Friday, August 16, 2013

I Can't Take It Off / My Wife Rocks!

Diamond & Sapphire Wedding Ring by Blue Nile
Which is currently residing on my finger!

2 days ago was Jules and mine 8th anniversary of being married as wife and wife.  I wrote about it in detail last year, if you happened to miss it go here.

This year, this past weekend Jules asked me to go with her out for a day of food, movies, shopping, and general fun.  I gladly accepted and we went out for the day.  We started off with an awesome pedicure, which was super relaxing.

Afterwards we went out to a Korean BBQ place for lunch.  While waiting for lunch to arrive Jules handed me the following card.

I started to tear up, as I don't think she could have said anything else that could have touched more.  For many years actually I have had the ring picked out and I waited.  I didn't want it as much as I wanted for her to want to get me a real woman's wedding ring.  Does that make any sense?

Hmm... maybe.

What I know is that today we went and picked up the ring.  It had been sent to us, but we missed the FedEx truck yesterday and had to wait til today.  My wife is so awesome that she suggested that after work on the way to the FedEx location that I take the time to get dressed.  Wow.  What a wife.  What a spouse.  What a friend.

We got the ring, I opened the package and was stunned.  I nervously slipped it on my finger as Jules drove us to dinner.  OMG.  It is stunning. Absolutely STUNNING.  Sorry for yelling, but it is awesome.  I have spent much time just staring at it, watching the stunning sparkles of the beautiful diamonds and deep rich sapphires.  I mean, diamonds!  Diamonds!

Okay, really diamonds are a girls best friend.

But really, no matter how gorgeous the ring is, the fact that Jules wanted to get it for me means so much more.


Do I really have to ever take it off?

At least I can't ever take off what Jules has given to me.

Love you! :)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Now I'm yelling! LOL. But at least it's for a joyous occasion. Congratulation and I love the ring.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You should have said something, Edward and I would have loved to have you over for a toast.


    1. Thanks Vivian!

      Yeah we should have said something, I guess we feel it is kind of our private anniversary. How private is it though if I publish it on my blog?

  3. Congratulations. The gift from your wife is a great example of love, acceptance and affirmmation.

  4. This will sound extremely unlikely, but it is true. My anniversary was on the 10th, and I bought my wife that exact card. Crazy!

    What a beautiful ring, Nadine! Happy anniversary.


    1. Thank you Leslie Ann!

      That is too funny about the card. Jules really likes Papyrus cards, they are very nicely done.

      Thanks for the compliment on the ring, I love it! :)