Friday, January 31, 2014

Outfit for Friday 1/31/14

Top - Guess
Skirt - American Apparel
Belt - Target
Shoes - Tahari

Okay, you got me, I didn't actually wear these shoes out of the house with this outfit, I just put them on for the picture.  But aren't they the cutest?  Well maybe you can't tell form the photo; here is another:

I got these one day from DSW.  They were hiding back in the clearance section and I picked them up for about $10!  What a steal.  Seriously if you have not check it out, then you need to!  Well if you can that is; I don't know what sizes they carry, but I know they don't carry larger ones.

On the day that I wore the above outfit I actually had on flip flops as Jules and I went and got our nails done:

I got a mani and a pedi and thus I needed the appropriate shoes for that.  I wonder how many of you know how it feels to be able to sit next to your wife while getting pampered in a salon.  Heavenly.  If you are not wanting to do it while dressed as a girl then go as a guy, well worth it!

Hope you all are well!

Me?  I have been super busy as of late.  Multiple projects stretching me in multiple directions.  But isn't that the life of someone living life in the middle?  Isn't that another bloggers tagline? Hmm...

Love ya!


  1. Great outfit and I love the shoes. I would like to get a mani/pedi while dressed with my wife but that may be pushing the envelop a bit much. I was going to get one this weekend but pushed it back a week...perhaps next weekend.

    1. Thanks Pat. When Jules broke her leg, I didn't get a mani for about 4 months. When I finally went in I had so much dead skin cut off it was gross! I need to remember to fit that in regularly. Alone or with someone else, it is so worth it!

      Take Care!