Monday, April 8, 2013

Wanna Buy Some Boobs?

Lately my wife and I have been discussing our career choices.  We have been in our profession for about 17 years and we don't like it.  It has lots of perks, but it is not like we grew up wanting to do what we do.  And further more we have recently been having difficulties that may mean we would have to find a new profession.

As such, we have begun to explore a variety of other options.  One thing that both she and I enjoy is fashion.  We have culled threw our personal collections and acquired some other items and have decided to try and start selling them on eBay.  We have no idea if this will work, and we have assurance that it certainly will not replace our day jobs, but it is loads of fun!  And fun is kind of what has been missing from our day jobs for a long, long, time!

While going through our items, I found some old breast forms that I used to cherish and have since stopped using.  I stopped using them because I prefer to do what my latest efforts have produced.  Back when I was wearing breast forms though, I really, really, liked these ones.

Currently on eBay, I have three different sizes of Gold Seal Classics, from the Breast Form Store.  The sizes that I have listed are 4, 5, and 6.  All three are in excellent quality and are a bargain at the prices I have listed for them.  Originally I purchased them for 179.99 each!  I listed them at an auction price of $40.00 and a buy it now price of $49.99.  Wow! What a bargain.  I am not getting rid of them due to them being damaged or of dislike.  It is actually quite difficult for me to sell them, as I love them.  But they just are not right for my clothes, and more importantly the size of breast that I am comfortable in wearing.  But maybe they just might be the perfect choice for you and if so, you can get them at a bargain price.

Here is a link to the auctions for these breast forms: size 4, size 5, size 6.

Also, if you are interested check out our other auctions of clothing items.  We are offering very nice, gently worn, used clothes.  We check them other quite well for defects and try our best to show good photos of the items.  Another funny thing is, both my wife and I are modeling the garments.  We just took a bunch of photos yesterday for several auctions, and we have yet to list them.  But in time you can see my wife and myself modeling our clothing for you!

Hey if the worst that comes from this all is that I get to keep my breast forms and my wife and I get a bunch of clothes for ourselves at bargain prices, then hoo-rah!

A couple of the clothes items we have listed: my wife as the model, me as the model.

Love ya!

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