Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And the Makeup Winner is... Urban Decay!

Here is my haul from my trip to a new makeup counter yesterday.  

Action was in order and I began to plan a visit to a department store.  I asked my good friend Vivian if she had any recommendations for a new brand of cosmetics to try.  She recommended Urban Decay.  I was familiar with that company but not experienced, so I kept it in mind.  I also looked up online for what other cross dressers tend to use.  Without question the number one brand cross dressers use is MAC.  So I kept that in mind as well.

With a bit of trepidation, and a makeup-less face, as pictured below, (I do have lipstick on,) Jules and I headed off to a department store.

We went to Macy's Westfiled Oakridge in San Jose, Ca.  We got there about when they opened on Monday, went in, and found the cosmetics area.  Jules and I made a slow circle of the available companies while we surveyed the scene.  We passed by the MAC counter, which was busy with someone getting a makeover and then went up to Urban Decay.

That was when we met not just a sales associate, but a true makeup artist, Jessica.  She was totally professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.  I explained what I was looking for and she explained what Urban Decay could do for me.  I considered it for a moment as I was also interested in MAC.  I hesitated but Jessica's positive attitude drew me to she what she could do.

I sat in the chair, and she went to work.  For me, I really do not need a full coverage foundation.  For those that don't know, a full coverage foundation is what would be appropriate if you need something to cover a five o'clock shadow.  What I needed was something that would give me a nice even look, diminish the appearance of my wrinkles, and help with my oily skin.  All my previous foundation did was to cover my face, which it did well, but it never helped with any of the previous concerns.

Within a few minutes Jessica had me looking like this:
I got really lucky to get this picture.  Once I had sat in the chair, Jules walked over to MAC and inquired about them doing a makeover for her.  The lady told Jules that she had an 11 o'clock but that if she didn't show she could fit Jules in, otherwise she could get her in at 2.  Keep in mind, it was about 10 at the time.

I really like how my skin looked after she was done with the foundation.  She explained to me just how to use the products and answered all of the questions I had, which was fantastic!  I asked how much it would all come to, and it was quite reasonable for quality products.  I decided to get it all, and I was so happy with the results I didn't really care if anything was going to be done for my makeover or not.

But bless my lovely little wife's heart, she piped up and asked if I was going to get my eyes done.  Again, thankfully she decided to hang out and watch my process.  I said yes I would like my eyes done, and wow, that was when the real artistry that is Jessica went to work!

The brushes went flying and the colors were, many, and varied, and intense.  You could tell that Jessica has a true passion for what she does.  She is not just going through the motions, she likes what she does and she really wants to make you look your best.
Throughout the process I asked questions and checked her progress in the mirror.  Jules kept snapping pictures and observing the work. And Jessica was in the zone. In the end, here I am:

After the amazing pampering that I received at this amazing person's talented hands, Jules decided that she had to see what Jessica could do for her.  I sat, took pictures of Jules, and stared at the amazing job that was done for me.

Both Jules and I fell in love with Urban Decay and decided to get the foundation products for each of our individual needs.  We paid about 400 dollars, and each of us were amazingly pleased with doing so, we really felt as though it was a bargain for what we received.  Jules then asked if Jessica received commission and the answer is, no.  That was when it was confirmed that she is a truly amazing person.

I told Jessica of my blog, she asked for the address, so if you ever do read this Jessica, thank you, thank you thank you!!  She asked Jules and I if she could photo us for her portfolio, which we agreed.

We left and marveled at each others beauty and Jessica's talent for the entire day.

Did I lay it on a little thick?  Well I honestly can't help it, we were both truly that pleased and that touched by this amazing experience.  Will we stick with Urban Decay for life?  We are going to continue experimenting over time but it is going to be difficult for anyone to beat this.

Love Ya!

Oh and yeah - Jules and I liked this woman's service so much we wrote to the Macy's she works in and I am about to write to Urban Decay Corporate.


  1. You look gorgeous, Nadine!!! The smile tells the whole story in those great pictures! I personally love the Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette and use it almost all the time. You get a bunch of natural eye shadow shades for $50, which is a good deal for a quality brand. It's so cool that you had a passionate artist work on you and Jules, I have found people like that at most counters I've been to. When I get around those kinds of makeup counters, I become so comfortable. I love talking to the makeup artists and asking for their advise, even when I'm just dresses as my guy self. Makeup artist make good friends too! :)

    1. Thank you so much Katie! I was so lucky to have my wife there to take those pictures.

      I soooo wanted to buy the naked palette. That is for sure one of my next purchases.

      I am totally jealous of your obvious makeup experience. You have inspired me to get out more. Thanks!

    2. :) Well, you've inspired me to realize that going out just isn't a big deal, which I'm working on embracing. You've got so much confidence in who you are.

  2. I am so glad you decided to go Urban Decay. I love our new make up and it looks fabulous on you. So natural looking.
    Great job baby!!!