Monday, June 10, 2013

Outfit for 6-10-13

Dress - ICE
Shoes - Fitzwell
Necklace - Target
Bracelet - Bought in Japan

I really like this dress.  It is one of only a few that was a very planned purchase.  I spotted this dress in a paper insert ad for JCPenny.  I have enjoyed looking at women's ads for clothes since I was a young child.  I loved the fact that my sister always got cool magazines like Vogue or Elle.  I rarely ever find anything in the ads that I think would look good on me, but one particular day I saw this dress and knew that I had to go buy it.

That particular day I was so excited about the possibility of me owning this dress that when I went to work I looked it up online.  I love modern conveniences regarding shopping.  It makes things so nice and easy.  Anyway, I was able to locate a store nearby that said they had it in stock.  After work, Jules and I went and were amazingly able to find it, and amazingly, they had several different sizes, and even more amazingly, it fit!

Can you tell, I still revel in the conquered mission of purchasing this dress?  Well come on, look at how cute it is!  I think it works so well, for a few reasons.  One - it is short, but not too short.  It is right on the edge of being nice and naughty.  Two - it has long arms, but not tight arms.  Notice the flare of the cuff?  It makes my forearms appear smaller, love it!  Three - The fabric pattern.  I love all the little holes, and kind of being crochet like, but clearly not, (I have no idea what this type of fabric treatment is really called.)  The fabric itself is super light and airy and cool.  Four - the neckline.  It has a few buttons coming down the middle and I can unbutton the top, widening the neckline to give it more of a V shape and the way the fabric comes together it give a light hint look at my cleavage, again on the edge of nice and naughty.

Oh and of course, I paired it with my newest shoes, which I seem to want to wear ALL the time now.  I also have on a necklace from Target with sensitive skin safe metal, yay! And I am wearing a bracelet made from pearls Jules and I got while in Japan; it was originally a phone dangly that I remade into the bracelet.

Okay gotta run, love ya!