Monday, September 30, 2013

Outfit for 9/30/13 & Yay New Shoes!

Top - Anne Taylor
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Nine West

Today I took the opportunity to go out.  I have been working quite diligently in taking of my wife but I decided that I needed a bit of relief and need to take care of myself as well.  I will be no good to my wife at all if I don't actually take care of myself too.  So... a bit of shopping therapy for me!

My first objective today was to go get my brows threaded.  Wow after only about a month of neglect they sure became quite bushy!  I have been to the location in the mall several times but was quite nervous about going solo to get them done.  But they had to get bush whacked.

This time I decided to not wear any eye makeup beforehand.  If you have never had your brows threaded before, they will have you assist them by holding down your upper eyelid and then stretching your brows a bit with a hand above them.  Often after this process I end up smearing my makeup all over the place.  But this time, with no makeup on, it was no problem at all and I got great results.

After my brows, I headed to TJMaxx.  I have become determined to search the blouse section at every opportunity being as it is quite difficult to obtain good tops, that fit my criteria.  I found nothing, but I did find the great pair of blue suede pumps pictured above.  They are pointy toed, but a small point, so they do a good job at making my feet look smaller.

After a bit of shopping therapy I felt relaxed enough to brave Costco.  Again in the line, the cashier began to question the card I gave her, as it is a picture of my male self.  Before she had time to react, I said to her "yes that is actually my card."  She looked at the card and at me, and said, "this is you?"  To which I smiled, and said "Yup, that is me."  She shrugged her shoulders and rang my stuff up.  Very pleasant!

-  Jules is still recovering.  This will be a longggggggg process folks.  I am attempting to hang in there, but boy howdy is it ever stressful!  I had no idea.  We are about a month into it, 4 weeks actually, and we have really only just begun.  We are hanging in there, but the tedium of it all is beginning to grind on both her and I, for just about completely opposite reasons.  She just wants to get up and do stuff, and I just want to be able to sit down and stop doing stuff.  Though it is quite weird.  I find myself doing things I have not done before and actually filling my time with extra things I don't need to do; like organizing all sorts of things.  I think that has to do with me trying to find some sort of order in life that I can't find in things with relation to assisting Jules.  Hmm.... Interesting.

Gotta run. Love Ya!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

5 Tips for Being Out and About

1 - Head Up, Shoulders Back, and Boobs Out
Taller people tend to slouch.  And girls that are shy about their boobs tend to slump their shoulders.  But these two habits tend to make one look bad.  When you do not hold your head up high, it makes your neck look larger.  I don't know about your necks but my neck is large enough.  I frequently am quite guilty of this nasty little habit and am constantly reminding myself to keep my head up.  I am proud and keeping my head up shows it as well as makes my neck look smaller, woo-hoo!

Part of dressing as a girl is to wear boobs, but funny enough I am often shy about having them.  I think it is funny as when I first started going out and about I was super shy about my boobs, maybe just like some younger girls.  Be proud of your breasts and put those shoulders back.  It makes your boobs look nicer, but also it helps your shoulders to look smaller.

I think these three things need work because many of us feel too big and we try and make ourselves look smaller, but by doing this we actually make ourselves look bigger.  So stand up tall, put your head up, your shoulders back, and stick your boobs out.

2 - Exude Confidence
This is super hard, but super important.  If you act act insecure then people will sense that and they will treat you differently.  Many people that you meet will feed off of your emotions.  If you act off a bit because you are embarrassed about how you are dressed, then people will tend to treat you off a bit.  You may then interpret that as the people have a problem with you because you are a guy dressed as a woman.  When I am at my utmost in confidence many people won't accept that I actually am a guy.

3 - Dress for the Situation
I like wearing whatever I want to wear, but wearing a fancy dress and super high heels is not always practical.  I will go out for several days at a time with nothing but girl clothes in tow.  I get up just about every morning and go on a walk.  That is a prime example of wearing tennis shoes and sweats as being far more appropriate than just about any dress I own.

I love all of my fancy clothes but I also am practical.  I like to try and be a bit stylish, even with my non-dressy clothes.  I like wearing dresses, but also skirts, and pants, and shorts, and sweats and all of the fun clothes that I bought from the female side of the store.

4 - Look but Don't Be Seen
When I am out I don't like looking at people but I also don't like not looking.  Not looking could be tricky, if I might encounter someone that I know, so I like to be aware of who is around me.  But I really don't like looking at people directly in the eye, unless I am dealing with them directly.  If I am talking with someone I look directly at them, as that is confident.  But if I am just walking around Target, I am not interested in looking at others directly as it makes me paranoid.  And it also makes it so I look less feminine.  Girls do not generally look random people in the eye, but they will look at you when you don't know it. That is what I generally do as well and it leaves me with good feelings.  Not sure why, but it does.

5 - Be Polite
I always try and be super nice and polite when I am dealing with the general public.  I have had to talk with a few managers regarding employee poor conduct, but I have always been polite to these folks.  I really try actually to be extra kind to everyone that I meet.  It makes for a much more pleasant experience with the public when you are the first one to put yourself out there and be nice.

- Jules is home.  She is doing better then we thought she would be at this point, but it will be a long road of recovery.  We both appreciate everyone's well wishes.  She will get better, one day at a time.  I consider us to have been quite lucky as it could have been much worse.
- She is my main concern at this point, dressing and blogging, are coming in way at the end at this point.  I will continue to dress when I can and write when I can, but so far with my work load tripling or quadrupling we shall see when that occurs.

Hope you all are well.
Love Ya!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Can I Get Some Worldwide Support For My Wife?

Jules and I and a few friends went out for a dove hunt last night at a friend's ranch. We are all standing around, the birds begin to fly, and Jules downs one that sails over into this small ravine. She goes over and attempts to find it. She is standing on the top of a rock pile, determining how she is going to negotiate her way down when out from the rock crevices a rattler strikes out at her. She jumps back, obviously startled, loses her footing, and tumbles off the edge. She fell head first, face down, about 3-4 feet down, and smashed her tibia on a boulder. This caused her to rotate about 180 degrees and falls another 3-4 feet and lands on her back wedged between a boulder and a fallen tree with her gun underneath her and a shooting pain in her leg. 

She calls out for help. I can barely hear her as the birds are now flying hard and heavy. I attempt to go find her and find out why she is calling. I eventually locate her down in the ravine. We get her positioned and work together to get her out. We make it up the hill, I go get the car and alert our other hunting partners. A firefighter in training comes and assists me with getting her into the car. We drive back over to our parking spot and she thinks she is not that bad and tells me to finish the hunt. It is about 7 in the evening and we have about a half hour left.

We keep shooting, her watching from the car, until we are out of time. I get in and drive her to the emergency room. Four hours later, they are giving her morphine and admitting her to the hospital. Here is how bad ass my wife is:

Yeah, so after seeing that, I felt like an f'in a-hole for even considering to continue to shoot, let alone actually doing so.  I realize now, she was in shock.  Adrenaline was coursing through her veins and neither she nor I had any idea at all what a life threatening situation she had just been in.  First of all, the snake could have bitten her and secondly, she could have fallen on her head instead of her leg, thirdly, she could have died from the pure shock of the trauma.

She is lucky to be alive today folks.  She had surgery this morning at 9 and it went as well as could be expected.  She now has a metal plate running the length of her shin and about 8 screws in her tibia holding it all together.

I know this is not my usual fair for this blog, but I thought I would reach out for some worldwide support for my tremendous wife.