Monday, September 30, 2013

Outfit for 9/30/13 & Yay New Shoes!

Top - Anne Taylor
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Nine West

Today I took the opportunity to go out.  I have been working quite diligently in taking of my wife but I decided that I needed a bit of relief and need to take care of myself as well.  I will be no good to my wife at all if I don't actually take care of myself too.  So... a bit of shopping therapy for me!

My first objective today was to go get my brows threaded.  Wow after only about a month of neglect they sure became quite bushy!  I have been to the location in the mall several times but was quite nervous about going solo to get them done.  But they had to get bush whacked.

This time I decided to not wear any eye makeup beforehand.  If you have never had your brows threaded before, they will have you assist them by holding down your upper eyelid and then stretching your brows a bit with a hand above them.  Often after this process I end up smearing my makeup all over the place.  But this time, with no makeup on, it was no problem at all and I got great results.

After my brows, I headed to TJMaxx.  I have become determined to search the blouse section at every opportunity being as it is quite difficult to obtain good tops, that fit my criteria.  I found nothing, but I did find the great pair of blue suede pumps pictured above.  They are pointy toed, but a small point, so they do a good job at making my feet look smaller.

After a bit of shopping therapy I felt relaxed enough to brave Costco.  Again in the line, the cashier began to question the card I gave her, as it is a picture of my male self.  Before she had time to react, I said to her "yes that is actually my card."  She looked at the card and at me, and said, "this is you?"  To which I smiled, and said "Yup, that is me."  She shrugged her shoulders and rang my stuff up.  Very pleasant!

-  Jules is still recovering.  This will be a longggggggg process folks.  I am attempting to hang in there, but boy howdy is it ever stressful!  I had no idea.  We are about a month into it, 4 weeks actually, and we have really only just begun.  We are hanging in there, but the tedium of it all is beginning to grind on both her and I, for just about completely opposite reasons.  She just wants to get up and do stuff, and I just want to be able to sit down and stop doing stuff.  Though it is quite weird.  I find myself doing things I have not done before and actually filling my time with extra things I don't need to do; like organizing all sorts of things.  I think that has to do with me trying to find some sort of order in life that I can't find in things with relation to assisting Jules.  Hmm.... Interesting.

Gotta run. Love Ya!


  1. Love the shoes. :D And glad to hear the missus is on the road to recovery. Patience is a virtue (easier for your ambulatory commenter to say, of course)... ;c)

    == Cass

    1. Thanks Cass. Yeah, I had to have them. I like the color even more now at home than at the store; a rarity. They are kind of a blueish purple.

      Ah yes, patience. This will take much patience. Thanks for the good thoughts!

  2. That is a great outfit you put together and the shoes are the crowning touch. Everything works and in toto it is a good color blend for you.
    My best wishes to you and Jules for a quick and complete recovery.

    1. Thanks Pat. I really do like the shoes as well. So happy I took the time to shop! :)