Thursday, February 27, 2014

Outfit for Thursday 2/27/14 - Texture

Coat - Guess
Black Top - Lily White
White Top - Guess
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Madden Girl

I really like this outfit, mostly because of the black top by Lily White.  It has such an interesting pattern and textured look.  A neat thing about the shirt is that it has the lace portion in the front in the back but on the sides it is just t-shirt like fabric.  This allows for the shirt to be rather form fitting.  The lace does not stretch much, but the sides really do.  The other thing I like about the lace top is that whatever you wear underneath it obviously shows through.

I tried the black shirt a while back with a red tank underneath it, but I really like the white underneath it much more.  I am not sure why I think this, but I feel as though the black top adds texture.  Maybe it is just patterning, but I want to call it texturing.  Why?  Because of how it feels, no, because of how it looks.  Thus I do not make sense to my own self.  Ridiculous!  Texture should be what I feel and patterns should be what I see.  Okay, irrelevant conversation with myself.  Suffice to say, I like the black top! :)

Oh and I also love that Jules and I are just about the same size, thus I can borrow things from her, like white coat.  Yay!
In the last outfit post I showed how much my doggie liked my outfit; this time I am showing my giant kitty.  This particular cat weighs about 20lbs.  And no, it is not fat, it is all muscle.  He is the brute of our neighborhood.  When I picked him out of the litter I was warned that he was the runt.  Ha! Some runt!

Alrighty then, love ya!

- Jules is improving.  She can actually walk a bit unassisted.  But wow, this healing process is loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!
- A couple posts ago I stated it was my 200th.  Well I made an error.  The stats I look at via blogger showed 200 posts, but not all of them have been published, some of them are drafts, but at the same time there have been some posts I have deleted, so whatevs!  I'm sticking with what I posted.
- I love Urban Decay, but I hate that their HQ is in S. Cal, but they ship from Florida!  Ahhh the waiting is torture!

Love you!


  1. Adorable as always, hon. :c) And I love your shoes! Off to check those out myself… :D


    1. Cass, you are always such a sweetie. Thanks so much for the complements!

  2. A great outfit all around, Nadine. You’re wearing some basic colors, black and white, but the texture does make for a striking look. I do love how we can sometimes share clothes and accessories with our significant other. Last weekend my wife was wearing a pair of my earrings and I joked that she hadn't even asked me beforehand if she could wear them, LOL. Such a fun aspect of sharing a closet. Cute kitty by the way, even if he’s a 20lbs runt. Our kitty is getting close to being that big, but more interestingly I’ve also noticed that he’s more affectionate with Katie than when I’m my male self. Interesting how animals can sometimes react to a different persona. Anyways, have a lovely weekend.

    1. Oh Jules is going to be so happy, you commented on the kitty. How funny, she was just saying something about being surprised that nobody has mentioned anything about our pets being in the pics.

      I so love being able to share items with Jules. We are almost the same size with everything we wear, so theoretically we could swap just about everything. We always tell each other that we are going to swear something of the others, but funny enough we rarely do.

      Thanks cutie!