Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Purchases

When I first started going out dressed as a girl, I avoided paying for anything.  I really just did not want to interact that much with the public.  I thought they would ridicule me.  Which I have since discovered to be just plain wrong.

The easiest way to make purchases while dressed as someone other than your ID, is to not have to use your ID and to pay cash.  Ah, good old cash.  Trust me, merchants want your money regardless of how you are dressed.  I have never had anyone refuse to take my cash.  It would be quite stupid of anyone to refuse to take my cash simply because of how I am dressed.  And no one ever has.  Not too surprising.  If you have any reservations about it, go with cash.  Cash rules the world.

Now a little more tricky, sometimes, is trying to use your credit/debit cards.  In using those options most merchants will check your ID.  I picked up a tip from some other place about this process.  The tip was, to hand them you ID, and say something witty like, "Yes I know, my hair is a little shorter in that photo."  I used that all of the time.  People would smile, and say "Yeah, it's okay."  And then they would run my card and give me my purchases.

It occurred to me at some point though that I no longer wanted to have to say that to people.  I think this was about the time that I realized I wasn't fooling anyone.  Everyone knows that I am a man dressed as a woman, and the thing that I began to see is, they know and they don't care.  Which nicely does away with worries about passing.  With this knowledge I just began handing people my ID and letting them do whatever they wanted to.

For the past five to ten years, people mostly just took my stuff and ran the card through the machine, without much of anything.  Occasionally they will hold up the ID and compare my ID picture to me.  They generally see the resemblance, as well as my big smile, and then they run the card.

Twice though, some other things have occurred.  Once was at Costco.  The lady ran my purchases, I handed her my ID, and she said "so... who do these cards belong to?"  I told her that it was me and smiled.  She hesitated for a little bit, and I repeated that it was mine and smiled bigger.  She studied the cards for awhile and then it clicked.  She ran my cards through the machine and then suggested that I go over to guest services and get a new ID with a new picture on it to match my new gender.  I thought it was polite of her, and testament to my increasing ability.  I did not go get a new ID though as I don't always go to Costco dressed as a girl.  I wish they would let me have two cards, come to think of it, I should go ask them about that. Hmmm...

My largest issue with purchasing items came yesterday at Walmart.  Maybe it is my new wig, though I doubt that.  I handed the cashier my ID and she said "You can't use this card because this is not you."  I smiled and said, yeah it is.  She looked at me, back at the card, back at me,, back at the card, and said "nope, you can't use this as this is not you."  I smiled again, and said, "Yeah, trust me, that is me."  She said that she had to call a manager.  The manager came over and said, "You can't use this card, as this is not you."  I smiled bigger and said "Yeah that is me."  I then said my little line about my hair being shorter in that picture.  She said nope.  I said yeah, and again smiled.  (Niceness will get you everywhere people.)  She studied the card for awhile and me for even longer.  I smiled.  She said "okay," and allowed me to make the purchase.  I thanked her for being understanding.

That experience was truly an anomaly.  I just returned recently from a five day trip all around California, all by myself, dressed as a girl the entire time.  I went shopping at numerous locations and paid with my credit card the entire time.  I stayed at hotels and gave them my male ID.  I made lots and lots of very expensive purchases throughout the whole time and never once was ever questioned.  Even though I did have my new wig on.  Nobody questioned it at all.  This one, $12 purchase at Walmart though stumped the poor cashier.  I stood my ground though and was polite and eventually they relented.

So... my bottom line advice to you is: don't be afraid, merchants want your money.  They are in the business of selling things and taking your money.  If there ever is a question, just be polite, smile big, and stand your ground.  I have never walked out of a store without what I wanted to buy.  Some occasional questioning I can deal with because I do not take it as a personal attack on me.

If you have not done it yet, go for it.

Oh on a slightly related note, while dressed as a girl once, I happened to unfortunately had to hand my ID to a police officer.  I was sure there would be problems.  Nope, not a single one.  He accepted it and said nothing to me.  Actually police are terrified of us accusing them of discrimination and suing them.  This guy was totally cool about it, though I was flipping out inside, I tried to appear cool and collected.  The cop had no issues with it at all.

Love ya, hope my experiences help to make you feel more relaxed about it all.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

So What Do These Shoes Mean?

Shoes - Saucony

Once upon a time, somewhere in my research I found that it is generally considered to be true that you are a transvestite if you refuse to wear pants and a transexual if you do.  So what does it mean about me if I choose to wear these shoes?  They certainly are not 3 to 5 inch heels.  Well actually they are not heels at all, they are sneakers.

In fact when I wore these shoes, I also wore pants, see:
Pants - Guess
Top - Guess
Tank - Mossimo
Shoes - Saucony
Sun Glasses - Ralph Lauren

So what does it mean about me?  Well actually it means that I went into San Francisco on this particular day.  Check out this great photo:
Okay, you got me, that photo was not taken in SF, but rather after I was leaving it, from the top of the Berkeley Hills.  That is the Golden Gate in the background and Alcatraz in front of it.

Here is one of me actually at Pier 39, in SF, taking a break from shopping:
I went by myself for a little sightseeing and shopping.  It is kind of odd, but for some reason I really like going to where I grew up while dressed as a girl.  Not sure what is up with that, but many of these places, like SF hold a special place in my memories.  It is almost like a calming effect.  Not that I want to be able to go back and relive my childhood moments as a girl, like I wish I grew up as a girl, because I don't.  I enjoyed growing up as a boy, I think I just kind of wish I could have mixed in more girly times as well.

Okay, enough philosophizing.  I enjoyed my trip to SF, and got some cool earrings I will show you soon.  And FYI, if you choose to go, I highly recommend wearing sneakers and not heels.

Check out this awesome ice cream creation from Fentons in Oakland, CA:

I am hoping that it will end up going to my hips, though I'm not holding my breath! And yes, I was obviously still dressed as a girl when I walked into the packed restaurant and asked for a table for 1.  It was a great lunch, oh I did eat a chicken cesar before the ice cream.

So what does it mean about me that I chose to wear sneakers?  It means I am not a dumb ass!  It means nothing about my gender!  It means sneakers are far more comfy to do lots, and lots, and lots of walking around.  And you know what?  Nobody stopped me and said OMG your a tranny in tennies!  In fact, all anybody did was smile when I smiled at them.  I took it as a good sign when two young girls walked up and sat down next to me on the bench I was sitting on in the photo above, and then another woman came and sat down as well.  Pretty normal stuff, four girls sitting on a bench.  And you know what?  All of us were wearing tennis shoes!


Love you!

Get out more.  Live your life dressed however you want!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Best Hair Yet

A rather quirky little photo, but possibly my favorite with my new hair.

OMG, I absolutely L O V E my new hair.  What do you think?  Is it as gloriously awesome as I think it is?  Well after the amount of research, planning, and tinkering I am quite pleased with the results.

I ended up deciding on the Zara by Jon Renau.  I took the risk and chose my color and placed my order. A few days later, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and new that I chose the right blond color.  That is a tough, tough thing.  Blond can be a very personalized color.  But any-who here is a picture with me donning my new hair for the first time.
I know, great picture huh?  Well yeah I ended up being alone on this journey and had to try and take some self shots.  Not too bad though.  BTW - one of my favorite, favorite, favorite things about Wilshire Wigs is that they have a few little private dressing rooms, with full curtains that you can go into and try the wig on in privacy!  The first time I found that out I was super happy.  Ever been in the middle of a wig shop and taken off your wig?  If not, it kind of sucks.

After paying for my hair, I had to wait around a bit for my styling appointment.  This is possibly somewhere around my 10th to 15th wig, but my very first styling.  That is the main reason why this time I did not choose the $700 human hair wig.  I was pretty nervous to allow someone to cut my new hair.  I mean, at least with your own real hair, if the stylist sucks, it will grow back.  A wig though?  Pretty tough to grow that back out!
The stylist was running a little behind and I had a tiny freak out.  I was sure that some mistake had been made and I wasn't going to get my appointment, but of course no, no mistake had been made, I just kind of forgot after not having had my hair done by a professional for at least 20 years, sometimes in the people service industry you need to wait.

The wait was so minor it is irrelevant.  It was especially irrelevant once the stylist came up to me and introduced herself.  We went into a private room, with a door, and I began to explain what was up.  I told her I was a complete newb in regards to styling and all I had was a general idea of what I wanted done.  She listened to me, asked many questions, told me her thoughts, and then got to work.

Oh, her name is Rene, and she is super sweet, professional, and talented.  We chatted throughout the appointment and I got to watch in amazement as what happened was exactly what I was hoping for.  She transformed a great wig, into an awesome wig, personalized just for me!
Can you tell what she did?  I know again not the best pictures, but again self shots so...  She gave me a few more strands of layers around my jawline, which was great.  She also thinned out the wig a bit on the top as to make it not quite so fluffy.  I was a bit unsure of the length but she recommended that I keep it and play up my girly side for a bit and if I get tired of it to come back and she would shorten it.  I am sure she did more as she was at it for quite a bit.  I could tell she knew what she was doing and I asked how long she has been doing it, I want to say she said somewhere over twenty.

In all it took about an hour and it was well worth my time.  It was so worth my time, that honestly I can't see buying a wig off the rack and just wearing it ever again.  Really, really, really, if you have not done this yet, it is a must do!  If you can get to North Hollywood, by all means I can extend my highest recommendation to Rene over at Wilshire Wigs.  But if not, then find someone close to you, because you must do it!

Personally I find it hilarious that this was my first time.  I know of CDs that have done this sort of thing from their very first wig, but for me it was an eye opening revolutionary thing!

Some tips that Rene passed on to me that you may want to know:
- Long hair can get affected by the heat given off by our necks.  This can cause the fibers to do funky things. If you send them your wig they can get it back to normal.  She said you could do this a few times to be able to extend the life of your wig.
- Once the newness of the wig wears off, she recommended that I take a bit of light cream wax, water soluble, and work it into the ends of the hair, in tiny little groups.  She said that it will add to the realism of the hair.
- You can restyle wigs more than once.
- Also through chatting with her, she sounds like she has seen it all and you have NO reason at all to think that she is going to be shocked by what you do.
- She also mentioned that if you can't make it to their location you can send her your wig with you desires and she can style it for you and then send it to you.  That might be easier for some that have a tough time getting out much.

Okay, so lets talk some numbers.  The styling appointment was $75, and well worth the money.  I am so behind the times with styling and such I wasn't even sure if I should tip Rene, but I was so pleased I gave her an extra five dollars.  Sorry if that was a bad tip Rene!  I really do love what you did!

The wig, listed at about $265, but if you have not noticed, I have been including a few links here and there to Wilshire Wigs, and I got the wig for cost!  It was about $153!  Yay for fashion blogging!!

I am a super happy girly!  But I will warn you.  If blending in is your thing, maybe a long blond wig is not the best.  People have sure been taking notice of me lately, but I am taking it as a complement!

For now, I am off travelling, shopping, sight seeing, and on about day #12 of dressing as Nadine, or at least mostly dressing.  Fun.

I am glad I have worked so hard to earn what I have.

Love ya!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Outfit for Friday 7/19/13

 Top - Guess
Tank - Mossimo
Shorts - Celebrity Pink
Flip Flops - What's What by Aerosoles

Today was not as hot as it has been lately, but it was still predicted to be in the high 90s.  Some short shorts were definitely in order.  I find that in some of the more extreme warm days I prefer to wear shorts as opposed to a skirt.  Now maybe this is just me and my personal preference but I find that my thighs will often stick together and get a little rashy-irritated

While out today, Jules and I got our nails done.
I am currently on a longer time off from work and thus can be a little more expressive in my nail choices.  Which is kind of odd huh?  During work I am willing to still paint them but apparently in my own mind certain colors, patterns, methods, are off limits.  Hmm... interesting.  Trapping myself within my own self created walls.  Will I ever stop?

I recently bought a new pair of flip flops from DSW.
Before a few weeks ago, I had never even been into a DSW.  Shocking.  Jules and I found one in San Jose, CA, on one of our many travels.  We spent a few hours in there perusing all of the various cute shoes.  It was not until the back of the store, the super sale section, that we both went kind of nuts.  Well, nuts in trying shoes on.  We both only purchased two pairs.  I had to buy mine, as they we two pairs of shoes that originally sold for about 100 each, that I got for 10 bucks each!  Wow, what a bargain!  Had to have them.  I will show you those eventually.  For now, all you get are the flip flops I bought on my second trip to a DSW.

Also, some of you may remember that I have a nickel allergy.  This prevents me from wearing most of the cool jewelry that I find.  But recently Jules and I did some shopping at Dress Barn.  While in there I found a pair of earring that said they are nickle free.
I liked that they said "nickel free" and not just "sensitive skin safe."  I have purchased many pairs of earrings from Target that have said they are "sensitive skin safe" and Jules has inherited many pairs of earrings because after a few hours I find that I can not wear them.  Oh well.  These from Dress Barn felt fine, though they are quite heavy.

Other interesting tidbits:
- I ordered The Zara by Jon Renau, through Wilshire Wigs.  I was informed yesterday that the wig has come in and I called and made an appointment for a cut and styling advice when I pick it up this coming week.  OMG  I am so excited!!!
- Jules and I had an amazing weekend with Vivian and Edward recently that I must tell you about :)
- I have dressed more girl than less for the last 7 days.  I suppose I might be seeing how long I can go.  I am getting a little bugged about it.  Which is nice as I am so often bugged only about it the other way around.

Love Ya!

Love Yourself!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And the Makeup Winner is... Urban Decay!

Here is my haul from my trip to a new makeup counter yesterday.  

Action was in order and I began to plan a visit to a department store.  I asked my good friend Vivian if she had any recommendations for a new brand of cosmetics to try.  She recommended Urban Decay.  I was familiar with that company but not experienced, so I kept it in mind.  I also looked up online for what other cross dressers tend to use.  Without question the number one brand cross dressers use is MAC.  So I kept that in mind as well.

With a bit of trepidation, and a makeup-less face, as pictured below, (I do have lipstick on,) Jules and I headed off to a department store.

We went to Macy's Westfiled Oakridge in San Jose, Ca.  We got there about when they opened on Monday, went in, and found the cosmetics area.  Jules and I made a slow circle of the available companies while we surveyed the scene.  We passed by the MAC counter, which was busy with someone getting a makeover and then went up to Urban Decay.

That was when we met not just a sales associate, but a true makeup artist, Jessica.  She was totally professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.  I explained what I was looking for and she explained what Urban Decay could do for me.  I considered it for a moment as I was also interested in MAC.  I hesitated but Jessica's positive attitude drew me to she what she could do.

I sat in the chair, and she went to work.  For me, I really do not need a full coverage foundation.  For those that don't know, a full coverage foundation is what would be appropriate if you need something to cover a five o'clock shadow.  What I needed was something that would give me a nice even look, diminish the appearance of my wrinkles, and help with my oily skin.  All my previous foundation did was to cover my face, which it did well, but it never helped with any of the previous concerns.

Within a few minutes Jessica had me looking like this:
I got really lucky to get this picture.  Once I had sat in the chair, Jules walked over to MAC and inquired about them doing a makeover for her.  The lady told Jules that she had an 11 o'clock but that if she didn't show she could fit Jules in, otherwise she could get her in at 2.  Keep in mind, it was about 10 at the time.

I really like how my skin looked after she was done with the foundation.  She explained to me just how to use the products and answered all of the questions I had, which was fantastic!  I asked how much it would all come to, and it was quite reasonable for quality products.  I decided to get it all, and I was so happy with the results I didn't really care if anything was going to be done for my makeover or not.

But bless my lovely little wife's heart, she piped up and asked if I was going to get my eyes done.  Again, thankfully she decided to hang out and watch my process.  I said yes I would like my eyes done, and wow, that was when the real artistry that is Jessica went to work!

The brushes went flying and the colors were, many, and varied, and intense.  You could tell that Jessica has a true passion for what she does.  She is not just going through the motions, she likes what she does and she really wants to make you look your best.
Throughout the process I asked questions and checked her progress in the mirror.  Jules kept snapping pictures and observing the work. And Jessica was in the zone. In the end, here I am:

After the amazing pampering that I received at this amazing person's talented hands, Jules decided that she had to see what Jessica could do for her.  I sat, took pictures of Jules, and stared at the amazing job that was done for me.

Both Jules and I fell in love with Urban Decay and decided to get the foundation products for each of our individual needs.  We paid about 400 dollars, and each of us were amazingly pleased with doing so, we really felt as though it was a bargain for what we received.  Jules then asked if Jessica received commission and the answer is, no.  That was when it was confirmed that she is a truly amazing person.

I told Jessica of my blog, she asked for the address, so if you ever do read this Jessica, thank you, thank you thank you!!  She asked Jules and I if she could photo us for her portfolio, which we agreed.

We left and marveled at each others beauty and Jessica's talent for the entire day.

Did I lay it on a little thick?  Well I honestly can't help it, we were both truly that pleased and that touched by this amazing experience.  Will we stick with Urban Decay for life?  We are going to continue experimenting over time but it is going to be difficult for anyone to beat this.

Love Ya!

Oh and yeah - Jules and I liked this woman's service so much we wrote to the Macy's she works in and I am about to write to Urban Decay Corporate.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Outfit for 7/15/13

Sweater - Ann Taylor
Tank - Mossimo
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Bare Traps

OMG I have had so much go on in the last few days, there is no possible way that I could update everything within one single post!  Crazy.  Crazy fun!

Instead of giving you all of the info, for now, I will simply give an outfit update.

In the picture I am wearing two new items.  One is the pink sweater.  This was a recent purchase specifically trying to address that I prefer to have my arms covered.  That can be quite a challenging thing when you are trying to go out in the middle of summer with average temps of 100.  This particular day I got lucky and it was only in the low 90s.

The other new item I am wearing are the sandals.  These are a pair of Bare Traps that I picked up at Famous Footwear.  These were a specific purchase to replace a previous pair of Bare Traps that are currently falling apart.  I really like this particular brand, they make super comfy shoes!  I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but the shoes make my feet look smaller.  The angles of the straps put an angled V shape on my feet and it makes them look smaller, just like a V neck shirt makes a larger neck look smaller.

And now... I am off.  I am currently fully dressed except for my makeup.  I am about to leave and go to a cosmetics counter and ask for a makeover.  I am not sure yet what company I will try, either Urban Decay or MAC.  I am going to go check it out and see what they have to offer, but I am totally freaked out at going outside dressed as a girl without makeup!  Oh, but I will wear lipstick if that matters.

I will let you know how today goes!

Love Ya!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Outfit for 7/10/13 & Shopping Advice

Top - Ann Taylor
Shorts - Jolt
Shoes - Bear Traps 

I have been all about the shorts lately, of course with the temperatures generally being above 100 I can hardly believe that I am putting on a wig and going out at all!    Today I got dressed and went and visited one of my doctors.  It is always kind of a strange thing going to a doctors office while dressed as a woman and telling them my real name!  But the receptionist is so cool, she calls me by my girl name.  She is such a sweetie!

The top I am wearing is an example of what I have been focusing my purchasing efforts on lately.  In the past I would go and buy clothes by what looked pretty, not even trying the clothes on.  Then I started trying the clothes on and started buying clothes that fit.  That was a step in the right direction, but since Jules' and mine last clothing refinement I realized this type of top is generally the style I choose to wear more often than not.

In purchasing clothes lately, I have been focusing on top that have the following:
- longer arms
- longer in general
- v neck

It is quite difficult as there are so many other cute clothes out there though!  But I have stayed focus and stuck to my new rules.  This has meant that I have visited many, many stores and have not bought anything.  But I have been able to buy a few things, like the top pictured above, and now instead of just having pretty clothes, I have pretty clothes that fit, and that actually flatter me, and I like to wear them!  Wow what revolutionary concepts, I know!

A few mini thoughts-
- I am still searching for the right wig, I will keep you updated
- Jules and I got a sheet fed duplex scanner and we are trying to go paperless at home!  Exciting!
- I actually got kind of harassed while dressed as a girl.  Some ignorant dumbass front desk man at a hotel thought he would prove how ignorant he is.  I tried to educate him and he didn't care! Funny!

Okay, gotta run! :)

Love ya!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outfit for 7/3/13 & Jules' 4th of July Nails

Dress - ICE
Shoes - Aerosoles

Do I look like I am melting in the photo above?  No?  How about the photo from below?

I am melting because it is about 100 degrees out in the pictures, and I have been out for most of the day.  It was predicted to be about 110 today, but I tried to not look at any temperature gauges so I don't know how hot it actually got.  It was pretty hot.  I know I have pictured this dress a few other times, but when it is going to be over 100, I get pretty limited with my clothing options.

I need to be on the lookout for more dresses with long arms that can be comfortably worn in such hot weather.  To tell you the truth, I impressed myself with being out and about today.  But it was still quite fun.  Jules and I ran some errands, got our nails done, and went and saw a movie.  We saw The Lone Ranger.  We thought it was good for the most part.  It was a little too "Disney," if you get what I mean by that.

Jules got a great nail job today.  She came up with the idea herself and explained what she wanted to the nail tech.  The guy did a good job, but I was more impressed with Jules' plan.

I think her nails are super cute!  Yeah for her!

Have a great one!

Love you!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Outfit for 7-1-13

Black Top - Converse One Star
Stripped Top - Guess
Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Fitzwell
Purse - Coach

I am pretty bummed that the view of the purse is not very good in this picture, as the purse is super cute!  It was a gift from my good friend Vivian.  She and Edward are so super cool, and they offered Jules and I the opportunity to purchase a bunch of items they are selling off.  Of course, I picked up two small coach purses.  I asked Vivian how much, and she told me to just take them.  I put up a light protest, and gleefully accepted.

They are my first two designer handbags.  All of my other purses are pretty generic.  They are very utilitarian.  I use them to hold my items, not to accentuate my outfit.  Thus I was quite thrilled to receive such a generous gift from such a great friend.

I was quite worried about the size of the purse though.  It was with much trepidation that I forced myself to very selectively pick out the few most important items from my purse and fit them into that tiny, tiny purse pictured above.  I left behind my bowling bag of a purse that easily fit all of my security blankets and stepped out the door with this itty bitty cutie purse.

It was glorious!  I loved having such a small bag on my arm.  It was so super easy to carry and it easily fit everything I needed, oh except for my brush, but hey, what a great wife I have, she carried that for me!  Woo-Hoo!

How about you?  Do you carry a big purse, a little purse, or no purse?  Do you like designer handbags?

Love Ya!