Friday, July 19, 2013

Outfit for Friday 7/19/13

 Top - Guess
Tank - Mossimo
Shorts - Celebrity Pink
Flip Flops - What's What by Aerosoles

Today was not as hot as it has been lately, but it was still predicted to be in the high 90s.  Some short shorts were definitely in order.  I find that in some of the more extreme warm days I prefer to wear shorts as opposed to a skirt.  Now maybe this is just me and my personal preference but I find that my thighs will often stick together and get a little rashy-irritated

While out today, Jules and I got our nails done.
I am currently on a longer time off from work and thus can be a little more expressive in my nail choices.  Which is kind of odd huh?  During work I am willing to still paint them but apparently in my own mind certain colors, patterns, methods, are off limits.  Hmm... interesting.  Trapping myself within my own self created walls.  Will I ever stop?

I recently bought a new pair of flip flops from DSW.
Before a few weeks ago, I had never even been into a DSW.  Shocking.  Jules and I found one in San Jose, CA, on one of our many travels.  We spent a few hours in there perusing all of the various cute shoes.  It was not until the back of the store, the super sale section, that we both went kind of nuts.  Well, nuts in trying shoes on.  We both only purchased two pairs.  I had to buy mine, as they we two pairs of shoes that originally sold for about 100 each, that I got for 10 bucks each!  Wow, what a bargain!  Had to have them.  I will show you those eventually.  For now, all you get are the flip flops I bought on my second trip to a DSW.

Also, some of you may remember that I have a nickel allergy.  This prevents me from wearing most of the cool jewelry that I find.  But recently Jules and I did some shopping at Dress Barn.  While in there I found a pair of earring that said they are nickle free.
I liked that they said "nickel free" and not just "sensitive skin safe."  I have purchased many pairs of earrings from Target that have said they are "sensitive skin safe" and Jules has inherited many pairs of earrings because after a few hours I find that I can not wear them.  Oh well.  These from Dress Barn felt fine, though they are quite heavy.

Other interesting tidbits:
- I ordered The Zara by Jon Renau, through Wilshire Wigs.  I was informed yesterday that the wig has come in and I called and made an appointment for a cut and styling advice when I pick it up this coming week.  OMG  I am so excited!!!
- Jules and I had an amazing weekend with Vivian and Edward recently that I must tell you about :)
- I have dressed more girl than less for the last 7 days.  I suppose I might be seeing how long I can go.  I am getting a little bugged about it.  Which is nice as I am so often bugged only about it the other way around.

Love Ya!

Love Yourself!


  1. I love the nails and the rings. I'm sooo looking forward to seeing how the styled Zara wig looks on you, can't wait!

    1. Thanks! I also can't wait to see the results! I will try and have Jules take pictures of the process.

  2. Nadine you are just toooo cute. from your photos i couldn't believe that you weren't a gg or someone who had transitioned! your sense of style is soooo blend in the outfits are great.
    i m a lot like you in that i like both selves and each selves interests.
    you are correct in that i have found i first upon awakening need to see what direction my day is going before i can can get dressed as ether self. for doing icky work or chores could ruin my pretty clothes or hair (wig). even a gg that was a welder or mechanic would wear delicate pretty clothes as nt only would the clothing get ruined but it could endanger the person. i repair music instruments for a living and sometimes work with a propane torch for soldering the brass instruments. i know what that heat would do to my wig it would frizz it an it would be ruined. i am also a vintage car buff so working on greasy 75 yr old car parts requires old sturdy cloths. in fact even when i do yard work my earring studs come out as many times i have caught the backs and had to hunt down my pink safires studs. but if i am doing errands that day then of course i can dress as diana. even when i go to the pool or beach i can go as diana ( my shape fits a one piece malloit better)
    there are days when i awaken and the draw to dress is verrry strong. almost as if i have no choice but to dress and there are other days when i don't have that draw to dressing in fem. ether way i usually at least wear my pink saffire earring studs and my nails are shaped and in pale pink nail polish. i once asked my self if i had a magic wand would i use it to become a woman and the answer was no as i feared not being able to change back. also as i mentioned i really do like both selves and really do like doing both feminine and masculine activities. the only thing is the masculine activities are starting to take their toll on my nails. LOL
    many times i have told friends that there is the money cd , there is the music cd and there is me...LOL
    anyway thank you for shareing

    1. Diana-

      First of all, hello and thanks for spending so much time reading my writing and commenting so much!

      Thanks so much for the kind complements. It does sound as though we desire the same things. I continually find it to be so fascinating that I am not drawn to one or the other genders and this seems to be so confusing for people that are. For those of us somewhere in the middle it is undeniable. Everyone else can be as confused as they want to, as I have no need for them to understand me. All I have to do is understand myself and the more I relax and become okay with who I am the more I am able to fully understand who I am.

      I completely agree with manly activities ruining my nails. I love to woodwork but the sawdust, especially from walnut, stains the undersides of my nails. No biggie when I have on dark polish, but with something like white French tips, it sucks!

  3. ps i have found a stylist who worked a a wig/beauty supply that has since closed. i have followed her from shop to shop. she takes a great fitting wig and better. just a few snips around my bangs and a tad off the neck line. each wig even if it is identical to that previous one fits a slit bit diff and requires a diff amnt of the stylists attention. once in awhile they will need nothing.
    it was the stylists suggestion that got me to go with the honey color i now use and not the ash blond i originally used. the ash blond washed out my face to much and the honey warms my face with out being to contrasty.
    the enemies of synthetic wigs are heat, ether from our own selves or external like working near a heat rush from an oven, and body oils. i find no mater what they all last between 3 months ( every day use) to a year (wearing them quite often) SOME synthetics can even be styled on a low heat curling iron. but i prefer the wig cap to be mesh as i have one that has a fabric base and it over heats me even in the winter. i get mine from the stores that import locally and are verrrry reasonable ( less than 75.00) and so i try to buy 2 at a time to switch off. as we know a girls crowning glory is her hair. :-)

    1. That is great that you have found such a wonderful stylist. It was just earlier this week that I had my very first styling appointment. Well worth it!

      Yeah, blond, tough color to find a good match for our personal skin tones. I tend to pick the same shade of blonde I was in my younger days when I actually had my own hair.