Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Can the Right Wig Do For You? - Nadine Retrospective

I don't think this is the right style for me.

Choosing a wig is a very difficult decision.  More often than not the only way cd's often choose a wig is over the internet.  I have done that as well, but the vast majority of my wigs have been bought in person.

I really wish that I had pictures of me with every wig that I have ever owned.  I'm actually not even sure how many wigs I have owned over the years, but far too many!  If I had only known what I know now, I could easily afford the one I want now.

The one thing that has taught me the most about which wig I should wear has been to take pictures and attempt to evaluate the results objectively.  Lets start with the worst first and progress from there.

This wig was purchased off the street in Hollywood.  It was possibly the least expensive wig I have purchased at around $30.  I think this wig does absolutely nothing for me.  It is way too platinum blonde and too short.  The shortness of it landing around my jawline is not a good look for most cd's.  My face is round and the wig hitting at that point adds to the roundness.  By the way, this is the oldest photo of me cross dressing circa 2006.

This wig was also purchased somewhere in Hollywood.  I should specify what type of store these wigs were purchased in.  There are several smaller wig stores in Hollywood.  Most of the wigs are what I would call costume wigs.  These stores sell many wigs at very inexpensive prices.  This wig is a little better than the last in color, but the problem of where it hits my jaw line is a bit more accentuated with this wig and it makes it appear as though I have a beach ball for a head.  Not a good look.

This wig was purchased at Wilshire Wigs in North Hollywood.  They have an online store, but I went in person.  I really thought that with this wig I had moved up and purchased a wig that would really work for me.  This wig is synthetic but can handle being curled with warm curlers.  It was so much fun curling this hair and styling it, but unfortunately it looks horrible on me.  Again the color is just not right, far too light again.  The other thing is that it is too long, it makes my whole neck and head look huge.  This is because it is way too fluffy, which will not make a head look small, and I already have a huge head.

Okay, maybe I was wrong, maybe this is the worst wig, on me.  Maybe it would be great for you, but for me, it is way too small!  It fully hits at the worst spot on my jar.  Also, the color is just not right.  In fact I returned this wig after this evening of trying it on.  It was also purchased through Wilshire Wigs, though I bought this one online.

The last two pictures are of the same wig.  It unfortunately was my most recent purchase and it is pretty bad.  I purchased it in some shop in San Jose, CA.  It was a totally emotional purchase.  It is the only wig I have purchased that is fully human hair.  I absolutely love the feel of the wig itself, but the color is so wrong.  It is just not the right color blonde for me at all.  Also the length is way too long.  It really makes my neck look huge!

This is another wig purchased through Wilshire Wigs.  I do believe it is the Miranda from Amore - Rene of Paris. I purchased this one online as an exchange for the short black one above.  I actually wore this one for a few months during the winter one year.  It is the same style of wig that I have in blonde.  This is possibly the best picture of me in it, in many others I look way too pale.  I kind of think that maybe this color could work on me if I was tanner.  I don't hate the look of this one, but it is not my favorite.

Here is another wig that I purchased through Wilshire Wigs.  I like this one much better than any of the previous ones.  I prefer the color much more than the others.  It is actually a mix of blondes.  It has a lighter and a darker color in it.  I think the length is much better as well.  It hits a little low though.

This wig is very similar to the previous one and again was purchased through Wilshire Wigs.  It is actually the same one as the longer black one above, which is the Miranda from Amore - Rene of Paris.  I really like the color.  With this one I found a blond that works with my skin tone.  I think the length is still too long though.

This wig is the one that I have worn the longest.  It was also purchased through Wilshire Wigs.  I think this one is Samantha from Amore - Rene of Paris.  What I think is best about this wig is too things, one - the color.  There are many shades of blond, but this one suits me best.  Why do I think that?  Personally I think it is because it very closely matches the color my hair used to be when I actually had my own hair.  Secondly - The length is great on me.  It comes to just above my shoulders and has a tendency to kind of wrap around my neck.  This has the added benefit of reducing the appearance of the size of my neck.  Also with the straight hair style it helps to not accentuate the size of my head.

This wig was purchased about four or five wigs ago, translation, about $1000 dollars ago, I wore it a few times and put it away for a longer version of the same wig.  After I purchased the long ugly blond human hair wig and saw some pictures of me in it, I tried on all of my wigs and took pictures of just my head in all of them.  When comparing them all side by side, this wig looked best on me and I have stuck with it ever since.

What is my advice to you in purchasing your next wig, or maybe even your first one?  Go to a wig store, try it on, and have someone take your picture in it, from several different angles.  Watch for how different wigs can affect the shape of your head.  Also as far as color is concerned - try to match your natural hair color, this will tend to look the most natural on you.  Most importantly, try on as many different styles, shapes, and colors of wigs and take pictures of all of them.  Then purchase nothing until you have had the time to look at all of your pictures objectively evaluate if the wig actually helps you to look your best!

Oh, so what wig do I currently want?  This one.  But I think it is a little long, oh and of course it would have to be some shade of blonde.  I might then take it to a hairdresser to get it the right length for me.  What can't I do?  I can't stomach the cost of it.  If only I would have known way long ago, I could have bought this one and saved myself about $1000-2000.  Why do I want it?  It is human hair, and it has a larger cap size.  But before I ever dare to drop that kind of cash on a wig, I will drive down to Hollywood and try that puppy on, and take lots of pictures first!

Good luck!

Love Ya!

purple wig pictures used from: The Morning Mist


  1. I probably own about a dozen different wigs. The one thing that they have in common is that I do not think any of them are the right wig for me. I have not bought a wig in about two years as I try to go through the collection and weed out those that need to go and try to narrow the crop.

    1. Finding a wig that is the "right" one is such a tough process. I am sure that I have been through over a dozen.

  2. I am so impressed with your tenacity in finding the wig that works for you. I love the last one ! It looks amazing on you.
    Hopefully you sharing this will encourage others to keep looking for what is best for them and not settle for ok.

  3. What a nice overview of your wig evolution over the years Nadine. I can totally relate, especially with clothes. I've bought lots of tops and bottoms that, after a couple of rounds of wearing, just didn't work for me. It's frustrating and expensive, but at least we've all learned from our mistakes and look/feel much better about ourselves. I'm thinking about replacing my current synthetic wig sometime this year and wanted to know, how did the human hair wig feel? Was it a big difference from the feel of a synthetic? I've got lots of homework to do before purchasing my next head of hair.

    1. Ahh yes, wig homework. Well at least it is fun homework huh?

      How did the human hair feel? It felt so wonderful that I was blinded into purchasing a wig that really does not do much for me. Luckily the one I found was relatively inexpensive; around $175. I enjoyed the feel of it so much more than synthetic that I don't think I will ever buy another synthetic wig again. It was a very big difference in how it felt to the touch and how it moves. Synthetics are super close, but the feel of real hair is undeniable. Also what I have experienced is that synthetics feel really good when they are new, but after just a few wearings, washings, brushings, they easily loose their luster.

      BTW - I LOVE your wig! I read one of your earlier posts on it and personally I think it looks great on you!

      For my next wig, I really want two things: one - a larger cap size; generally I have to stretch out my new wigs by wetting them and placing them on a foam head for a few days. But I have read that the wrong size wig cap can make it so the wig does not sit in the correct position on your head relative to other things like your ears and forehead. The second thing I want - human hair. I want the versatility that human hair provides in terms of styling and such and of course the undeniable feel of real hair.

      Thanks Katie, hope that extra info helps!

    2. Thank you Nadine!! That was so helpful. I do love the wig I bought two years ago. I only bought it after doing a lot of research on it, reading reviews, and watching youtube videos. But as you said, the shine on this wig has dulled over the years, and the end are getting frayed. I will be saving up the money and looking for a human hair wig in a similar style and color. Good luck finding the one you want.

  4. i love your taste in wigs! very cool! the only one i am a bit unsure about is the short dark wig. the rest look amazing. i particularly like the really long one!

    1. Wow thank you so much. I think several of the wigs I showed are quite questionable with how they make me look. But then again I am also super critical of myself, so thanks for your very nice opinion!

    2. ultimately i think we are our own worst critic, so that's natural of you to question how you look but rest assured, you look every bit the confident and beautiful woman in all your pics. i just think that longer hair flatters you more. and you rock the blonde look rather well!

  5. Definitely like the longer wigs on you. The blonde always looks good and you know what they say about blondes, they have more fun! Which is always a good thing. That being said the darker color is rather striking on you as well. It may seem like you are going through a 1000 wigs to figure this out but just imagine how many times women get their hair recolored and they are never happy with what they have. Keep it up trying new things is part of the growth process.

    1. Thanks Edward. I agree with women and their hairstyles. That is so true!

      Thanks again!

  6. I agree with you, choosing a right wig is very difficult task. Because there many types of wigs available in the market. So, buy a one that matches your personality.

  7. I have done that as well, but the vast majority of my wigs have been bought in person. I think your Human hair wigs style is better, I like your hair style,thanks for sharing.

  8. I enjoy, lead to I discovered just what I used to be having a look for.
    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day.

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    1. Yes you can use this article on your site as long as you give me proper credit on the article as well as linking back to my site.