Monday, October 28, 2013

Outfit for 10/28/13 & A Little Outreach

Sweater - Ann Taylor
Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Nickles

Originally when I had picked out this outfit I did not choose this skirt.  I chose the skirt pictured below:
Skirt - The Limited

But when I tried on the black skirt, I was so not pleased with the look.  I think that with the black skirt and the black tank it provided too much of a large block of color that just did not look right.  I kind of think that it makes me look overweight actually; which I certainly am not.  Plus the addition of the belt is supposed to help define one's waist and help to make one look skinnier, but that is so not what happened with the black skirt.

Obviously I decided against wearing it and I went with my old standby; the Guess skirt.  I really like that jean skirt; I mean I do wear it all of the time!  But I think the jean skirt helps to make the outfit look sooooo much better.  I think the belt also does it job of helping to define my waist with the jean skirt.  Hmm...

Earrings - Random store on Pier 39 - San Francisco

What a horrible picture.  That sure did not work very well.  I thought about not posting it, but those earrings are too cute!  They are the other pair of earrings I bought so many months ago while on a trip to SF.  I showed you the other pair long ago and said I would show the other pair later, well here they are finally.  But gee that picture sure is bad!

A funny thing happened while out and about in the above outfit.  I stopped in at a Rite Aide to pick up some specialty batteries.  I got the batteries and took them to the counter and paid with my credit card, which obviously has my male name on it.  Generally I run my card and hold my ID and CC for the cashier to view, if they would like, which at Target they never seem to look.  But this cashier, looked at my card, and then at me, and then at my card, and I knew what she was doing.

Before she had a chance to speak, I said to her "Yes, that is actually me."  She said "No, come on."  I said "Yup, it is me."  She examined it for awhile longer and then asked "Well how far along are you in your transition?"

This made me stop for a second before responding.  I said "Well, I am not actually transitioning.  Some people are interested in being one or the other, but I am sort of in the middle."  This intrigued her and she asked what I was talking about.  I said "Well sometimes I like presenting as a girl and other times I like presenting as a boy.  I am not really interested in being wholly one or the other."  She said "Well you do it well, have you had many problems with using your ID?"  I told her "Not really.  Occasionally I get some questions, like you did.  But then I take the time to explain myself and people have always understood."

She thanked me and I thanked her and I took my purchases and left.  I was feeling quite pleased with myself as I left the store.  There is always a moment or two for community outreach when others are willing to ask questions and we are willing to be honest with who we are.

Speak up for yourself and be proud of who you are!

Love You!


  1. Good for you, Nadine! And kudos to the clerk for her open-minded attitude as well!


    1. Thanks Cass. Yeah I was really impressed with the clerks attitude and willingness to speak and listen. It was quite enjoyable actually and I enjoyed being able to teach her about people like me.

  2. I am so proud of you! You are openness and honesty are admirable!

  3. I agree with your comments about the top and sweater going better with the jeans skirt but that black skirt with the design is very pretty and looks good on you. I like how it drapes from your hips to your knees.

    Good job on the encounter with the clerk. Most people who are not at all TG do not grasp the many nuances along the spectrum. They know and can have empathy for TS people but the still think in terms of the gender binary. I find that when I am out and about I often have an opportunity to discuss the large gray zone between the two ends of the spectrum. I am totally hetero CD who loves being married to my wonderful wife. I am not reticent to tell that to people who I encounter while dressed.


    1. Thanks Pat. I too like the black skirt. I really like the embroidery on it; which I don't know if it is visible in the picture or not.

      I am impressed that you take opportunities to discuss the "gray zone." Good for you. I don't know if I have not seen the opportunities before or just not bothered to look, or have not appeared approachable, but more and more I am finding opportunities to educate. And it is fun!