Thursday, August 22, 2013

Outfit for Thursday 8/22/13

White Top - Guess
Blue Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Bare Traps

A while back I went shopping at a nearby outlet mall and I was determined to buy something, other than Guess.  I went into many, many stores, trying on all sorts of items.  Nothing piqued my interest though.  I find that the longer I go dressing as a girl, the more picky I am about the clothes I will buy.  Once upon a time, all it really took was for the clothes to be girls clothes to warrant a purchase.

Now, the clothes really need to do something for me.  If the clothes aren't helping me to look better in one way or another, then it is a pass.  I look for clothes, first and foremost, that fit well.  They need to be the right size; not too big and not too small.  They also need to have the right cut.  Even a simple t-shirt type of top can have a feminine cut to it, like the one I am wearing above.  It is just a simple cotton shirt, but with the addition of the ruching on the bottom, it really feminizes it.

Point being, I found nothing in other stores that had nicely feminine clothes.  I walked into the Guess store, trying to not find things to buy, as I have an overly Guess stocked wardrobe.  Of course, I found a few things to try on, and once I put them on, I had to have them.  I really just do not understand why other clothing manufacturers do not do what Guess does.  Almost all of their clothes have small little feminine touches as well as excellent feminizing cuts to them.  I ended up leaving the store with two shirts and a great pair of jeans that makes my butt look great!  Isn't that what a good pair of jeans is supposed to do?

Oh, the top above, made my bust look pretty small when I first tried it on.  But with the addition of the blue tank underneath it, which allowed the white top to be worn a little lower around the bust, it really helped to emphasize things.

Hope you all are doing well!  :)  Oh and yes, I do have the ring on.  I have taken it off to go to work, but most of the rest of the time my new little sparkly friend is where it should be.

Love ya!


  1. That outfit works well for you

  2. all i can say is "girl' i declare you'd look cute even in a potato sak!"

    but i agree i won't buy it if i'm not going to wear it!
    i've been lucky to have a great local tailor though.

  3. The outfit is cute but I completely disagree that Guess is the only one with feminine touches. Ann Taylor not Loft, NY& Co., Banana Republic non outlet, Lucky, etc. you need to stop shopping at only Outlets it is creating a bias in your wardrobe.


    1. When I was typing this I thought about that BR shirt you had me try on, and I knew I was exaggerating. What is it then about some stores only putting some of their items into outlets? Do all the good items get snatched up before they can make it to the outlets?

      And you are right I do need to get put more and try shopping at other places. Thanks for the push. :)