Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Outfit for 12/24/13 - Wine Tasting Again!

Coat - Guess
Blouse - Wrapper
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Nine West

With this outfit I am wearing several of my favorite items.  Of course there is my new red coat, which I just adore.  The pictures really do not do it justice.  It is just so super cute!  There is also my trusty Guess jean skirt, my asymmetrical Wrapper blouse, and lastly my awesome blue pumps!

I think some part of me chose this outfit to be comfy, and relaxed because on this day Jules and I were going wine tasting.  In the past I have been concerned about me being out dressed as a girl, but on this day I was really just concerned with Jules and her well being.  As most of you know she broke her leg, rather severely on Sept 1st.  A couple of weeks ago I asked her if she was up for a shopping trip and she said yes.  I was super excited and we booked a couple of nights out near one of our favorite malls.

I was so impressed with her and her ability to get around (she is still on crutches.)  But while we were out in public, I was so stressed about her safety.  She handled herself just fine and was totally capable but I was still very worried if everything would be okay.  We shopped for a couple of days and everything went fine.  Jules was quite tired, but good.

On our day home, we decided to visit a couple of our favorite wineries.  Now that I look at my outfit and see what I chose to wear and I realize, I was a little stressed.  The two of us had a great day and again everything went fine.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

Love you!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cross Dressers as Liars

What is it about cross dressing that makes so many of us complacent with deceiving others?  I thought about this, and about writing this post, and just bashing those that deceive but then I thought about myself.  And I am pondering if just by being me, am I actively trying to deceive those around me?  Am I girl, nope, but occasionally I dress as one, and pass myself off as one.  Isn't that deceit?  Yes it is.  I will grant you that.

But I suppose it is a deceit of omission.  I don't tell people that I am a girl.  If anyone were to ask, which has never been done, I would certainly tell anyone that I am a man dressed as a girl.  The way I look at it is, the people that I deceive are the general public, and the general public does not have a need to know about my personal life.

Who does?  My wife.  And my wife has always been privy to my personal private thoughts.  I made a commitment to her when we got married, and part of that is being honest with her, with trusting her, with having her be a part of my life.  And I feel very strongly about this.  I have a very difficult time reading about how so many of you have been CDing for years and have never told your SO.  Honestly it is quite shocking to me.  But even more so than that, is the large numbers of you that not only accept their deceit, you actively encourage it.  I have read more than one post that says "if you want to keep your wife, don't tell her."  Shocking!  How significant is your other if you are unwilling to be honest with them?

Along the same lines are those of you who "borrow" your wife's clothes or your sister's clothes, or your mom's clothes.  These things are just wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I think this all stems from fear of rejection.  We are afraid that others will not understand us and thus we hide who we are and then we justify it by saying, well it is for their own good.  Or it is for the good of the family.  Or some other such nonsense.  Listen, it is not important that you out yourself to the entire world.  The entire world does not need to know your private personal business.  But when you are married, or are planning on getting married, your private personal business becomes you and spouses private personal business.  There is no more me and them, it is you two together.  And together means more than just simply sharing the same space.

If you choose to exclude your spouse you are making a grave mistake.  You think that they will not accept you because of your aberrant behavior, so you allow yourself to do something that no one should accept in a spouse.  You deceive them.  If someone were to tell me that they are leaving their spouse because they can not trust them, I would support that decision fully.

Don't do something that is morally reprehensible because you can't just stand up to your own fears and find out if you spouse has concerns about cross dressing.

Okay, I know, a bit of a rant, but dammit, I feel very strongly about truth and honesty and openness within relationships and about facing your own fears.  By not facing your fear, you are honestly dooming your relationship with deceit.

Okay, rant over.

Love Ya.

Be honest!

Photo credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ev0luti0nary/5222712198/

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Day In The Life of a Cross Dresser

Can you see my dog & my hunting makeup?

This past Saturday my day began at 1:30am.  I woke, dressed, and drove to the duck field.  My morning, from about 5:00 to 9:00 was spent hunting ducks.  I got 1, a canvasback, kind of a rare duck for where I go.  I decided to get it stuffed and put it up on my wall.  It is a really cool looking duck.

On the way home I heard someone advertise some firewood for sale.  It sounded like a good deal on some good walnut wood so upon arriving home and unpacking, I called.  A few hours later I was returning back home with a pickup load of wood.  A bunch of it needed cutting down to size and the chainsaw did a short job of it; though my blade was smoking a bit from having it too tight.

Top - Chaus New York
Sweater - 89th & Madison
Jeans - Mossimo
Boots - Nine West

Around 4:00pm I finally got in the shower, had a quick shave, and changed into something cute.  Jules and I got dinner, and then I tried to quickly get finished dressing before our friends, Edward and Vivian came over for game night.  Unfortunately for me, they were on time! and I wasn't!  Oops, sorry guys :(  My tardiness was very minimal, and really only bothersome to myself.

It was during this day that I thought quite a bit about the idea of being a cross dresser.  As I frequently state, I feel that I am truly a cross dresser.  Meaning, I enjoy dressing up in a variety of outfits.  Some of them are more conducive to dressing male, like duck hunting, and some of them I enjoy more dressed as a girl, hanging out with good friends for a fun night.  I do like all of my feminine attire, but I also do really like all of my male attire.  I really like both.

I think this post helps to exemplify the duality that is my life.  With much research I have discovered there is a wide range of folks that call themselves cross dressers, some of us lean more towards one end of the gender spectrum.  I find myself sitting just about in the middle.

And the more I understand this, and accept this, the happier I am.

I hope you are happy.

Love Ya! :)