.... yup, that's right, none.  No problems at all have occurred and as a point of fact, it yet again has shown people to step up and be super nice and cool, like the girl at Panda Express.

What have others around me said about it?  Nothing.  I think by now everyone in my world knows that I am fairly gender non conforming, and maybe they think I am weird or different or unusual but the only change I have ever observed is people being nicer to me than they have ever been.  And the only reason I can come up with to be able to explain their actions is that possibly by allowing myself to be me, I am the one that is actually being nicer.  People pick up on this and return the niceness.

Just one more small little thing that shows me I should allow myself to be me.

Do you allow yourself to be you?

Not the cranky, pissy, suspicious, afraid, skeptical you, but the nice you, the fun you, the friendly you, the inner you that you are often afraid of showing the world because the world is a harsh cruel place that will stomp on you if it gets a chance.

Relax, take a deep breath, be free to be the best you, for your own benefit.

Love you!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Outfit for Friday 5-2-14

Top - Max Studio
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Nine West
Necklace - Target 
Jacket - Pelle Studio (Which I previously mislabeled as Guess)

I so love this top.  I got it recently on a shopping adventure.  I really like the looks of the stripes and how they bunch up on the lower side.  I don't know how well you can see that in the photo, but it really adds a level of interest.  I also like it as it hangs just low enough that it helps hides some extra parts.  The top is kind of lightweight.  So even though it is long sleeve, it is rather cool.  Also, it has a super fun texture to it thus it is fun to touch.
My doggie was super interested in my picture taking today.  He wanted to get in on the action.  So I thought I would include one with him also.  He is such a ham!

My new camera is super fun.  It has an lcd screen that you can turn around and see yourself as you take you picture.  I also bought a remote for it.  So I hook up the remote, put the camera on the tripod, get the remote and start shooting.  It is really quite fun.  I like having the remote, you can see it in my hand with my picture with my dog.  By using the remote I can take lots and lots of pictures.  That is my preferred method of getting some decent pictures, take tons!

Alrighty, gotta run.  Hope you have a good weekend.

Love you!