Thursday, April 3, 2014

Outfit for ModCloth Uniquely You Campaign

In my outfit collage I have chosen several items that would go well with the main piece, the two piece swim suit.  I love the big floppy hat.  I so have to have a hat if I am out in the sun.  Have I ever told you I had skin cancer??  Yeah, so cover yourself out there people!  I also really like the red polka dot sticker nails, that kind of match with the suit and shoes.  I love the octopus bracelet.  I think it looks really cute with the swim suit theme outfit.  The white glasses look fresh and fun for summer.  I also chose the purse as it was semi-relaxed for the pool or beach.  And lastly, I really like the pull over for using as you are walking the boardwalk as a bit more cover.

I know this is something completely different for my blog.  This is an outfit collage that I did for ModCloth.  They contacted me via email and asked if I would like to be part of the ModCloth Uniquely You campaign.  I was quite thrilled that they contacted me and asked for me to participate.  First and foremost I like to consider myself a style blogger.  I do write quite a bit about trans issues, but really my heart is into style.  So, I wrote back and said, YES, I would love to be part of their campaign.

So the deal was that I was to use Wanelo, and search through the ModCloth pages for ways to style a garment that they sent to me.  I was instructed to pick up to seven items from ModCloth's pages to complement the garment.  I was totally expecting some cute retro dress, but what I got into my inbox surprised the heck out of me.  They sent me the totally cute polka dot two piece swimsuit.  Wow, a swimsuit, talk about being out of my comfort zone!  Whew!

I knew that I had a challenge ahead of me.  Styling a swimsuit is something I had not considered before, besides I had no experience with Wanelo, or creating an outfit collage.  As with most challenges, I dove in and started to figure it all out.  First was Wanelo.  If you have no experience with it, it is a Pinterest type of board, but it is kind of cooler in that when you click on the item it actually takes you to a place that you can actually buy the item from.  That was cool.

Then I had to find the ModCloth page and begin my search for what could work with the cute swimsuit they sent me.  It took some time, but I found some really neat things to work with it.  When I got done, I looked at what I had assembled and thought, yeah I could wear that, and actually, yeah I would LIKE to wear that.  They asked what my inspiration was for the outfit, and that was it really, what would I like to wear.

I then had all of my items ready and had to figure out someway to create a collage.  I turned to Google and found some instructions on how to create a pretty basic collage.  By this time my given time was running out, so I quickly assembled my outfit collage and saved it.  Whew!

Now, I am sitting here and typing this post, trying to get this post up before my given time is up.

So.... Why do this at all?????  One - I like being a style blogger and associating myself with anything style related, Two - this was super fun!  Three - I like a challenge, and this was challenging, Four - If ModCloth likes my outfit they will put up a link to my blog., Five - Why not????

Ooohhhh - also, if you have not checked out ModCloth, do so.  I am not getting anything by advertising for them, but I think they have super cute clothes.  I really like their mix of retro and modern.  I am so going to have to buy items from them, as they totally have a style that I like.  Oh and they have items in real people sizes, not just mini me sizes!

Lastly, I know that most of my readers are here from trans related links, which is totally cool, but some of you seem to not know what style blogging is all about and seem to think that any sort of advertising is going to the dark side.  Well, advertising what we like is partly what style blogging is all about.  I would never recommend a product or company to you that I do not personally like.  I do it mainly to share what I like, because I think that maybe you could enjoy it as well!  :)

Love ya!


  1. Honey, I love the outfit you created and I want to wear it, too!!! Great job, cutie. ;)

    1. Thank you cutie. Yeah, I wonder how much the entire ensemble would cost. Hmmm???????

  2. Very cool! Like the outfit minus the purse, call me old fashioned but noting says swim wear like a straw purse. Never heard of Mod Cloth but will have to check it out. Love the suit very retro.


    1. Thanks Vivian. I was actually looking for a straw purse but I could not find one in their collection. Ah well. Yeah Mod Cloth has some cool retro and newer items Neat place. Thanks Cutie!