Monday, November 25, 2013

Outfit for 11/25/13 & My New Coat!

Coat - Guess
Top - Lily White
Tank - Guess
Jeans - Guess
Boots - Nine West

I walked into a Wilson's Suede and Leather and searched the racks.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I was more interested in wasting time.  After trying on a large variety of coats by a variety of manufacturers I didn't find anything interesting.  While I was on my way out of the store I spotted this great looking red coat.  I walked up to it and looked for my size.  I had to laugh though when I saw who made it, Guess.

It was amusing to me as I had told myself expressly to not go to the Guess store, as I have been really wanting to branch out into different brands.  I must have looked at a hundred different coats that day.  None of them caught my attention.  Not one.  But this red coat, this red Guess coat, I swear it just called out to me.  "Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!"

I found my size, tried it on, saw my reflection, and I knew I would be walking out of the store with it.  Lucky for me, it was marked down to some ridiculously low price from some ridiculously high price.

That took place back in July.  I bought it when it was about 100 degrees outside, the perfect time to buy a wool coat; if you're looking for a sale that is.  I have been waiting since then for a time cool enough to need to wear it.  I thought it ended up being a perfect match to pair up with the black top.  It worked very well for me.

Hope you are well.

Love ya!


  1. That coat looks divine on you, love!!!! What a great find in the middle of summer. :)


  2. That is a great coat/jacket that will go lots of places with looks ranging from very casual to somewhat more dressed.
    Good pick up.

    1. Thanks Pat. I too thought it would be a very versatile item.

  3. A gorgeous coat to add to your wardrobe, Nadine. It's funny that it happened to be from Guess, but what can a girl do, you love what you love. It goes very well with the black boots too! I'll have to check out the forum this weekend and see what it's all about.

    1. Thanks Katie. I wore the coat last night while some friends were over and they too thought it was great. :)

      I find the forum to be interesting in the amount of interaction available on it. Check it out.