Monday, June 17, 2013

Outfit for 6/17/13

White Top - Guess
Purple Tank - Merona
Shorts - Celebrity Pink
Shoes - New York Transit
Bracelets - One from Japan, one thrifted

Today we had a morning meeting with a friend that does not know about Nadine.  I brought everything I would need with me for a quick change when our business was done.  Jules drove and I changed in the passenger seat.  I was pretty impressed.  With minimal effort and time I was changed from boy to girl.

So I specifically brought this outfit with the knowledge that I would need to get into it while in the car.  I thought that it ended up looking pretty cute.  The shorts are totally new and I really like them.  They are super short, possibly the shortest that I own.  Which I have noted lately, they have been growing shorter over the last few years, at least mine keep getting shorter and shorter.  Now I have this pair, where the pockets stick out they are so short!

Well if you don't personally own a pair of shorts like this, they may not actually be the shortest shorts I own, but they look like it right?  The pockets sticking out are a large part of that.  These pockets are oversized.

Quite unlike the shorts I wore the other night to Vivian and Edwards.  It was a super fun night, partly because I allowed myself to be more comfortable around them and I went dressed rather half boy, half girl.  On the bottom, it was all girl, and the top was all guy.  It was funny, and fun, and really me.  Anyways, I commented to Vivian that the shorts I had on could never carry a cell phone.

But the shorts I have in the picture above, I could totally put a cell phone into the pockets they are so big.  Funny huh?  It is amusing to me as the difference in pocket size from male jeans and shorts to female jeans and shorts is really pronounced.  With most of my male clothes I can shove practically everything in my pockets, while with my female ones I generally shove nothing in my pockets, of course that is what a purse is for.  Then what follows naturally is the question, would pockets in male clothes shrink in size if men started carrying purses?

Deep stuff here tonight!

Love ya!


  1. Yup. You'll do!

    My daughter has shorts with pockets that hang out. Must be a girly thing....



  2. as a guy, i have to say you look dang cute!