Friday, January 24, 2014

Outfit for Friday 1/24/14

Sweater - Anne Taylor
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Madden Girl
Belt - Borrowed from Jules

I like the simplicity of this outfit.  A nice long sweater, with a belt to help accentuate my waist, a cute pair of jeans, and comfy heels.  Wondrous.  I still so can not understand why so many cross dressers don't like jeans.  Like somehow, even though I am dressed as a girl, from head to toe, with a wig, makeup, and everything, it is not quite girly enough if I don't have on a skirt or a dress?  Hmm... Interesting.

Recently as a matter of fact I have begun to ponder if I am simply your average ordinary cross dresser or if I might be considered something else.  But then that puts us back into the label discussion.  I am not a soup can!  Ha!  But it might be nice to have some accepted category to exist in that the entire world might understand.  Ah... what a dream.

When I went out on this day Jules and I got our nails done.   I thought I would tone down my colors this time as I had some presentations to do at work where I would be speaking in front of some large crowds about some potentially inflaming info, so I thought maybe black would be best, but then I just had to have some sort of sparkle to thrill me.

I did not mention something funny that happened the last time I wore out these same shoes.  Jules and I went to the movies.  While standing in line, a young girl standing behind Jules and I asked her mother "Mommy, why are that girls feet so small."  I didn't pay much attention to it, but Jules did, and let me know it was me she was referencing.  Pretty cool huh?  Yay, I have small feet?  Well at least the illusion of it in these super cute shoes! Yippy!

Love ya!



  1. Yea I don't get the jean adversity either jeans done correctly can be very sexy. I love your choices of jeans its like anything else you gotta show off your best assets and if jeans do that go with it.

    1. Thanks Edward! I am going to take your complement as implying you think I have a nice butt! So thanks, ;)

  2. Small feet...I'm so jealous! If I had one shoe size smaller the world of shoes would open up to me in a big way, but then my savings account wouldn't be so happy. We're trying to save for a house someday soon. By the way, I've always thought women in jeans are just as feminine as in dresses, so keep rocking those fabulous jeans and heels. Some wonderful nails too, have you ever tried a matte finish? I've seen that's a trend on Pinterest.

    1. Hi Katie. Yeah I have seen the matte trend and I think it looks great. I have yet to try it though. The majority of the time I get gel polish put on at the salon and I have not seen a matte finish yet for gels.

      Shoes... Yeah I often forget that I am indeed quite lucky with my feet, and in fact they are relatively small. Oh and yes there is a price to be paid for having feet small enough to fit into "standard" sized shoes. :)

      Thanks for the complement on the jeans and for stopping by cutie!