Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outfit for 11/13/13

Top - Cable & Gauge
Skirt - The Limited
Shoes - New York Transit

Closeup of the embroidery

A little bit ago I posted a potential outfit that I attempted to wear this skirt, but I did not think that it looked very good, so I changed out the skirt.  Here is the picture of the other outfit:

I really like the skirt, but I don't like it in the above outfit.  I do however really like it in the main photo for this post.  I think the difference is that with the pink sweater, I am wearing a black tank top and the black of the tank with the black of the skirt sort of blend together whereas the top from Cable & Gauge provides for a clear break between the two.  The Cable & Gauge top also has a slight flair to the bottom of it that helps to add a bit of a curve to the hips.

I recently purchased the Cable & Gauge top along with two other tops at TJMaxx.  I brought them home and showed Jules my treasures.  I relayed the story of the guy at the checkout counter.  I set down my three items and he said, "Oh, just the one dress today?"  He then picked up, what he thought was just one dress, and discovered that it was actually three different tops.  He then said "Oh, no, I see, all the tops are just black and white."  It was then that it occurred to me that everything I bought was black and white.  And in fact, often many of the main items in my outfits are either black or white.

I began to consider if this was a problem for me or not.  Maybe I am limiting myself.  Maybe I need to branch out more and push myself to embrace the vast array of the color spectrum.  But then again, while writing this and pondering this color conundrum, I've had a realization.  The longer I have been dressing as both genders, the more my female outfits often resemble my male outfits.  I mean my female clothes are clearly female and my male ones are clearly male, but the colors are almost the same.  I tend to wear mainly black or white and use a deep rich single color.

And ya know, I think this works for me.  I like my male outfits, and I like the fact that my female outfits are finally becoming an accurate reflection of who I am and not just simply what I think female me should wear.  It's sort of becoming like my clothes are simply my clothes and not what I think I should wear.  Hmm... Am I even making any sense anymore?  How about this, I like my style!

How about you?  Do you tend to have a distinct style?  Do your female clothes look anything like your male clothes, or are they on completely different ends of the spectrum?

Love Ya!


  1. Colour (ok, color then) is great, but too much of it and to quote my daughter it can look 'like a clown exploded'!
    Having said that it's sad how much of the stuff in the shops is dull dull dull. I think the secret is to pick colours that work together.

    1. That is so true. Much of what I find is rather drab. (Ha-Ha!)

      But at the same time, I notice that I I am attracted to black and white much more so than colors. I really like patterns and different fabrics. I love the various textures within female clothes. I wonder if that has to do with being color blind. Maybe...

  2. Looks great Nadine. I know it can take a lot of trial and error when it comes to developing a style, and that's great that you're enjoying it, regardless of any unintended comments from a checkout clerk.

    I have found that my feminine style has helped my male side. While building up my Katie wardrobe, I am learning how to use certain colors to build an outfit. This has helped me with my male side, moving away from the dark colors I was so used to and using some bold colors for contrast.

    1. Its funny, I think that initially I had more style to my male clothes. I was just excited to wear female clothes that I never really noticed that I didn't have much in the way of a distnict style. Now the more relaxed I am and comfortable, and actually less "excited," if that makes sense, the more my male style is coming through in my female clothes and the more color I am getting into my male outfits. (Incidentally it is through wearing my female clothes with my male clothes.)

      Good to hear from you Katie, hope you are well.

  3. Some how I think you would look nice in any outfit.
    Love how you and your wife describe each other in your links. You are truly a special couple. And campers and bird hunters.

    1. How incredibly nice and complementary. Thank you so much!

  4. I cannot speak for others but it does make sense to me that 'your clothes are becoming your clothes'. I know that there are more items in my feminine wardrobe that I have a true attachment or affinity for than in my male wardrobe. At the same time both wardrobes are filled with items that are classic and classy. Nothing all too trendy.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Pat. I am very happy that my clothes are becoming truly "my clothes." I look back and kind of think that my previous female clothes were just sort of a shell. A kind of fake version of what I thought a woman should wear, not necessarily what I, as a woman, would want to wear.

      Weird, interesting, and fabulous! I love the freedoms I have given myself to figure this all out, I am so much happier!