Monday, December 2, 2013

A Day In The Life of a Cross Dresser

Can you see my dog & my hunting makeup?

This past Saturday my day began at 1:30am.  I woke, dressed, and drove to the duck field.  My morning, from about 5:00 to 9:00 was spent hunting ducks.  I got 1, a canvasback, kind of a rare duck for where I go.  I decided to get it stuffed and put it up on my wall.  It is a really cool looking duck.

On the way home I heard someone advertise some firewood for sale.  It sounded like a good deal on some good walnut wood so upon arriving home and unpacking, I called.  A few hours later I was returning back home with a pickup load of wood.  A bunch of it needed cutting down to size and the chainsaw did a short job of it; though my blade was smoking a bit from having it too tight.

Top - Chaus New York
Sweater - 89th & Madison
Jeans - Mossimo
Boots - Nine West

Around 4:00pm I finally got in the shower, had a quick shave, and changed into something cute.  Jules and I got dinner, and then I tried to quickly get finished dressing before our friends, Edward and Vivian came over for game night.  Unfortunately for me, they were on time! and I wasn't!  Oops, sorry guys :(  My tardiness was very minimal, and really only bothersome to myself.

It was during this day that I thought quite a bit about the idea of being a cross dresser.  As I frequently state, I feel that I am truly a cross dresser.  Meaning, I enjoy dressing up in a variety of outfits.  Some of them are more conducive to dressing male, like duck hunting, and some of them I enjoy more dressed as a girl, hanging out with good friends for a fun night.  I do like all of my feminine attire, but I also do really like all of my male attire.  I really like both.

I think this post helps to exemplify the duality that is my life.  With much research I have discovered there is a wide range of folks that call themselves cross dressers, some of us lean more towards one end of the gender spectrum.  I find myself sitting just about in the middle.

And the more I understand this, and accept this, the happier I am.

I hope you are happy.

Love Ya! :)


  1. The term is "gender fluid" and I think it fits you to a tee! I love the way you can move across what most would consider boundaries with such (apparrant) ease.

    1. Yeah, I have heard of gender fluid. I think it is an interesting label. Personally, I still prefer cross dresser. Though with your endorsement I will continue to ponder gender fluid.

      Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. You may be the cutest duck hunter that I know. With the recent controversay that stemmed from Phil Robertson's interview in GQ magazine I started watching Duck Dynasty and I have been finding the shows very interesting and entertaining. Have you used their duck calls?
    I see on the show that they paint their faces almost black when they are out hunting. I think you do a much better job with your makeup.


    PS: I tend to think that the entire controversy was cooked by by A&E in advance of their planned DD marathons. I would think that Phil Robertson, or any of the other DD regulars may be a good interview subject for Field and Stream or Guns & Ammo but the liklyhood of him being a desirable interview subject for GQ is about as likely as him being interviewed by Cosmo or Elle.

    1. Thanks Pat.

      I actually do use one of their calls funny enough. It is easy for me to use and sounds pretty good. I too think it was rather odd that GQ interviewed him, and probably some sort of publicity thing. While I disagree with his views, I was not surprised nor offended by anything he said. It was exactly what I would have suspected he would say on those topics.

  3. Love your blog and look. But what do you get out of killing a defenceless wild animal? I just don't understand it.

    1. Thanks for the complement Jayne.

      Now to the hunting concern. First off, as creatures on this planet, in order to survive we must consume other creatures. I don't make much of a distinction between plant life and animal life. Life is life. And a consequence of being alive is consuming other living things. Our bodies did not develop like plants and we are not able to absorb nutrients through our environment. Maybe then some people might feel bad for the nutrients that we are absorbing??

      With that being said, if I am not planning on eating it, I don't shoot it. In my mind one of the biggest crimes a person can make is to waste food. Especially hunters not eating the food that they gather.

      I understand that hunting is seen as inhumane, but if you are going to eat meat, getting that from the field is actually quite humane. The animals that are used to supply the meat to our grocery stores are kept in too small spaces and in too high numbers. The animals develop problems that are solved by giving them drugs, which we humans then ingest. I would rather harvest some ducks that lived a life in its natural environment and eat them, instead of a poor chicken who has lived its life in a box so that I can have some nuggets!

      Too each their own. I never thought I would be a hunter. But I am. And I stand behind it.

      Thanks for such a thought provoking comment!! :)