Monday, April 29, 2013

Outfit for 4/29/13

White Top - Guess
Blue Top - Mossimo
Skirt - Guess
Shoes - Nickles

On Sunday it was somewhere in the 90's, obviously quite warm, especially when you are wearing a polyester hat.  Okay, well maybe not a hat, but wigs sure do often feel like that.  In the top outfit, I am a little bit warmer, but more comfortable about the look of my arms.  Generally speaking, when I am out and about I am very self conscious about the size of my arms.  There really is not much that can be done to disguise the size of them, except for covering them.  Thus I will often cover them.

In many of my pictures, I will have my arm up on my hip as it will help to make me look like I have larger hips and it will also make my arm look a little smaller.  But when walking around in public, it is a little difficult to walk with my hands on my hips.  Okay maybe more than a little difficult.  A lot difficult to the point that it is not possible.

This also brings up an issue that Jules and I were discussing this weekend.  We decided to go through our cloths and refine our wardrobes again.  Kind of a spring cleaning for our clothes.  Which by the way, I highly recommend for everyone to do.  The thing we tried to focus on this time was fit.  How exactly do the clothes that we have fit on our bodies and what do they do to help complement our bodies.  We tried to look objectively at our clothing and decide if it was just a piece of fabric covering our nudity or something that was helping us to look hot.  If it just covered us, we decided to not keep it.  If something helped us to look hot, then obviously we kept it. Needless to say, we got rid of lots of items and are still not done.

Gosh, I babble a lot.  Okay so what exactly did Jules and I discuss?  We discussed, where do the clothes fall on your body.  For example, I got rid of a few shirts this weekend, because the arms ended right at the largest portion of my biceps.  That made my arms look extra large.  And Jules?  She got rid of some of her favorite items because they fell right at the largest part of her stomach.  She is not extra large but when the bottom of her shirt fell right there, or her skirts began right there, it made her look on the extra large size.  If that line is moved up or down on her it vastly improved the looks of her clothes.  For me, the only thing that really helped to make my arms look smaller is to move the end of the arms down.  I think the best look is a 3/4 sleeve length.  Or full length sleeves.

Okay.  Gotta run.  Love ya!


  1. Oh, the warmer weather is coming, and it's going to get hot in that kitchen. Besides having an oven on my head with that wig, my favorite long sleeve shirts, jackets, and jeans make it very uncomfortable in summer, but it's the only way I cover up all my body hair.

    It sounds like you and Jules are working to improve each other's images and attitudes and I wish you two the best. Proper fitting clothes makes such a huge difference in ones confidence. At least the spring cleaning gives you two a good excuse to go out shopping, and what's better than that! :)

    1. Wow Katie, I never knew that you don't remove your body hair. That is great that you have found such stylish ways to dress and not have to remove your body hair. Impressive.

      Thanks for the well wishes with Jules. We are trying to keep working.

      I was thinking of you earlier while researching some local resources and I found a drag show coming up. It is this weekend and I just might go. Neither Jules nor I have ever been, but your tales have intrigued me. Thanks.

    2. Anytime Nadine. I hope you two enjoy the show and I look forward to reading about your experience later on if you decide to go. As for the body hair, I often joke that I'm a few hairs short from a gorilla (which is not far from the truth). It's very thick, dark, it grows back fast, and it is everywhere (from head to toe and front to back). I dislike going to the pool or the beach because of it, and I can't realistically shave without spending hours doing so and having it grow back in a couple of days. It's crazy, but I've learned to live with it the best I can.

    3. I am seriously impressed. You dress quite well.

      I am sorry that you are uncomfortable with your body hair, but I am not particularly fond of my own body hair. Mine does not appear to be as vigorous as yours, but it is still more than I would like and thus I have tried to keep up on waxing. After having done it now about 30-40 times it is FAR easier than when I began.

      Being as removal does not sound feasible for you, I am so impressed with how well you dress yourself. Good for you for dealing with it to find a way to work around it.

    4. Wow, thank you Nadine, that's an amazing compliment coming from such a fashionable individual.

  2. Honey I think you look great in this outfit!! That blue always compliments your skin color and your hair. :)

    1. Thank you sweetie. That was very nice of you to say, I appreciate it.

  3. That is a great outfit. As the heat and humidity kick up I often find that me dressing slows down. There is a point at which makeup seems to slide off my face and things start to stick in places I did not even realize existed.

  4. Thanks for the complement on the outfit.

    Oh boy it is getting hot out here early this year. Hopefully it is just a phase. We were shopping on Sunday and the store did not have on their A/C. Both Jules and I were dying! I really thought one of my cutlets was going to fly out of my top and end up on the floor anytime I had to bend over. It was a scary experience!

    Thanks Pat!