Monday, June 3, 2013

Pointy vs Round Toe Pumps

When I first bought pumps, all of them had pointy toes.  I want to say that I did that because all that was around was pointy toed shoes, but I really think that what happened was that I deliberately bought pointy toe shoes because I thought they were the quintessential female shoe.

And I still think that they are super cute.  I love seeing them, I even think in the above picture they are cute.  Pointy toe shoes really help to elongate the leg, especially if they are in a nude shade.

The problem with pointy toe shoes is that for me, wearing a size 9.5, many pointy toe shoes make my foot look super long.  The pair that I am wearing above and below are ridiculously long.  I look down at them and laugh.  You can kind of see what I am talking about in the picture below.

I have actually decided to get rid of the above shoe.  It really does not do much for me.  The pictures actually look pretty good, compared to how they look in real life.  I call them my witch shoes.

After trying on and deciding that I needed to get rid of the above shoes, I bought the pair pictured below.

I received a very generous gift from my lovely wifey, a $50 gift certificate for Zappos.  My criteria was a round toe pump in black leather, or suede.  I was a little unsure of the maryjane style that I got, because the strap across the ankle can cause a leg to look short, as well as the round toe also making a leg look shorter.  But I think they actually make my legs look better.

We all have different tastes, mine happen to include small feet.  I think the round toe pump makes my feet look small and at 5'9" I don't think I need to worry about my legs looking short.

I have heard somewhere that one should avoid pointy toe shoes if you wear a size 9 or larger.  I definitely have many pairs of shoes that have a pointy toe, but truth be told, my personal opinion has changed and I don't know if pointy toes will ever hold the same appeal for me again.

What do you think?  Do you go for pointy toes or not?  Do you think there is a limit for foot size for pointy toes?

Love Ya!


  1. While I agree that to folks of our era the definitional womans shoe was the traditional pointy toe pump but I think that round toe is cute and feminine. I also agree that for the taller among us that the illusion of a smaller foot is a goal. I like the look of the Mary Janes. It is totally feminine and it gives better proportion to your entire presentation.

    1. Thanks Pat.

      I appreciate the comment about proportion and I agree.

  2. it depends on the shoes and my mood. i normally prefer rounded-toed shoes but occasionally i get a hankering to see a lady in pointed ones. your lovely legs and feet look great in either pair!