Monday, March 31, 2014

Outfit for 3/31/14 & My New Purse!!!

       Top - Vince Camuto
Pants - Mossimo
Boots - Nine West
Coat - Guess
Purse - Coach

OMG, here is my new purse!!  Can you tell I am a bit excited by my new purse?

I really didn't think that I cared all that much about nice/designer purses.  I would always just get a purse that functioned and was reasonable in cost.  Then my good friend, Vivian, gave me a couple of coach purses.  They are super small, cutie purses, but not very functional for any everyday purse.  But I noticed that I really liked using them.

This inspired me to stop into the Coach store the last time I visited an outlet mall.  I walked right in and was handed a coupon for 50% off for that day only.  I walked the store, checked out the various bags and spotted a couple that I liked, but I did not commit to any.  Instead, I left the store with nothing.  I walked and shopped, and checked out other purses, but saw nothing else interesting.

On my way back to the car, I decided to go back to the Coach store.  But this time I was faced with a line to even get into the store.

I got into line and was still not sure if I was going to commit to a purse or not.  I waited for about 15 to 20 minutes and texted my wife and Vivian about the purse.  Eventually I got into the store and found the purse I spotted earlier.  I asked the sales lady how much it would cost.  She told me about $200.  Wow, could I really commit to such an expensive purse?  Gosh, I didn't know.

I walked the store a bit while holding onto the purse.  Eventually I decided and went to the counter.  The sales associate rung up my purchase as we chatted.  Imagine my surprise when the total was only $150.  Wow!  How cool!  I left the store pretty happy with my new purse.

But it was not until I went back to my hotel that evening and switched out from my old purse that I realized the super high quality of my new purse.  Wow, it is super nice!  It was about then I realized the difference between an ordinary purse and a quality purse.  There is a BIG difference people.

And the next day while I continued on my shopping trip, carrying around my new purse, I felt like a million bucks.  I even got a few complements on my new purse, which was super cool.  But the thing that kept amazing me was how awesome I felt.  It made me feel like I was a super star.  Weird how such a simple item can make you feel so great.

So yeah, I felt great, but it is a also a great functioning purse.  I super , super, super love it!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My First Meeting With Another CD

Dress - Black House White Market
Shoes - Nickles

I finally met another cross dresser and you know what?  It was totally, completely, and entirely, normal!

Fairly recently I joined and decided to continue reaching out.  If you are familiar with the site I am sure you know of Jennifer, from Jenniferathome.  She gives great opinions and advice and I have enjoyed reading her posts.  Anywho, one day she emails and asks if I would like to meet up on an upcoming trip when she would be in Santa Monica.  I mailed back and said “yes!”

I live about 3 hours from Santa Monica, but being as I had a week off from work, I figured I would figure it out.  I mentioned the idea to Jules and she said she would love to come along as well.  So we set it all up and with anticipation I waited the week or so until the day arrived.

Jules and I left our place and headed to a town partway to LA and got pedicures.  We both chose something springtime and sparkly.  We then continued driving until I stopped and changed my clothes.  Neither of us wanted to wear our nice dresses to get our nails done and since I was driving, I needed to stop to change.    

I went from this:
Sweater - Jones of NY
Tank - Calvin Klein
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Born O Concept

to the dress pictured up top.

We arrived way too early into Santa Monica.  Which was good as it helped my paranoia about being on time and dealing with LA traffic.  We ended up shopping a bit; where we both bought some cool silver bracelets. 

Eventually the time arrived for dinner and we headed to the restaurant.  Around reservation time Jennifer found us waiting outside the restaurant.  We all introduced ourselves and went inside.  We sat in a booth and ordered dinner.  The food was entirely just okay, but the conversation was great.  With very few people has time passed as quickly as it did that evening.  We must have talked for about 2-3 hours or so.   It was great.  The place was not busy at all so we got to just sit and talk and pick at our food.  I really enjoyed myself.

I didn't really want the evening to end, so I suggested a bit of shopping.  Being in Nordstroms, we headed downstairs to the shoes.  Jules and I tried on some shoes and while Jennifer looked around.  I found a few pairs of Manolo Blahnik.  I gingerly examined them, saw the prices and set the down very carefully!  It was really funny.  I was totally joking with the super nice sales associate about it.

We stepped out of Nordstroms and both Jennifer and I could tell that Jules’ leg was really bothering her.  So we said our farewells and parted company.  Honestly I was enjoying my time so much that I could have hung out for the better part of the evening.  But it just leaves more for next time.

For me the lasting impression of the evening was just how normal it all was.  Not a couple of weirdo’s hanging out with a woman, but just three normal folks having a very nice, normal dinner.

Thank you very much for the invite Jennifer and for a very lovely evening. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Outfit for 3/13/14 - Red Skirt

Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Top - Wrapper
Shoes - Fitz Well
Purse - Coach
Unseen - Rago girdle

I absolutely love this skirt, but at the same time it really bugs me quite a bit.  I love it, because I think it is super cute.  It is nice and tight and stretchy, so it helps me look more curvy.  I also really like the color.  Yes, obviously I like red, but I really like this red.  It is super red.  Just straight up red.  No dark red, deep red, pink red, nope, just regular ol red.  Love it!

But then why does it bug?  It bugs because you can see just about every single thing underneath it.  It is the sort of skirt that almost demands you go commando!  Oh my!  Not something that a cross dresser has the option of doing.  Well unless your going for an entirely different sort of look than I am.  But I digress.  So anywho, I need to be careful of what I wear underneath this skirt.  And even then, you can still see any sort of pantylines underneath it.  I have a Rago girdle underneath that helps to smooth things out a bit, but you can still see the pattern of the lace on the girdle through the skirt.  What I need too find is a super tight, but super smooth girdle.

Hmm.... looks like I am in a position to do some shopping!  Woo-Hoo! Shopping!

Ok, gotta run.  Gotta go earn a living, cause I haven't won the lottery yet.  Wait a minute, to win, I suppose I need to play.  Hmm.... some of my thinking appears to be a bit problematic.

Love ya!  :)

Do you love you?

I am trying hard to love myself, but it is a minute by minute battle most days.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Clothes Storage - Revisiting my Dresser

You may or may not remember my original post on my dressers, but recently I made some changes that I thought I would share.

Not much has changed in this area.  This is my hidden jewelry box that is in the top of the dresser.  Notice in the other pictures you can't tell that the top lifts up?  Yeah, that is my invention.  Cool, huh?

Oh yeah, if you don't know, I built these dressers.  It is part of a cherry wood bedroom furniture set that I am constructing over time.  I have 3 dressers done and two nightstands.  I need to do the bed and a blanket chest still.

First change.  No more segregating my clothes.  It used to be that my female clothes were in one location and my male clothes were in another.  Now I have put all my clothes together.  If they are sweaters, they are all in the same drawer.  Same thing with shorts, shirts, etc.

Maybe in the picture above, as opposed to the one on the right, you can better see my inspiration Barbie.  She sits on top of a hat box on my little dresser and watches over me.  I suppose she is my fairy Barbie mother.

Okay in this picture you can see the other big change from the last time I showed you my dresser.  I saw a pin about rolling your clothes, so I tried it.  Wow, it works great!  There is so much more room in my drawers than before.  I was actually able to remove a bunch of stuff from my very cramped closet and get it to all fit in this drawer.

This is my sweater drawer.  Can you tell which ones are my male sweaters?  They tend to be the darker colored ones.  The sweaters I did not roll up, they are set on their sides.  Again, this was a huge space saver as well as allowing me to see all of my sweaters upon opening the drawer.
                                                                                                                                                          This drawer used to be impossible to deal with.  It contains all of my shorts and sweat pants.  The shorts did not get rolled, they are just placed on their sides.  The larger items, like sweats and such did get rolled and then placed on their sides.  I saved so much room in this drawer, and again I can actually see everything in it.  I love this drawer especially.
The bottom drawer.  This drawer contains all of my fancy work pants and all of my yard work pants.  Two things about this that I think are funny.  One - my work pants are now rolled and stuffed into a drawer, being as I rarely if ever wear them anymore.  yeah I kind of gave up on the fancy pants for work.  The second thing I find funny about this drawer is that in my yard work jeans section there are female jeans in there now.  I have finally owned some girl jeans long enough that they have made their way in my yard work jean section.  How funny.

Just a little quotey-poo for your Monday.

Learn to love yourself, because you live a life that deserves it.

Love life, because you live a life that deserves it.