Monday, June 24, 2013

Wig Research

Wig - Zara by Jon Renau

Apparently I have my serious face on in the picture above.  I am evaluating whether or not this wig is for me. You know who wears this wig very well?  Katie, from Katie In The Hall.  She always looks so good, it inspired me to try on the same wig.  And now that I have tried it on, I am still not sure if this is the right wig for me.  One thing that I think is great about it is that when I tried it on, Jules said, 'wow, what is up with your hairline, how is it that it looks like the hair is actually growing out of your head?'  That is pretty cool, huh?

What is it that I don't like about it?  I don't like that it is synthetic hair.  Don't get me wrong, the fiber that they used is super luxurious and mimics real hair super well, and maybe it would only be me that knows, but unfortunately I do know, it is not real hair.

What's the hangup with real hair?  I don't know.  Especially when you consider the look of Zara above and the Adelle II C HT by Wig Pro below.  At least in these pictures I think I look better in the Zara.
Adelle II C HT - by Wig Pro

I know, great picture huh?  Nope, not by a long shot, but I do kind of have a look of joy on my face.  What do I like about this wig?  I love, love, love that it is human hair.  Oh and like the Zara above, it is in a large sized cap, which just makes it feel luscious.  What don't I like about it?  I don't like the styling.

But really that brings about possibly the best thing I learned about this trying on session, whichever wig I purchase I am going to take it, and myself, and go have the darn thing styled for me.  Which is something I am intimidated to do, but I am going to do it.  Jules asked me what my hesitation was and I said trust.  If you get a bad haircut, it will grow back.  Pay $600 for a wig, get a poorly styled $40 cut, and guess what?  You are stuck.  I suppose the key to a successful style is like anything else, research and experimentation.  I just hope it will not cost an arm and a leg as I don't have many limbs to spare.

The two wigs I have pictured are just the latest two I have tried on.  I purposely drove to Wilshire Wigs with the intention of not purchasing a wig.  In my head I made an agreement where I decided that I would not purchase anything, this would be a research only trip.  I had a list of wigs I wanted to try, which I did and I also asked the very helpful sales associates for their advice and opinions.  I tried on maybe five or six wigs at least.  I tried to keep an open mind and really pay attention to fit and less attention to style.

I figure that with first and foremost, a wig that actually fits my giant head, I could then have it styled in a way that actually complements me.  I really like my current wig, which I discovered does not actually fit my head, but I just basically got it off the rack and have had no professional styling done to it.  I think I got lucky.  My current wig looks better, even with not fitting, than anything I tried off the rack on this trip.

Maybe it was because of my inner resolution to not purchase anything, but I did not fall in love with anything straight away.  I liked the two I pictured on this page the most.  Even though I have my concerns (fears) about trusting a stylist, I now, more than ever, understand that it is a necessity.

I am also quite sure with who I am going to trust with the delicate job of styling my future purchase.  Probably Wilshire Wigs.  Their professionalism, services and products continue to impress me.

I will continue to keep you updated on my ongoing wig journey.

Love Ya!


  1. I must say that I do like the current wig you have. It seems to fit you face nicely and the length works too, but in the end, I know wigs don't last forever and start to break down. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I've had my Zara wig for nearly two years now and the fibers aren't looking as good as they once did. Its doesn't flow as smoothly as before and the fibers are getting knotted up more. I do try to take care of it with the proper shampoo and conditioner, but I'm sure I'll have to start looking for a similar replacement soon. It's great that you have a professional store to visit in person to get advise, styling, and to take pictures of the wigs on (I'm sure that after a few days it helps to get a new perspective on the wig). With time to think, I'm sure you'll get the right one. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks Katie. Yeah, I really like my current wig, but I too am in a similar situation; my wig is also about two years old. The big bummer is what you can't see, it hurts. I have never tried on a large cap sized wig and the difference is amazing.

      I agree, the ability to visit a great store in person is invaluable.

    2. I haven't owned too many wigs in the past, but I can wear the Zara all day long and not feel any discomfort from the cap. It's nice to have the adjustable straps, and the lace front makes for a nice natural look. If you have any questions about the Zara, you know where to find me. Do you know if the human hair wigs tend to last longer? If they do, then the price might be worth it if the synthetic ones have a shorter life span.

    3. Thanks for the info about the Zara. I do like the fit but I would so need to get it cut. The length looks great on you, but me not so much!

      I do not know about length of usability of human hair, but by observing my wife's hair, I would assume that the hair of a human hair wig would act the same. And the ends of human hair will split over time and the hair will show it. But maybe with human hair you could get the ends trimmed and thus increase the life of the wig. With my synthetics trimming does nothing, it is as though the fiber has worn out top to bottom.

      All just speculation at this point though.

  2. Just checking in and noting that I prefer the color and style of the synthetic wig over the human hair model.

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for your opinion. I too prefer the synthetics ones color and style, but they are not quite right though. The color is a little off and I would certainly need it cut differently.

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  4. i think you look great in both wigs!