Monday, January 6, 2014

Outfit for 1/5/2014 - Leggings :)

Sweater - DKNY
Leggings - American Apparel
Boots - Madden Girl

On Pinterest I have been seeing lots of versions of this type of an outfit, leggings with an oversize sweater, and I have thought that it would look really cute.  The last time Jules and I got to do some shopping I was determined to figure out something that would work for me.  This is obviously what I came up with, but it wasn't exactly planned to go together.

I thought that buying the leggings would be pretty simple and I would have many of them to choose from.  I was wrong.  I looked at just about every store we went to and I really did not find much at all.  After we were almost done and had yet to find anything I knew that I would have to try American Apparel.  Have to, as I tend to stay out of that store, as I find many of the clothes to be lacking in a bit of sophistication.  But I was aware that to often have good leggings.  I will tell you, the store surprised me by having a few things that I thought were pretty cute, including these leggings.  I liked them so much, I also bought a pair with the same print, just in red.  I am sure you will see them eventually.

While on this shopping trip, I also thought it would be quite simple to find lots of oversize sweaters.  But I was wrong again.  It took me many tries, at many places to find anything that would even come close to working.  I mean, to wear leggings, it would have to be a sweater with the right sort of coverage.  Anyways, I bought several sweaters that I thought would work, but this DKNY sweater was not one of them.

This sweater was sold to me by a very enthusiastic sales lady at the DKNY outlet store.  I purchased a few items that day and she talked up this sweater so much, I had to have it.  It is actually was DKNY calls a cozy.  It is a sweater that can be worn in a variety of methods.  Which is super cool.  If you have never experienced a DKNY cozy before, I would highly recommend you try it out.  As with the leggings, I am sure you will see more pictures of it over time.

The day I wore this, I started off with the shoes.  Which are new from X-mas, and super cute!  I knew I wanted to wear those, and try and feature them somehow.  Next came the leggings and lastly the sweater.  I put on sweater after sweater, that I already own, and none worked.  Jules suggested the cozy with a belt and I tried it and liked it more than anything else I had tried.  I still think that a loose, oversize sweater would look better, but I still do like the outfit, even though it looks a bit like Obi Wan.  Oh well!

The funniest thing about this outfit is how I felt.  I felt as though I was wearing nothing on my legs.  The leggings are obviously tight, super tight, and the are also very light, so it felt almost like wearing nothing.  It was kind of disconcerting at times, but also quite funny.

Hope you all are well!

Love Ya!


Happy New Year!


  1. Cute look! I *adore* leggings. Just so comfy, especially if they are fleece-lined (that makes a big difference in winter!).

    == Cass

    1. Thanks Cass. Oh, and btw, you are my 500th comment! Yay, I am so happy that it was someone so special.

      Hope you are well cutie!

  2. That's a gorgeous outfit, Nadine! I love the pop of color from the sweater and the complex geometric pattern from the leggings. It goes to show how much effort goes into putting an outfit together, but the end result is so rewarding and gorgeous. I'll have to keep an eye out for a DKNY cozy sweater and some leggings. Have a happy 2014.

    1. Thanks Katie. It too so like the geometric pattern on the leggings. They are pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Oh and yes, I would highly recommend the cozy. After my wife saw mine she had to go back to DKNY and buy her own.

      I hope your 2014 is good as well! Thanks cutie!