Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Outfit for 2-18-14 - Red & Black Overload

Sweater- DKNY cozy
Tank- Target
Skirt - American Apparel
Leggings- American Apparel
Shoes- Madden Girl
Jacket- Guess

I really thought this would be a super cute outfit when I planned it all out, but alas upon reflecting on the pictures, I am not so sure.  Yeah, I like all of the elements separately, but altogether I think it might be a bit too much.  Though my doggie sure does not seem to mind:

Though admittedly he is always just excited to see me and even more so when I pet him.  So in the picture he is super thrilled.  I actually think that is the cutest picture of me in this outfit.  But probably due to him more than me, obviously! :)

I think one of the things about this outfit that concerns me is the DKNY cozy.  I love this garment, as it is so versatile.  But the look of leggings with a sweater I think are kind of tough for me to pull off.  I have rather largish shoulders and thus would like to deemphasize that area of my body but that sweater, being so bunched up around my torso makes that are of my body look bigger.  Which is not such a great thing.

I also think that different leggings would work better in this situation.  I have the same pair in black and white and I think that might have made things look much better.  Because maybe it is just too much black and red to look good.

Hmm???????  As you can tell I am not 100% sure as to this outfit.  What are your thoughts?  Anyone one way or the other with this look?

BTW - I think it is worth mentioning again how crazy I am.  Once upon a time I was afraid that my dog would treat me differently while I am dressed as a girl.  What a goof I am.  Though I have read recently of some CDs that are thrilled when their dog does treat them differently while dressed.  Hmm.... well to each their own huh?

Love ya & hope you are all loving yourselves!




  1. You had it right, hon; you look cute! Rock those tights, girl!!


    1. Thanks Cass :) I appreciate you stopping by.

      Hugs back at ya!

  2. In looking at the photos before reading the text my first reaction was that you looked great from your head down to your knees but then the outfit started to fight with itself. I would ditch the leggings and the booties and go with either black or beige pantyhose or perhaps solid black tights. I would also go with a simple black pump. The red top over the black tank goes real well with the black skirt and the black coat works well.

    Earleir this week I went out to an LGBT bar/club. I dressed simply with a black top under my black blazer. I wanted to give it a casual feel so I went with a light blue denim skirt, beige pantyhose and a brown brushed suede 3" pump with a mid width heel. There was ice and snow all around and I though a stiletto heel was ill advised. One of the guys at the bar was effusive in his praise for my look starting from my head (wig and makeup) on down except for the light blue skirt which he thought was too light a color for the winter season and suggested that I go with a darker color skirt.

    I had not appreciated the lightness of the skirt when I was dressing at home but when I took a good look in the full length mirror in the ladies room I could see that he had a good point.


    1. Thanks Pat. I appreciate your well thought out response. I agree, the leggings and the boots were a bit too much. Black pantyhose would work out well I think as well.

      Your outfit sounds cute, but yeah I think a darker colored skirt would probably have worked better.

      It's so fascinating how just one or two pieces of an entire outfit can throw the whole thing off. It's like a band, it can all work together and pull off something beautiful but if something is a bit off, it can make the whole thing fall apart.

      Thanks again Pat :)

  3. My thoughts:

    Terrific down to the hem, either outfit. The booties and tights together look a little Wicked Witchy though. I think a sheer neutral with the booties would work great. Or pumps for that matter.

    The tights are more problematic. I'm sure they would work as a statement piece with something else, but they would likely need to be the only splash of color in a neutral outfit, maybe a gray suit. And the booties cannot be a part of it, as it just adds one more horizontal stripe, ruining the curve of the lovely legs we have seen in other outfits. You are going to have to build an entire outfit around those tights. A very eccentric piece in any circumstance.

    Looking great, Nadine!

    1. Leslie Ann! Great to hear from you. I hope things are going alright for you.

      Thanks for the very well thought out comments about the outfit. I do agree with you about the tights. They are quite the statement making piece of clothing and demand to have a well thought out outfit surrounding them. Hmm.... How to wear them??

      Thanks cutie :)