Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cross Dresser with a Shotgun

The other day I was feeling a bit frisky and like I needed to get out and try something different.  I recently bought an automatic trap thrower and thought, hmm... I have never been trap shooting while cross dressed, so what the heck!  Let's go shooting!

I loaded up the truck and off we went.  Lucky for us we can go shooting in a field that is about 5-10 minutes from our house.  We just pull up, unload, setup, and start shooting.  It is quite fun.  It is also something that I never thought I would be doing about ten years ago.  And I certainly never thought that I would be doing it while cross dressed.

It was not all that different from shooting while dressed as a guy.  Except for a few different areas.

1 - Boobs.  Boobs actually made my shooting better.  In order to shoot well you first need to mount the gun to your shoulder well.  Having boobs made me bring the gun out further, and mount it to my shoulder better.  This made my shooting more accurate.

2 - Hair.  Hair is super hot.  Gosh how I love my regular guy buzz cut.  So much cooler.

3 - Bra straps.  My straps and my tank lace totally bruised up my shoulder.

So that is about that.  Would I do it again.  Possibly.  It was not the best, nor the worst.  It was just different.  I did enjoy pushing myself to get out and do something new and different.

Oh and yeah, I found a hat that actually fits my head while I am wearing a wig.  Fun!

Oh and yeah what an inflammatory title.  I suppose I was just going for the shock value of it.  :)

Love you!  Love yourself!

Get out, try something new.

Explore your world!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wow! - An Update On My Cleavage

I thought that it was about time that I updated my research into creating cleavage.  As you can see from my picture above, my research is going well. :)

Before I venture down that path though, I want to cover a couple of points.

1 - For me, creating my cleavage is not done for sexual purposes.  It is because for me, it feels/appears that I actually have breasts, and what is on my chest is not simply some expensive silicon.  Even though I do not use breast forms, and my breasts then appear much smaller, being able to look down and see my own skin forming the appearance of breasts is... well... do you see my smile in the above picture?  That explains it well enough.

2 - Recently it has been brought to my attention that people modify their photos with software.  It occurs to me that maybe folks ponder if I do that or not.  (Not that I think I look all that stunning in my photos.)  I just want to make a point that none of my photos are manipulated.  I actually strive to take the clearest photos I can.

Okay, so let the show begin!!

Here we are at my first layer, nothing!  Well there is a little bit of powder in the middle of my chest, between my nipples.  Honestly this is a bit embarrassing putting up a picture of me with my top off and nothing else on.  But I really wanted to show what I am starting with.  Which is basically nothing.  I am not on hormones, I am not taking any herbs, I am not doing any special exercises.  And I am quite in shape.  The one thing I do is to watch my weight.

This photo shows my newest addition and really the inspiration for updating my cleavage creation.  It is the Fashion Forms Women's Amazing Adhesive available at Target.  It is a size B.  It has taken a little bit of tweaking but it works quite well to begin to bring things together.

Now I have on my bra.  It is a Maidenform Double Fantasy, which I don't think is available any longer.  I should have bought two!  It is a 36B.  Part of the benefit of this bra is that it is strapless, thus it has sticky lining along it and that helps it to stay in place and keep other things in place.

In this photo I have put on my Love Fifi Bra Support.  I did a review of that a bit back.  You can read specifically about this item here.

This is a top I bought recently specifically because it is a deep v tank top.  It is from Patty Boutique.  It is interesting as a top as I had to order it by bra size.
And here I am, dressed fully now, and quite happy with my results!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outfit for 4/17/14 - Michael Kors

Sweater - Michael Kors
Tank - Mossimo
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Born O Concept

On one of my recent shopping ventures I happened to go into a Neiman Marcus Last Call store.  I don't know if I have ever been into one before, as it is a bit above my pay grade.  But on that shopping trip I was being adventurous and was walking into just about any and every store.  Did I tell you I went into a Prada outlet?  Yeah that was a way over my pay grade.

Anyway, in Neiman Marcus I saw quite a few cute items, and several I could actually afford.  One of the items i picked up was this sweat by Michael Kors.  I was totally drawn to it by the colors.  I took it to the dressing room along with several other items.  This sweater was the only item I kept.  But I still was not sure if I was willing to buy it.

It was still a bit pricey, about $100, and I am not really in love with the style.  But the colors, and it is super lightweight, and it is a Michael Kors.  So I kept it in hand and walked around the store.  I checked with a sales associate about the final price, and I continued perusing the store with sweater in hand.  Finally, and obviously I purchased it.  And I am so happy that I did!

Again the colors of it are awesome.  I chose to wear it with a black tank and some jeans because I did not want anything competing with it.  I really wanted the sweater to stand alone.  And I think it does.

Love you!

Monday, April 14, 2014

What Do You Bring Into Your Life?

Growing up, I learned that people can hurt me and I was hurt often.  So it is no wonder that as a younger adult I looked at most of humanity with quite a bit of suspicion.  I never felt as though other humans could be trusted to do the "right" thing and certainly I could not trust other humans to actually go out of their way to be nice to meaningless strangers.

And thus I find it quite odd that one day, after finally getting dressed from head to toe as a girl that the idea popped into my to get out of the house. It was really strange.  The idea of going out in public had never occurred to me and it is not as though I had some secret love for most of humanity.  As I stated in fact I really did not like others very much.

But for some reason, once I got fully assembled in all of my feminine gear I felt that I had to get into the world as so I shoved myself out of the privacy of my safe house and out into the harsh cold world.  It took quite a bit of time for me to relax and begin to enjoy myself but eventually I did.  Apparently I was quite the odd one as in going out of the house, I did seek the security of a "safe" place.  I have never been to a LGBTQ friendly location.  I have always just gone to wherever I wanted to go.  At first it was mostly museums, and restaurants, and shopping, but now it is anywhere and everywhere.

And the absolutely weirdest thing has happened along the way... I have had my eyes open to the beauty that is humanity.  I no longer see humanity as this mass of faceless, hurtful, uncaring, meanies!  Why?

I see the little things that people do, that they don't need to, but that so many of them choose to.  On some of my recent travels around California (from southern to northern from the coast to the valley) here are some of my experiences:

- the lady at the sock store who complemented my cute new Coach purse and began a conversation about how she can't ever seem to make into that store
- the guy at the hamburger restaurant who learned over my shoulder and complemented me on my cute pink sneakers
- the lady at the gas station who complemented my earrings
- the conversation with the guy at McDonalds about the lid he was offering me for my cup
- the McDonalds cashier who complemented the color of my nail polish
- the lady at Black House - White Market who when she saw my driver's license said "Wow, you do a great job at this!"
- the lady who let go of the door without holding it opened for me and stopped and apologized when I came out of the door
- the Clinique sales ladies who almost always offer me some free items

These are just a few of the examples from my various travels.  Along the way as well, I have never been harassed, pestered, annoyed, plagued, etc.

My point is that while I thought I would experience the worst in humanity, I have actually seen the best in humanity.  So much so, that I have realized I have always misjudged humanity.  I always thought that people were basically evil, or at least bad, but really people are basically good.

But I would have never seen that people are good, if I waited for them to show me.  By not trusting people, that is what I was putting out there, and that is what people proved to me.  But by putting myself out there and being true to myself, humanity has stepped up and proved to me that people are good, kind, and nice, and will often go out of their way to be a good person.

Okay, I am certainly not an idiot and I don't think that there are no bad people out there, but enough people have shown me that people are good, that I am willing to generalize that people are actually good.  Some people aren't but as a whole, humanity is a great bunch of people.

Get out there folks.

Love yourself.

Trust yourself.

Have hope in humanity, they may just surprise you.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Outfit for Friday 4-11-14 & A New Camera

Top - Max Studio
Tank - Mossimo
Belt - Target
Skirt - 36 point 5
Shoes - Born O Concept

I so struggled putting this outfit together.  I like the end result but it took me several iterations to get it to this point.  I began with the skirt and tried about 5 or 6 different tops until I got something that I thought looked fairly good.  The skirt is a new acquisition.  I got it on my last shopping trip and I think it is super cute.  I went looking for another jean skirt being as I so enjoy wearing the other one I have.  I picked this one up for about $15!  What a steal.  I will have to see if it holds up for the long term.

Did I mention that I think I am having a bad hair day in the photo above?  Yeah well, I am kind of thinking that a wig upgrade is in my not too distant future.  I am beginning to think that wigs have about a years use while in my possession.

With the photo above, it is one of the new ones taken with my new camera!  I am so excited about it, I can't stand it.  I have been bummed with the quality of my previous one and have been looking for a nice upgrade.  I decided on a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  Again, I got a heck of a deal on it by buying it from Canon as a refurbished device.  I saved quite a bit on it and it works wonderfully!  So you might have to bear with me while I share more than a few photos.

Here is a close up of the top portion of my outfit.  I like the details of the lace tank along with the woven belt.

This photo shows one of the small little things that bugged the heck out of me with my other camera.  My point and shoot lacked any ability to focus on what I wanted to focus it on.  It just sort of did it's own thing and you would cross your fingers and hope.

Part of the reason I had such a hard time choosing a good top to wear with this skirt is because on this day Jules and I were getting our nails done again.  I had several cute tops picked out, but the arms were too long.  I needed to wear something with shorter arms, to be able to have them not get in the way during my manicure.  I know, big issue, huh?  Well I hate having to shove my sleeves up my arms and totally stretch them out.  I have rather big forearms.  Ah, life's little struggles huh?

What else??????  Not much really.  But how about, I find it surprising how many people still seem surprised that I wear my nails painted 24/7.  Yup people, I wear them to work this way.  And yes I dress as a male at work.  Oh and yes, they are purple, with sparkles too!

How about a gratuitous iris picture?  Have I told you Jules and I grow iris'?  Yup, a whole bunch of them.

Gosh that one is super pretty.  Oh how I love my new camera!

Love you!

Work hard to be proud of you!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Outfit for ModCloth Uniquely You Campaign

In my outfit collage I have chosen several items that would go well with the main piece, the two piece swim suit.  I love the big floppy hat.  I so have to have a hat if I am out in the sun.  Have I ever told you I had skin cancer??  Yeah, so cover yourself out there people!  I also really like the red polka dot sticker nails, that kind of match with the suit and shoes.  I love the octopus bracelet.  I think it looks really cute with the swim suit theme outfit.  The white glasses look fresh and fun for summer.  I also chose the purse as it was semi-relaxed for the pool or beach.  And lastly, I really like the pull over for using as you are walking the boardwalk as a bit more cover.

I know this is something completely different for my blog.  This is an outfit collage that I did for ModCloth.  They contacted me via email and asked if I would like to be part of the ModCloth Uniquely You campaign.  I was quite thrilled that they contacted me and asked for me to participate.  First and foremost I like to consider myself a style blogger.  I do write quite a bit about trans issues, but really my heart is into style.  So, I wrote back and said, YES, I would love to be part of their campaign.

So the deal was that I was to use Wanelo, and search through the ModCloth pages for ways to style a garment that they sent to me.  I was instructed to pick up to seven items from ModCloth's pages to complement the garment.  I was totally expecting some cute retro dress, but what I got into my inbox surprised the heck out of me.  They sent me the totally cute polka dot two piece swimsuit.  Wow, a swimsuit, talk about being out of my comfort zone!  Whew!

I knew that I had a challenge ahead of me.  Styling a swimsuit is something I had not considered before, besides I had no experience with Wanelo, or creating an outfit collage.  As with most challenges, I dove in and started to figure it all out.  First was Wanelo.  If you have no experience with it, it is a Pinterest type of board, but it is kind of cooler in that when you click on the item it actually takes you to a place that you can actually buy the item from.  That was cool.

Then I had to find the ModCloth page and begin my search for what could work with the cute swimsuit they sent me.  It took some time, but I found some really neat things to work with it.  When I got done, I looked at what I had assembled and thought, yeah I could wear that, and actually, yeah I would LIKE to wear that.  They asked what my inspiration was for the outfit, and that was it really, what would I like to wear.

I then had all of my items ready and had to figure out someway to create a collage.  I turned to Google and found some instructions on how to create a pretty basic collage.  By this time my given time was running out, so I quickly assembled my outfit collage and saved it.  Whew!

Now, I am sitting here and typing this post, trying to get this post up before my given time is up.

So.... Why do this at all?????  One - I like being a style blogger and associating myself with anything style related, Two - this was super fun!  Three - I like a challenge, and this was challenging, Four - If ModCloth likes my outfit they will put up a link to my blog., Five - Why not????

Ooohhhh - also, if you have not checked out ModCloth, do so.  I am not getting anything by advertising for them, but I think they have super cute clothes.  I really like their mix of retro and modern.  I am so going to have to buy items from them, as they totally have a style that I like.  Oh and they have items in real people sizes, not just mini me sizes!

Lastly, I know that most of my readers are here from trans related links, which is totally cool, but some of you seem to not know what style blogging is all about and seem to think that any sort of advertising is going to the dark side.  Well, advertising what we like is partly what style blogging is all about.  I would never recommend a product or company to you that I do not personally like.  I do it mainly to share what I like, because I think that maybe you could enjoy it as well!  :)

Love ya!