Monday, November 25, 2013

Outfit for 11/25/13 & My New Coat!

Coat - Guess
Top - Lily White
Tank - Guess
Jeans - Guess
Boots - Nine West

I walked into a Wilson's Suede and Leather and searched the racks.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I was more interested in wasting time.  After trying on a large variety of coats by a variety of manufacturers I didn't find anything interesting.  While I was on my way out of the store I spotted this great looking red coat.  I walked up to it and looked for my size.  I had to laugh though when I saw who made it, Guess.

It was amusing to me as I had told myself expressly to not go to the Guess store, as I have been really wanting to branch out into different brands.  I must have looked at a hundred different coats that day.  None of them caught my attention.  Not one.  But this red coat, this red Guess coat, I swear it just called out to me.  "Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!"

I found my size, tried it on, saw my reflection, and I knew I would be walking out of the store with it.  Lucky for me, it was marked down to some ridiculously low price from some ridiculously high price.

That took place back in July.  I bought it when it was about 100 degrees outside, the perfect time to buy a wool coat; if you're looking for a sale that is.  I have been waiting since then for a time cool enough to need to wear it.  I thought it ended up being a perfect match to pair up with the black top.  It worked very well for me.

Hope you are well.

Love ya!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outfit for 11/20/13 - More Black & White

Top - Chaus New York
Sweater - 89th & Madison
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Saucony

This is another one of the black and white tops that I purchase from TJMaxx the other day.  I really like this top as it is a cowl neck and they normally do not look good on me at all.  This one though, the neck hangs extra low and thus helps to produce the V neck look that I think helps to make my neck and shoulder look slimmer.  I also like this top in that it is sort of a wrap top, which helps me look extra busty!  Here is a close up of the top, maybe you can better tell what I am talking about.

Today my destination was shopping in a nearby town.  Yet again I needed to go to Costco, but I also needed to run around and go to a few other places.  I so wanted to be just comfy and thus decided on the tennis shoes.  I had a good day, with nothing eventful, just enjoying myself being me. :)

- Jules' therapy is progressing. Did I tell you she started physical therapy?  Well she has and it is coming along.  She can now use the crutches to help her to begin to walk again!  Yay wifey!
- I decided to delete a page from this blog.  It was from a couple of years ago titled Reaching Out.  I deleted it because for some odd reason a whole bunch of sites in Russian were linking to it.  Some of the sites were porn sites!  Ugh! The nerve!  I could never actually figure out how or why they were linking to my site, but with deleting the page, stopped the click-through's.  So yeah, whatever was up with that.  Random.
- I recently joined a forum,, I am surprised at myself that I have not joined it earlier.  I was never a lurker and just recently found it and thought, hmm... this seems intriguing.  Thus I joined and have been enjoying it so far.  Seems like a good group of people.  So if you have not checked it out, I would recommend it.

Hope you are well and enjoying life and yourself!

Love Ya!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outfit for 11/13/13

Top - Cable & Gauge
Skirt - The Limited
Shoes - New York Transit

Closeup of the embroidery

A little bit ago I posted a potential outfit that I attempted to wear this skirt, but I did not think that it looked very good, so I changed out the skirt.  Here is the picture of the other outfit:

I really like the skirt, but I don't like it in the above outfit.  I do however really like it in the main photo for this post.  I think the difference is that with the pink sweater, I am wearing a black tank top and the black of the tank with the black of the skirt sort of blend together whereas the top from Cable & Gauge provides for a clear break between the two.  The Cable & Gauge top also has a slight flair to the bottom of it that helps to add a bit of a curve to the hips.

I recently purchased the Cable & Gauge top along with two other tops at TJMaxx.  I brought them home and showed Jules my treasures.  I relayed the story of the guy at the checkout counter.  I set down my three items and he said, "Oh, just the one dress today?"  He then picked up, what he thought was just one dress, and discovered that it was actually three different tops.  He then said "Oh, no, I see, all the tops are just black and white."  It was then that it occurred to me that everything I bought was black and white.  And in fact, often many of the main items in my outfits are either black or white.

I began to consider if this was a problem for me or not.  Maybe I am limiting myself.  Maybe I need to branch out more and push myself to embrace the vast array of the color spectrum.  But then again, while writing this and pondering this color conundrum, I've had a realization.  The longer I have been dressing as both genders, the more my female outfits often resemble my male outfits.  I mean my female clothes are clearly female and my male ones are clearly male, but the colors are almost the same.  I tend to wear mainly black or white and use a deep rich single color.

And ya know, I think this works for me.  I like my male outfits, and I like the fact that my female outfits are finally becoming an accurate reflection of who I am and not just simply what I think female me should wear.  It's sort of becoming like my clothes are simply my clothes and not what I think I should wear.  Hmm... Am I even making any sense anymore?  How about this, I like my style!

How about you?  Do you tend to have a distinct style?  Do your female clothes look anything like your male clothes, or are they on completely different ends of the spectrum?

Love Ya!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Outfit for 11/8/13 & Costco Rocks!

Top - Converse All-Stars
Tank - Mossimo
Jeans - Guess
Belt - I forget
Shoes - Nine West

Ahh... cooler weather.  The last time I wore these jeans, I was in San Francisco for the day.  I purchased these jeans specifically to be able to wear with flat shoes.  I really like the fit of Guess jeans and I only have one pair, which are super long.  So long that I need to wear a minimum of two inch heels so that they do not drag on the ground.  But these jeans fall just about perfectly for wearing shorter heels or entirely flat shoes.

I wanted to wear something comfortable for my day out as I had a goal for the day - go to Costco and get a picture taken for a new ID card.  I frequently find myself shopping at Costco while dressed as a girl and occasionally I have had a cashier question whether or not I am the person in the picture.  I have never been refused service, but I thought that maybe if I had an ID with a female picture on it that might go over better.

With much trepidation I chose a comfy outfit that I felt confident in and drove myself to Costco.  The entire time the negative nay-saying portion of my mind kept trying to convince me that it was not a good idea.  It knew that something was going to go wrong.  Somehow I would be embarrassed or something would go wrong.  The other half of my brain, the confident, go for it side, kept answering back and saying, nope, I am pretty sure that this will be no big deal.

I got to Costco and went in and walked up to the Member Services counter.  I waited in a small line and when it was my turn I stepped up to the counter and asked the lady if I could have an ID with a different picture and if I could keep my original card as well.  She said "sure," as if I had asked her a for a completely normal request.  She started typing into the computer and I felt she deserved some sort of explanation, even though she did not ask for one in anyway.  I told her "I would like an ID both ID's as sometimes it is confusing for some of your cashiers, depending on which gender I choose to dress as."  She said "Well that is understandable, let's get your picture taken."  I stepped to the appropriate place and she snapped my picture and printed my new card.

Maybe not the best picture, but it is thrilling to me.  That day I shopped at Costco and used my new card when checking out and did not receive a single question.  It was great!  I was so happy that my confident side won out and I asked for what I wanted, because I got it and it was so super easy!

Some updates:
- Jules has started PT and things are going quite well.  She is exercising and slowly but surely gaining back her strength.
- Duck season has started again, so that is something else absorbing my time.  Is there any way we can make it so there is more time somewhere?  I few extra hours in the day, maybe another day added inbetween  Sat and Sun?  Yeah I didn't think so.

Hope you all are well.

Love Ya!