Friday, January 31, 2014

Outfit for Friday 1/31/14

Top - Guess
Skirt - American Apparel
Belt - Target
Shoes - Tahari

Okay, you got me, I didn't actually wear these shoes out of the house with this outfit, I just put them on for the picture.  But aren't they the cutest?  Well maybe you can't tell form the photo; here is another:

I got these one day from DSW.  They were hiding back in the clearance section and I picked them up for about $10!  What a steal.  Seriously if you have not check it out, then you need to!  Well if you can that is; I don't know what sizes they carry, but I know they don't carry larger ones.

On the day that I wore the above outfit I actually had on flip flops as Jules and I went and got our nails done:

I got a mani and a pedi and thus I needed the appropriate shoes for that.  I wonder how many of you know how it feels to be able to sit next to your wife while getting pampered in a salon.  Heavenly.  If you are not wanting to do it while dressed as a girl then go as a guy, well worth it!

Hope you all are well!

Me?  I have been super busy as of late.  Multiple projects stretching me in multiple directions.  But isn't that the life of someone living life in the middle?  Isn't that another bloggers tagline? Hmm...

Love ya!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Outfit for Friday 1/24/14

Sweater - Anne Taylor
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Madden Girl
Belt - Borrowed from Jules

I like the simplicity of this outfit.  A nice long sweater, with a belt to help accentuate my waist, a cute pair of jeans, and comfy heels.  Wondrous.  I still so can not understand why so many cross dressers don't like jeans.  Like somehow, even though I am dressed as a girl, from head to toe, with a wig, makeup, and everything, it is not quite girly enough if I don't have on a skirt or a dress?  Hmm... Interesting.

Recently as a matter of fact I have begun to ponder if I am simply your average ordinary cross dresser or if I might be considered something else.  But then that puts us back into the label discussion.  I am not a soup can!  Ha!  But it might be nice to have some accepted category to exist in that the entire world might understand.  Ah... what a dream.

When I went out on this day Jules and I got our nails done.   I thought I would tone down my colors this time as I had some presentations to do at work where I would be speaking in front of some large crowds about some potentially inflaming info, so I thought maybe black would be best, but then I just had to have some sort of sparkle to thrill me.

I did not mention something funny that happened the last time I wore out these same shoes.  Jules and I went to the movies.  While standing in line, a young girl standing behind Jules and I asked her mother "Mommy, why are that girls feet so small."  I didn't pay much attention to it, but Jules did, and let me know it was me she was referencing.  Pretty cool huh?  Yay, I have small feet?  Well at least the illusion of it in these super cute shoes! Yippy!

Love ya!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Excuse Me Brain, Who Are You Buying Shoes For?

A few months ago I had an opportunity to stop at a Famous Footwear store for some new guy shoes.  The nearest place to buy shoes that I like is about an hour away from my house and I happened to be in that area for business so I took advantage of the situation and thought I would kill to birds with one stone.  I went in, tried on some shoes, thought they fit okay, purchased them, and then went home.

I was all happy with myself, until I looked at the side of the box, and realized I bought the wrong size.  In male shoes I should be wearing an 8 to an 8.5 wide or extra wide.  I have two different sized feet if you must know.  One is a half size smaller than the other.  But even an 8.5 feels too snug, so I buy a 9 wide.  But on this particular occasion I bought two pairs of male tennis shoes in a 9.5 wide.  

Why a 9.5?  Well that happens to be the size I wear in female shoes.  Wacky.  When I first started to buy my own female shoes I thought it was about a 2 size difference between male and female, so I started by trying on 11s.  Way too big.  I went down from there and settled on 10s.  Much better.  But after a bit most of my heels would stretch out and my heel would lift out of the shoes, especially while in stockings.  So eventually I switched to 9.5s.  

Thus even though I was dressed as a guy, when I went to the shoe store on that particular day I bought 9.5s instead of 9s.  Silly me.  I had already worn one pair outside and thus could not return them.  I did return one pair and got the right size.

Okay, no biggie mistakes happen.  But...

The last time I went shopping for any clothes I happened to be dressed in female attire and I found a New Balance store, my fave place for tennis shoes.  I went in with the express purpose of buying the correct size male tennis shoes to replace my 9.5s.  I went in, tried on many pairs, found one I like, and bought it.  

Jules and I were about 3 hours from home and on a mini vacay at the time.  We visited a few places and then eventually went back home.  After I had unloaded everything from the car it occurred to me that maybe I had done something wrong.  I found the shoe box, and holy crap!  I bought the wrong size shoe again!  I again bought 9.5s!  

I think I am loosing my mind.

Life would be so much easier if we had human sized clothes and shoes and not different ones for males and females.  Hello manufacturers, are you listening?  Could you please simplify my life for me?

No?  Oh well, it was worth a little shout out attempt.

Love ya!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Outfit for 1/13/14 - The Illusion of Curves

Sweater - Roxy
Belt - Target
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Fitzwell
Necklace - Target

This skirt is a little wisp of nothing.  It is a small swatch of fabric but wow, it is super cool!  Again, it is another American Apparel item, not my favorite store, but this skirt works great!  What is so awesome about it you ask?  Well first off it is tight, like hold your knees together tight.  Second, it is stretchy.  It is a medium, but easily stretches out to be super comfy while wearing.  Third, it is long.  What this all adds up to is a very versatile garment.  I can wear it higher or lower.  It can work from mid thigh to mid calf.  And it helps to make me look super curvy by pulling my knees together. And as well as making me look curvy by pulling my knees together that also makes me walk more femininely, which is an added bonus.

The sweater I am wearing is another that I bought to try with leggings.  I think it looks good, but it is too tight to accomplish what I need it to with leggings.  Leggings are really tight and they don't really leave much to the imagination.  I need a loose sweater with leggings, not a tight one.  This one is too tight for that, but for a skirt, or jeans, it works quite well.  It is also one of those super soft sweaters and so Jules and I found ourselves petting me throughout the day.  It was funny.

But being as the sweater is super long, it does not give much shape. What is the point of wearing a skirt that gives me shape only to have the sweater make me look like a blob?  Thus the belt on top of the skirt.  That helps to define my waist line.  Actually it is much higher than my normal waist line, but it is at the skinniest point of my torso.  Thus is helps to give the illusion of curvy.  Which is awesome!

Okay, gotta run.  Love you!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Outfit for 1/5/2014 - Leggings :)

Sweater - DKNY
Leggings - American Apparel
Boots - Madden Girl

On Pinterest I have been seeing lots of versions of this type of an outfit, leggings with an oversize sweater, and I have thought that it would look really cute.  The last time Jules and I got to do some shopping I was determined to figure out something that would work for me.  This is obviously what I came up with, but it wasn't exactly planned to go together.

I thought that buying the leggings would be pretty simple and I would have many of them to choose from.  I was wrong.  I looked at just about every store we went to and I really did not find much at all.  After we were almost done and had yet to find anything I knew that I would have to try American Apparel.  Have to, as I tend to stay out of that store, as I find many of the clothes to be lacking in a bit of sophistication.  But I was aware that to often have good leggings.  I will tell you, the store surprised me by having a few things that I thought were pretty cute, including these leggings.  I liked them so much, I also bought a pair with the same print, just in red.  I am sure you will see them eventually.

While on this shopping trip, I also thought it would be quite simple to find lots of oversize sweaters.  But I was wrong again.  It took me many tries, at many places to find anything that would even come close to working.  I mean, to wear leggings, it would have to be a sweater with the right sort of coverage.  Anyways, I bought several sweaters that I thought would work, but this DKNY sweater was not one of them.

This sweater was sold to me by a very enthusiastic sales lady at the DKNY outlet store.  I purchased a few items that day and she talked up this sweater so much, I had to have it.  It is actually was DKNY calls a cozy.  It is a sweater that can be worn in a variety of methods.  Which is super cool.  If you have never experienced a DKNY cozy before, I would highly recommend you try it out.  As with the leggings, I am sure you will see more pictures of it over time.

The day I wore this, I started off with the shoes.  Which are new from X-mas, and super cute!  I knew I wanted to wear those, and try and feature them somehow.  Next came the leggings and lastly the sweater.  I put on sweater after sweater, that I already own, and none worked.  Jules suggested the cozy with a belt and I tried it and liked it more than anything else I had tried.  I still think that a loose, oversize sweater would look better, but I still do like the outfit, even though it looks a bit like Obi Wan.  Oh well!

The funniest thing about this outfit is how I felt.  I felt as though I was wearing nothing on my legs.  The leggings are obviously tight, super tight, and the are also very light, so it felt almost like wearing nothing.  It was kind of disconcerting at times, but also quite funny.

Hope you all are well!

Love Ya!


Happy New Year!