Monday, January 13, 2014

Outfit for 1/13/14 - The Illusion of Curves

Sweater - Roxy
Belt - Target
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Fitzwell
Necklace - Target

This skirt is a little wisp of nothing.  It is a small swatch of fabric but wow, it is super cool!  Again, it is another American Apparel item, not my favorite store, but this skirt works great!  What is so awesome about it you ask?  Well first off it is tight, like hold your knees together tight.  Second, it is stretchy.  It is a medium, but easily stretches out to be super comfy while wearing.  Third, it is long.  What this all adds up to is a very versatile garment.  I can wear it higher or lower.  It can work from mid thigh to mid calf.  And it helps to make me look super curvy by pulling my knees together. And as well as making me look curvy by pulling my knees together that also makes me walk more femininely, which is an added bonus.

The sweater I am wearing is another that I bought to try with leggings.  I think it looks good, but it is too tight to accomplish what I need it to with leggings.  Leggings are really tight and they don't really leave much to the imagination.  I need a loose sweater with leggings, not a tight one.  This one is too tight for that, but for a skirt, or jeans, it works quite well.  It is also one of those super soft sweaters and so Jules and I found ourselves petting me throughout the day.  It was funny.

But being as the sweater is super long, it does not give much shape. What is the point of wearing a skirt that gives me shape only to have the sweater make me look like a blob?  Thus the belt on top of the skirt.  That helps to define my waist line.  Actually it is much higher than my normal waist line, but it is at the skinniest point of my torso.  Thus is helps to give the illusion of curvy.  Which is awesome!

Okay, gotta run.  Love you!



  1. That is a great outfit and it works well for you. I like the concept of a black skirt with a sweater top. My wife had a stretchy green Coldwater Creek turtleneck Sweater that was too big on her. She gave it to me and I have been wearing it with a heavy winter weight mid calf black skirt.

    1. That sounds like a cute outfit Pat. I love my hand me down items. A girlfriend tried to give me a shirt that wouldn't fit her and I was so hoping it would fit me but alas it didn't. I was so bummed!